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Essential Palm Reading

Author : 蘇民峰 Peter So
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Essential Palm Reading is a perfect guide to palmistry discussing every aspect of the subject, such as palm color, hand shape, fingers, mounts, and palm lines. Written from the angle of the readers, Peter So applied a clear, simple and readable approach in presenting the basic ideas of palmistry. Highlights of the book include the following: l Palm color reading l Seven types of hand shape l Detecting illnesses from fingernails l Meaning of each individual finger l Classifications and definitions of mounts l Analysis of palm lines This Book, Essential Palm Reading, with more than 200 illustrations, is an ideal reference to palmists and any individual who is interested in palmistry study.

Simple Palm Reading

Author : Nassim
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Easy Palm Reading is an essential guide for those who want to fulfill their full potential by discovering their inner drives, aptitudes and character. It is a simple, easy and profusely illustrated reference book consciously written for the layman . Enjoy!

Palmistry For The Beginner

Author : J.D. Rockefeller
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If you have a deep interest in learning about personality characteristics as well as the past and future of a person, learn to read palms. Palmistry has been around for centuries and it is practiced in some form or the other in almost all parts of the world. Palmistry is also known as chiromancy. The word has been derived from the sobriquet of a pivotal figure in palm reading, Cheiro (real name: Irish William John Warner). Cheiro evaluated the person's character and gained insights about his future life just by reading the various lines and mounts of the palm, the shape and size of the hands and fingers, the texture and color of the skin, the flexibility of the hand, and various other features. Since then, palmistry has attracted millions of people around the world. Some learned to use it professionally; others just learned it for fun. So, are you interested in learning about palmistry, but have no idea where to start? If that's the case, the solution is right here. The study of palmistry is quite comprehensive, but here you will be able to learn where to begin, and which are the most important aspects that you need to consider. So, let's get started!

Palm Reading for Beginners

Author : Zalot Zalot
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See the Future in Your HandsBest Book on Palm Reading for BeginnersIn this wonderful book you will discover the wonder of palmistry, which is how the details on our palms can tell us more about our inner selves than our conscious minds can. Sounds good so far...? Well, why don't you just go ahead and buy your own copy of this book right now. And let's get started with everything that you, as a beginner in this art, need to know about chiromancy. The book will start with a brief presentation of this practice throughout time (with an entire chapter dedicated to the most relevant events in the history of palm reading), and an emphasis on the current situation (the position of palm reading in our society). Later chapters deal with specific details that are essential in palm reading. Each of them will give you lists of elements that you need to take into consideration (color, shape, flexibility, consistency, texture, lines, mounts, fingers, and nails), with explanations about why such details could be important and possible interpretations for each element. The last chapter will give you important pieces of advice that should guide your entire reading experience - not only the initial phase. Here are some of the things you will learn about... About the beginnings of palm reading If there is any foundation for the myth that says that palmistry uses Devil's tools What the shape of each finger tells us How the natural shape of the nails are relevant How you can connect the aspect of the skin to physiological and psychological interpretations What is the name and meaning of each line in the palm Much, much more... There's a lot more information in this valuable book. I encourage you to get your own copy today, and find out how you can improve your skills in chiromancy. Don't let others decide what is valid and valuable for you; see for yourself what palm reading really is and start practicing right now. A new stage of your life is waiting for you. Buy this book now


Author : Johnny Fincham
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Learn how to read a palm with one of the world's foremost palmistry experts in this invaluable introductory guide. From palm shapes, skin texture to finger lengths and minor and major lines, you will be given the tools to master the art of palm reading. Discover what your hands say about your personality and about the insights into your life path. Extensively illustrated throughout, the reader is led by clear instructions to achieve their own readings for themselves and others. This book includes: & • History of palm reading & • The tools you need to give good readings & • The meanings of different aspects of the palm, fingers and lines

The Benham Book of Palmistry

Author : William G. Benham
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The book that for more than a century has been the standard reference for reading the hand, now in a completely reformatted edition. Palmistry is one of the ancient arts, practiced in Egypt, India, Greece, and Rome and prized as a sacred and peculiar gift. Its practitioners were highly respected philosophers, oracles and priests. Yet by the 17th century, it had become a lost art, kept alive almost solely in gypsy camps. And by the end of the 19th cetury, it was seen as little more than quackery, a small step up (or down) from fortune telling and alchemy. When it was originally published (as The Laws of Scientific Hand Reading), Benham's book immediately transformed the image of palm reading from a huckster's trick to a practice with a firm scientific basis. The Essential Edition brings Benham's original text back in print. It also updates many of the graphics, which have become obscured through numerous printings.

Palm Reading

Author : Megan Atwood
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Young readers will find keys to their personalities and how to work on their problems with this introduction to palm reading and palmistry. Fits STEAM curriculum needs as well as being a high-interest topic.

Palm Reading for Beginners

Author : Richard Webster
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Palm reading has been practised for centuries, as a form of fortune telling, and for character analysis.

Your Fate in 2014

Author : Peter So
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Highlights include general forcast based on your Zodiac Sign, land luck of the year, Feng Shui setting-out for the year and Chinese almanac for everyday use.

The Essential Guide to Practical Astrology

Author : April Kent
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A down-to-earth guide about the message of the stars. For astrology to be useful there's no need to have a crystal ball, incense, meditation, or faith. Learn the practical language of astrology in this clear, easy-to-understand exploration that goes way beyond daily horoscopes and zodiac. With it, the reader will be able to calculate and read their own and others' birth charts; tell signs and planets from houses; create daily, weekly, monthly, and yearly planners- even make predictions for the future. With a glossary and further resources, this guide explores: ? Why horoscopes and descriptions of "sun signs" are usually wrong. ? Why many astrologers use the "wrong" zodiac. ? The several different houses system. ? All the planetary aspects that go beyond the sun and moon. ? The many cycles that determine an astrological forecast.

The Book of Palmistry Reading Notes

Author : Galore Planners Publishing
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With this book you will be able to transcribe all your palm reading notes. Never forget that reading you did to someone a long time ago. With this book you can keep your readings forever. Whether you're an amateur or a Palmistry pro, this book is the essential tool you lacked in your activity.

Your Fate in 2016 The Year of the Monkey

Author : Peter So
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This book is a comprehensive guide to one's fate in the year of Monkey, including: 1. The Luck of the Newborn Monkeys and Naming Tips; 2. Land Luck, Investment Strategy and Feng Shui Setting-out for the Year of the Monkey; 3. Fortune of Each Zodiac Sign as well as guidelines on Enhancing the Luck of Wealth, Health and Relationship; 4. Chinese Almanac for the Year with suggested Lucky Days for various events.

The Palm Reading Guide

Author : Frank C. Clifford
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Palmistry is a powerful craft and a way of gaining self-awareness. It will help you to better understand and develop your character, love life and career in order to become the person you want to be and live the life you truly desire. Not all of the lines have been written yet and by studying your palms you can learn how to alter a negotiable future. Your destiny is in your hands.

Practical Face Reading and Palmistry

Author : 蘇民峰 Peter So
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This is how a Chinese proverb goes, “It takes a long way to tell how strong a horse is; it takes a long time to know a person well.” Yet, the Chinese also developed a set of rules to know a person simply by observation – read first his face and palm, then his gesture and demeanour for his intelligence and his luck. If you’re interested in knowing a person by just looking, this book is an indispensable read: - Is she/he the perfect wife or husband? Is he pretending to be rich, but is actually a less-privileged working class? Is he a sex fiend or a shameless con man? They are giving it away on their face and with their gestures. -What is your boss thinking? How do you tell if a subordinate is loyal? Which of the workers is the most competent? Simply take a look and you’d know. -Read both the face and the palm to tell his/her love luck and if his/her marriage is good or bad. -A mole, a zit, the voice, the hair and the way a person walks are all essential clues to tell his/her luck. -This book comes with remedies to dissipate your bad luck and boost your good luck. Dye your hair. Grow a beard. Or even wear a pair of spectacles for better luck. This book is great fun to read, encompassing a broad base of knowledge in face and palm reading. It also puts theories in contexts, so that you’d get to know those around you in everyday situations. This book lets you take a peep at a person’s heart by reading his/her tiniest feature or trait. Not to be missed.

Essential Psychopathology Its Treatment Fourth Edition

Author : Mark D. Kilgus
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Format : PDF, Kindle
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A comprehensive revision to the textbook on modern psychiatric diagnosis and treatment, keyed to the DSM-5 and ICD-10. Long considered a leading text on the assessment, diagnosis, and treatment of psychiatric disorders, this latest revision includes cutting-edge updates in neuroscience, psychopharmacology, and genetics. Geared to resident students in psychiatry and related disciplines, it makes practical, readable sense of the field.

Dictionary of Indian Palmistry Symbols

Author : Sulabh Jain
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Over thousands of years, Hindu palmists have observed special symbols located on the hands of people. They learnt that the combination of a few lines in the form of these symbols could add more depth to a palm reading than simply reading each line one at a time. In other words, the sum of a few lines on a hand could give a greater meaning than each line could all by itself. These combinations of lines were given names and entered mainstream palmistry in India through its shastras (ancient texts). This style of palmistry was mostly practiced by monks, hermits, and other holy people. Over the course of time, the people who could interpret these symbols became fewer and fewer until a large number of the symbols became lost over a period of time. This book attempts to save the remaining symbols that are still known for future generations of palmists. This is the first book of its kind to catalogue and record the symbols of palmistry that are used in India. It is a vital reference for beginner palmists and an essential skill for the experts alike.

The Complete Idiot s Guide to Palmistry 2nd Edition

Author : Lisa Lenard
File Size : 26.11 MB
Format : PDF, ePub, Mobi
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This updated and revised second edition covers palm and hand reading, including an in-depth look at individual fingers, lines and the shape of the palm, and how these can be read to reveal personal insights. All-new information on health, happiness, and well-being and how a reading can interpret them. Worksheets to help beginners chart the dominant characteristics of the hand and what they mean in a reading. Exercises, examples and detailed line drawings to ease beginners into the practice of palm reading. Perfect for beginners and a good quick-reference guide for more exeprienced palm readers.

Essential Papers on Object Loss

Author : Rita V. Frankiel
File Size : 90.19 MB
Format : PDF
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This choice collection contains some of the most significant contributions to psychoanalytic and psychological understandingof the effect of object loss on adults and children. Designed for psychoanalysts, psychotherapists and students of psychoanalysis and psychotherapy, this important volume focuses on those contributions most directly relevant to the clinical situation, without neglecting fundamental descriptive and theoretical contributions. Rita V. Frankiel has culled the literature on object loss and assembled the most salient and conceptually powerful contributions to the field. Each paper is introduced with a brief summary of its contribution to the development of our understanding of object loss. This valuable resource thus provides the serious student of object loss with a ready source of the most important materials on the subject. Contributors: Karl Abraham, Sol Altschul, John Bowlby, Helene Deutsch, J. Marvin Eisenstadt, George Engel, Joan Fleming, Sigmund Freud, Erna Furman, Robert Furman, Edith Jacobson, Melanie Klein, Paul Lerner, Erich Lindemann, Hans W. Loewald, Marie E. McAnn, George Pollock, Hanna Segal, Chistina Sekaer, Vamik D. Volkan, and Martha Wolfenstein.

The Essential Guide to Deliverance

Author : Larry Richards
File Size : 65.63 MB
Format : PDF, Mobi
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Practical, Everyday Introduction to Deliverance for All Christians For most Christians, the word deliverance often brings negative connotations to mind: lots of yelling and holy water and darkness--maybe even something from a Hollywood horror movie exorcism. But deliverance is not about shouting or showmanship. It is about the simple act of asking Jesus for help, for freedom, and using his authority over the enemy. In this accessible and practical guide, evangelical leader and bestselling author Larry Richards walks you through the who, what, when, where, why, and how of deliverance. In everyday language, he shows how you can apply this information to your life and the lives of your friends and family. As children of God, we have been given access to Jesus' death-defying power to help free ourselves and others from evil. You don't have to continue to struggle with persistent problems or strongholds. Your loved ones can be freed from the lies or addictions that hold them back. There is hope in Christ--you can live in freedom! Includes an extensive glossary of terms and appendixes with prayers and even more practical resources.

The Benham Book Of Palmistry

Author : William G. Benham
File Size : 47.52 MB
Format : PDF, Mobi
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When it was originally published (as The Laws of Scientific Hand Reading), Benham s book immediately transformed the image of palm reading from a huckster s trick to a practice with a firm scientific basis. It quickly became an essential reference work for anyone serious about palm reading. The Essential Work shows and explains all facets of palmistry thoroughly in language anyone can understand.The Essential Work brings Benham s original text back in print. It also updates many of the graphics, (more than 400 illustrations and photographs), which have become obscured through numerous printings. Benham s words remain as viable today as they were 100 years ago, as they form the foundation of modern palmistry.