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Essentials of Yoruba Grammar

Author : Oladele Awobuluyi
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In important respects, this book represents an independent approach to Yoruba grammar. It attempts to present the Yoruba language as it really is, rather than as seen largely from the perspective of other languages. The grammatical structure of the language is thus presented in a new way. The major parts of speech of the language are, for the first time, established uniformly on the criteria of function alone. A chapter is devoted to a systematic and novel treatment of each such part of speech, related both to the wide array of sentence types, and to its sounds and the way they are combined in words.

Science and an African Logic

Author : Helen Verran
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Does two and two equal four? Ask someone and they should answer yes. An equation such as this seems the very definition of certainty, but is it? In this book, Helen Verran addresses precisely that question.

Surrogate Languages and the Grammar of Language Based Music

Author : Yoad Winter
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Focus and Grammatical Relations in Creole Languages

Author : Francis Byrne
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The volume has as its topic, not only the types of formal constructions and devices which creole languages syntactically utilize to achieve constituent focus, but also, in a much broader sense, the many other phenomena and processes found in these languages which serve to highlight sentence-level elements. The book is organized into five sections: 1. verb focus, predicate clefting and predicate doubling; 2. focus and anti-focus; 3. focus and pronominals; 4. discourse patterning; 5. grammatical relations.

Africa and Its Diaspora Languages Literature and Culture

Author : Olanike Ola Orie
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The text celebrates the academic achievements of Professor Olasope Oyelaran. It brings together over 20 papers by an international group of scholars on African diaspora languages, literatures and culture, representing four generations, all of whom have been influenced by Oyelaran’s work in one way or another. Edited by three African scholars in the USA, UK, and Nigeria, the volume presents current research on topics in applied- and socio-linguistics, phonology, morphology, syntax, oral and written literature, and Yoruba language and culture in African diasporas in Brazil, Cuba, and Trinidad. The constellation of topics presented here will enlarge the reader’s understanding of a number of issues in the field of African and African diaspora languages, literatures, and cultures today. As such, the book makes an important contribution to the expanding work on the linguistic and cultural interface of Africa and its Brazilian, Cuban, and Trinidadian diasporas.

The Syntax and Semantics of Yoruba Nominal Expressions

Author : Oladiipo Ajiboye
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The Landmarks Series is a research and publications outfit funded by the Landmarks Research Foundation to publish recent outstanding doctoral dissertations on any aspect of Nigerian linguistics, languages, literatures and cultures. This study is a departer from most previous work on Yoruba Grammar in the sense that rather than being purely a descriptive grammar; it attempts to provide a theoretical analysis of the internal and external syntax of Yoruba nominal expressions using the Chomskyan Principles and Parameters approach to syntax. This Generative theory attempts to characterize the grammar of all natural languages in terms of a set of universal principles that all languages share, and a set of parameters along which languages may vary. The book emphasizes the empirical motivation behind major theoretical proposals in that framework, and shows how views on the nature of universal grammar and cross-linguistic variation have developed over the years as a consequence of a massive increase in cross-linguistic syntactic research.

Encyclopedia of the Yoruba

Author : Toyin Falola
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The Yoruba people today number more than 30 million strong, with significant numbers in the United States, Nigeria, Europe, and Brazil. This landmark reference work emphasizes Yoruba history, geography and demography, language and linguistics, literature, philosophy, religion, and art. The 285 entries include biographies of prominent Yoruba figures, artists, and authors; the histories of political institutions; and the impact of technology and media, urban living, and contemporary culture on Yoruba people worldwide. Written by Yoruba experts on all continents, this encyclopedia provides comprehensive background to the global Yoruba and their distinctive and vibrant history and culture.

Pragmatics Linguistics Language and Literature

Author : Josef Schmied
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Prof. Emmanuel Efurosibina Adegbija was, at the time of his death in 2005, the first and the only Professor of English Language in the Department of English in the University of Ilorin in Nigeria. As a lecturer, researcher and professor, he had mentored many students and academics and had made a mark in international scholarship. Adegbija had been the acclaimed forerunner of the pragmasociolinguistic approach to the study of language; his publications on language attitudes in sub-Saharan Africa as well as on aspects of the lexico-semantics of Nigerian English, have continued to be regarded as basic texts in the disciplines. This volume of essays celebrates his scholarship and legacy. Contributed by language, linguistic and literary scholars, the essays in the collection cover a wide range of issues in core and applied linguistics. Some of the essays pick up the discussion on issues relating to colonial language dominance and language attitudes in Africa, while some examine syntactic, semantic and rhetorical aspects of indigenous Nigerian languages and African literatures. The book’s thrust is interdisciplinary. It will undoubtedly appeal to a cross-section of scholars in pragmatics, linguistics, applied linguistics, language and literature.

The Grammar of Repetition

Author : Jason Kandybowicz
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Displacement is a fundamental property of grammar. Typically, when an occurrence moves it is pronounced in only one environment. This was previously viewed as a primitive/irreducible property of grammar. Recent work, however, suggests that it follows from principled interactions between the syntactic and phonological components of grammar. As such, the phonetic character of movement chains can be seen as both a reflection of and probe into the syntax-phonology interface. This volume deals with repetition, an atypical outcome of movement operations in which displaced elements are pronounced multiple times. Although cross-linguistically rare, the phenomenon obtains robustly in Nupe, a Benue-Congo language of Nigeria. Repetition raises a tension of the descriptive-explanatory variety. In order to achieve both measures of adequacy, movement theory must be supplemented with an account of the conditions that drive and constrain multiple pronunciation. This book catalogs these conditions, bringing to light a number of undocumented aspects of Nupe grammar.

The World s Major Languages

Author : Bernard Comrie
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This volume features over fifty of the world's languages and language families. The featured languages have been chosen based on the number of speakers, their role as official languages and their cultural and historical importance. Each language is looked at in depth, and the chapters provide information on both grammatical features and on salient features of the language's history and cultural role. This second edition has been updated and revised. Two new languages, Amharic and Javanese, have been included. This accessible volume will appeal to anyone with an interest in linguistics.Key features:Attention is paid to both grammatical and sociolinguistic featuresAttention is concentrated on the world's major languagesDesigned to be accessible to all readers with an interest in language.