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Essential Maths Skills for AS A Level Business

Author : Mike Pickerden
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"The worked examples and guided questions are invaluable, and are a particular strength of this text, as they help to prepare the students to tackle the practice questions. Having exam-style questions (at the end) is another very good feature of this book. All of the examples and questions use appropriate and relevant business-related scenarios... I am confident that this book will achieve the aim of helping A/AS Business students develop their maths skills and enhance their understanding of the subject." Michaela Cottee, Principal Lecturer in Statistics, Hertfordshire Business School. If you struggle with calculating profit or working out unit costs, this is the book for you. This textbook companion will help improve your essential maths skills for business, whichever awarding body specification you're following. You can use it throughout your course, whenever you feel you need some extra help. - Develop your understanding of both maths and business with all worked examples and questions within a business context - Improve your confidence with a step-by-step approach to every maths skill - Measure your progress with guided and non-guided questions to see how you're improving - Understand where you're going wrong with full worked solutions to every question - Feel confident in expert guidance from experienced teacher Charlotte Wright and Principal Examiner Mike Pickerden; reviewed by Dr Michaela Cottee, Principal Lecturer in Statistics at Hertfordshire Business School

Essential Maths

Author : Clare Morris
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Assuming no prior mathematical knowledge, this approachable and straightforward text covers the essential mathematical skills needed by business and management students at undergraduate and MBA level. Clare Morris uses a clear and informal narrative style with examples, painlessly leading the reader through fundamental mathematical principles. Also available is a companion website with extra features to accompany the text, please take a look by clicking below -

Essential Maths Skills for AS A Level Design and Technology

Author : Peter Warne
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Don't let your students miss out on easy marks, prepare them for those Maths questions with this essential guide. Written specifically to build students' confidence in maths and to prepare them for the more challenging mathematical requirements which make up 15% of the new DT specifications. - Improve confidence with structured progression of worked examples, guided and non-guided questions, and worked solutions for every question - Strengthen students' maths skills and subject understanding with worked examples and practice questions all embedded in the subject context - Develop exam confidence with exam-style maths questions - An essential tool throughout the AS and A Level course with every maths skill mapped to subject topics, and applicable to every major exam board - Reviewed by subject and maths expert Glyn Granger (former D&T chief examiner)

Essential Mathematics for Economics and Business

Author : Teresa Bradley
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Essential Mathematics for Economics and Business is established as one of the leading introductory textbooks on mathematics for students of business and economics. Combining a user–friendly approach to mathematics with practical applications to the subjects, the text provides students with a clear and comprehensible guide to mathematics. The fundamental mathematical concepts are explained in a simple and accessible style, using a wide selection of worked examples, progress exercises and real–world applications. New to this Edition Fully updated text with revised worked examples and updated material on Excel and Powerpoint New exercises in mathematics and its applications to give further clarity and practice opportunities Fully updated online material including animations and a new test bank The fourth edition is supported by a companion website at, which contains: Animations of selected worked examples providing students with a new way of understanding the problems Access to the Maple T.A. test bank, which features over 500 algorithmic questions Further learning material, applications, exercises and solutions. Problems in context studies, which present the mathematics in a business or economics framework. Updated PowerPoint slides, Excel problems and solutions. "The text is aimed at providing an introductory-level exposition of mathematical methods for economics and business students. In terms of level, pace, complexity of examples and user-friendly style the text is excellent - it genuinely recognises and meets the needs of students with minimal maths background." —Colin Glass, Emeritus Professor, University of Ulster "One of the major strengths of this book is the range of exercises in both drill and applications. Also the 'worked examples' are excellent; they provide examples of the use of mathematics to realistic problems and are easy to follow." —Donal Hurley, formerly of University College Cork "The most comprehensive reader in this topic yet, this book is an essential aid to the avid economist who loathes mathematics!" —

Aiming for an A in A level Business

Author : Phil Waterhouse
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Exam Board: AQA, Edexcel, OCR, WJEC/Eduqas Level: A-level Subject: Business First teaching: September 2015 First exams: Summer 2017 Master the skills you need to set yourself apart and hit the highest grades; this year-round course companion develops the higher-order thinking skills that top-achieving students possess, providing step-by-step guidance, examples and tips for getting an A grade. Written by experienced author and teacher Phil Waterhouse, Aiming for an A in A-level Business: Helps you develop the 'A grade skills' of analysis, evaluation, creation and application Takes you step by step through specific skills you need to master in A-level Business, so you can apply these skills and approach each exam question as an A/A* candidate Clearly shows how to move up the grades with sample responses annotated to highlight the key features of A/A* answers Helps you practise to achieve the levels expected of top-performing students, using in-class or homework activities and further reading tasks that stretch towards university-level study Perfects exam technique through practical tips and examples of common pitfalls to avoid Cultivates effective revision habits for success, with tips and strategies for producing and using revision resources Supports all exam boards, outlining the Assessment Objectives for reaching the higher levels under the AQA, Edexcel, OCR and WJEC/Eduqas specifications.

As Level Business Studies Handbook

Author : Andrew Gillespie
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Andrew Gillespie has established a well-earned reputation as an examiner and author in Business Studies. In this exciting new book he summarises a number of A Level topics and engages the reader in a series of exercises designed to test knowledge and increase exam skills.There is guidance on the precise requirements of AQA, Edexcel and OCR, and each topic provides:* Questions for self-testing with answers at the back* Examination questions and answers for students to analyse* An analysis of how the author himself would mark the answers

Essential Maths Skills for Exploring Social Data

Author : Rhys Jones
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For students anxious about statistics, this hands-on workbook is packed with clear explanations, real-world examples and practical exercises to gain the necessary maths skills to tackle statistics with confidence. Grounded in a social science context, it features: · Clear introductions to symbols and tasks · Multiple choice questions and exercises · Real world case studies and datasets · A glossary of terms The book offers plenty of opportunities to practice through the accompanying online resources, which also includes datasets and a selection of author videos.

Mathematics of Economics and Business

Author : Frank Werner
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For all students who wish to understand current economic and business literature, knowledge of mathematical methods has become a prerequisite. Clear and concise, with precise definitions and theorems, Werner and Sotskov cover all the major topics required to gain a firm grounding in this subject including sequences, series, applications in finance, functions, differentiations, differentials and difference equations, optimizations with and without constraints, integrations and much more. Containing exercises and worked examples, precise definitions and theorems as well as economic applications, this book provides the reader with a comprehensive understanding of the mathematical models and tools used in both economics and business.

Which Degree in Britain

Author :
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A comprehensive guide to full-time degree courses, institutions and towns in Britain.

Mathematics of Business

Author : John E. Rogers
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Real-world and hands-on in approach, this book uses financial statements to explore the relationships between various business applications and accounting concepts and to show how mathematics can be used to formulate, analyze and resolve business problems. Begins with a review of mathematical concepts, presents solutions both algebraically and arithmetically, and features "Mind Your Business" activities--on-going, realistic business applications in which readers assume the role of a partner in a business called "Media World," create financial information, and make decisions that are the basis of monthly financial statement preparation and analysis. Solving Equations and Word Problems. Percents. Business Statistics and Graphs. Financial Statements and Analysis. Purchasing Merchandise. Pricing Merchandise. Simple Interest. Simple Discount. Compound Interest. Annuities. Business and Consumer Credit. Bank Services and Records. Securities and Distribution of Income and Expenses. Depreciation. Inventory Control. Payroll Systems. Taxes. Risk Management. For anyone needing hands-on instruction and practice in using arithmetic and algebra to solve real-world business problems.

Which degree 1995

Author :
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Essential Statistics for Economics Business and Management

Author : Teresa Bradley
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Essential Statistics for Economics, Business and Management assumes no prior knowledge of statistics. It will also be highly relevant for the statistics component of courses in quantitative methods. The style of the book is similar to that of the highly successful Essential Mathematics for Economics and Business by Teresa Bradley and Paul Patton, with many worked examples integrated throughout. Emphasis is placed on verbalising concepts, problems and results of statistical analysis. This will help students learn how to start a problem, complete the calculations, and report the results in a way that makes sense to a non-statistician. Each concept is introduced with a brief but plausible explanation followed by Worked Examples. The Worked Examples will provide students with the necessary practice that they need in order to succeed at the subject. Emphasis is also placed on ?learning through doing? problems. Excel is used to encourage students in doing problems and to enhance understanding (with links to datasets online). Minitab printouts are also included in the text. Skills Development Exercises with brief solutions are included within the chapters, and Progress Exercises on theory and applications are provided at the end of each chapter. Solutions to all the worked examples and progress exercises are available as an appendix. Web-based supplementary materials will be provided for lecturers adopting the text, including additonal exercises and solutions, excel datasets and exercises, powerpoint slides with key formula, figures and tables. Students can access an online glossary and weblinks.

Which Degree 2007

Author : Crimson Publishing, Limited
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Provides information for students wishing to narrow their choice of course before turning to prospectuses - saving them precious time when they need it most. Grouped by study field, this volume is divided into subject chapters with courses arranged alphabetically by title and institution.

Business Mathematics

Author : Nelda W. Roueche
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Business Management of Telecommunications

Author : Heinrich M. Schoening
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With the increasing necessity of today¿s use of telecommunications technologies, businesses need to manage their telecommunications machines effectively to derive the benefits of telecommunication technology. This book provides readers with the knowledge to develop both strong business management and technology skills necessary to become successful telecommunications managers. Combines both topics of business management and technology management skills by using business management tools and techniques to manage a company¿s telecommunications function, thereby maximizing benefits and minimizing associated costs. A reference manual for individuals working in the telecommunications field.

Further Education

Author : Great Britain: Department for Education and Skills
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This Education White Paper sets out the Government's programme of reform for the further education system, focusing on the economic mission of the sector to raise the skills level of young people and adults to achieve productive sustainable employment in a modern competitive economy. Following on from recent secondary school reforms, the FE policy measures include: i) new incentives for colleges to develop one or more areas of special excellence, with a new higher standard of accreditation (under the programme of Centres of Vocational Excellence or CoVEs), a more direct role for employers and an extension of the National Skills Academies (NSAs) programme; ii) a trial programme of learner accounts and a new entitlement to free training and education for the under-25s to gain level 3 qualifications, with the continued roll-out of the Adult Learning Grant to help with maintenance costs for those on low incomes; iii) the creation of a single Quality Improvement Agency to oversee a new national strategy to raise the quality of FE provision and promote continuing professional development of teaching staff; iv) improvement notices to be issued to colleges judged to be failing requiring the problems to be addressed within a year; and v) a simplified system for planning and funding provision designed to reduce regulatory bureaucracy at all levels, with an enhanced strategic role for the Learning and Skills Council at the regional level, new opportunities for innovative providers to enter the sector with new competitive arrangements and open advertising, and funding geared towards demand, particularly through the Train to Gain programme.

Innovation nation

Author : Great Britain. Department for Innovation, Universities and Skills
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This White Paper represents the ambition of Government to promote innovation across society as a tool to develop and generate economic prosperity and improve the quality of life throughout the UK. The policies include proposals about how Government can use procurement and regulation to promote innovation in business and make the public sector and public services more innovative. The White Paper is in 10 chapters: The role of government; demanding innovation; supporting business innovation; the need for a strong and innovative research base; international innovation; innovative people; public sector innovation; innovative places and the innovation nation: next steps. An Annex sets out the development of this White Paper. Published alongside the White Paper is 'Implementing "The Race to the Top": Lord Sainsbury's review of Government's science and innovation' (ISBN 9780108507175). Lord Sainsbury's review published in October 2007 (HM Treasury, ISBN 9781845323561, and also relevant is the 2008 Enterprise Strategy (

Children s Books in Print 2007

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El Hi Textbooks Serials in Print 2000

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Which Degree Guide

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