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Establishing Pathways to Inclusion

Author : Richard Rose
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Providing a robust understanding of what really works for educators and pupils alike, this book shows how inclusive practices function effectively in schools. Rose and Shevlin identify key factors which can influence successful inclusive practice and examine how schools can establish and implement an agenda for change. Using a framework for analysing and understanding how students become effective social learners, this book guides readers through sections on context, observed experiences, and the factors for success they highlight, covering topics such as: The respective attitudes of students, caregivers and teachers Insights from support staff and school leaders The social and academic outcomes for pupils with special educational needs Lessons learned from inclusive practices Ideal for researchers, lecturers, and advanced students in the field of inclusive education, Establishing Pathways to Inclusion is an important contribution from leading researchers in this vital field of study.

Pathway to Inclusion

Author : Anne Mary Njeri Mungai
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Examines a range of inclusion programs from diverse communities and in varied school settings, including discussion of administration, planning, teaching, and collaborating.

Official Gazette of the United States Patent and Trademark Office

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Diversity equity and inclusion in sport and leisure

Author : Katherine Dashper
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Despite the mythology of sport bringing people together and encouraging everyone to work collectively to success, modern sport remains a site of exclusionary practices that operate on a number of levels. Although sports participation is, in some cases at least, becoming more open and meritocratic, at the management level it remains very homogenous; dominated by western, white, middle-aged, able-bodied men. This has implications both for how sport develops and how it is experienced by different participant groups, across all levels. Critical studies of sport have revealed that, rather than being a passive mechanism and merely reflecting inequality, sport, via social agents’ interactions with sporting spaces, is actively involved in producing, reproducing, sustaining and indeed, resisting, various manifestations of inequality. The experiences of marginalised groups can act as a resource for explaining contemporary political struggles over what sport means, how it should be played (and by whom), and its place within wider society. Central to this collection is the argument that the dynamics of cultural identities are contextually contingent; influenced heavily by time and place and the extent to which they are embedded in the culture of their geographic location. They also come to function differently within certain sites and institutions; be it in one’s everyday routine or leisure pursuits, such as sport. Among the themes and issues explored by the contributors to this volume are: social inclusion and exclusion in relation to class, ‘race’ and ethnicity, gender and sexuality; social identities and authenticity; social policy, deviance and fandom. This book was published as a special issue of Sport in Society.

Joint Report on Social Inclusion

Author : European Commission. Directorate-General for Employment and Social Affairs. Unit EMPL/E.2
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Major trends and challenges

Planning Implementing and Evaluating Critical Pathways

Author : Patricia C. Dykes
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A clear and practical guide to designing critical pathways for a multitude of settings - acute care, ambulatory, home care, rehabilitation and long term care.

Inclusive Education

Author : Ann Cheryl Armstrong
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What does inclusion really mean and what impact have inclusive approaches to education had on practice? Bringing together issues of theory, research, policy and practice from both the countries of the South and the North, this ground-breaking book provides a critical discussion of recent developments in the field of inclusive education. The authors consider developments, both in current thinking about the meaning of inclusion and in terms of policies and practices, in the context of education systems across the world and their differences and inter-relatedness. Topics covered include the increasing pressure on educators to develop a global policy agenda for inclusive education, the individual needs of children, the illusion of inclusivity and the importance of local contexts in determining policy. The book's international perspective illuminates common successes, failures and concerns. With case studies from Europe, the Caribbean and Australasia, the book also features chapter summaries, questions to facilitate critical thinking and discussion, case studies and suggestions for further reading. An essential read for anyone studying inclusive education, special educational needs, disability studies, social policy and international and comparative education, this book will ignite debate and enable the reader to develop a deep understanding of the issues. Ann Cheryl Armstrong is the Director of the Division of Professional Learning, Derrick Armstrong is Acting Deputy Vice Chancellor (Education) and Professor of Education and Ilektra Spandagou is a Lecturer in Inclusive Education. They are all based at the University of Sydney, Australia.

Educating for Social Justice and Inclusion in an African Context

Author : Nithi Muthukrishna
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The proposed book moves away from a special education course, reflecting a broad consideration of social justice and inclusion that encompasses a variety of concerns about the lived experience of domination, oppression and injustice, and seeks to understand the complex intersections of a number of often overlapping categories of social identity and conflict, including cultural, ethnic, and racialised identities, gender sexual orientation, class and disability.

Pathways to Thinking

Author : Elinor Parry Ross
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Author : Lars Johannsen
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Examines Kazakhstan, Georgia, Estonia, Slovenia, the Czech Republic, and Poland.

Pathways to Self determination

Author : Leroy Little Bear
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Presents the native viewpoints on issues related to the government of status Indians such as aboriginal rights, treaty rights and Indian-provincial relationships.

Career Pathways

Author : Elaine Makas
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Help students be more focused and team-oriented and become the true drivers of their own learning by directing their learning and planning down one of several broad career avenues.

Equal Opportunities for All

Author : European Commission. Directorate-General for Employment, Social Affairs and Equal Opportunities. Unit B4
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Recoge: 1.Increasing employability - 2.Encouraging inclusive entrepreneurship - 3. Facillitating adaptability - 4.Promoting gender equality - 5.Integrating asylum seekers - References.

Journal of Dental Education

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Includes section "Book reviews."

Pathways to the Information Society

Author : M. B. Williams
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Pathways to Successful Transition for Youth with Disabilities

Author : Gary Greene
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The sex education you never got: what to do when the sex is over—and you're left with an Ex In 1969, David Reuben, MD, published his groundbreaking book Everything You Always Wanted to Know About Sex*. Forty years later, we know plenty about sex. The thing we're so confused about, however, is what to do when the sex is over, and you're left with an Ex. In the age of Google, Facebook, and Twitter, it's almost impossible to leave the past behind. Everything You Always Wanted to Know About Ex* is the answer for any woman whose former relationship is keeping her from finding true love. Written by two family therapists, this book helps readers learn: Who holds the power in your Ex relationships The best way to deal with an unavoidable Ex Solutions to everyday Ex issues (including kids) How to handle your boyfriend's or husband's Exes How to get resolution with any Ex How to learn from your Exes so as to make a better choice the next time This sassy, take-charge manual is a must-read for any woman who has an Ex. Praise for Everything You Always Wanted to Know About Ex* "No matter how codependent or crazy your relationship with your Ex has been, this book will show you how to live and love again." Melody Beattie | bestselling author, The New Codependency and Codependent No More "An insightful, entertaining and essential guide to surviving the turmoil and trauma of breakups and divorce. Read this book and you'll learn to survive and thrive in the aftermath of an unhappy relationship." Ben Sherwood | bestselling author, The Survivor's Club "If you have an Ex and kids, this book is a must read (unless you want your kids to spend their college savings on therapy)!" Romi Lassally | author, True Mom Confessions: Real Moms Get Real | founder of "I thought I knew everything there was to know about my Ex. But I never would have guessed she'd be able to turn some of our most shameful follies into such valuable advice. Now our Ex life couldn't be better!" Michelle's Ex "When I first became an Ex it was like a brick to the head or, perhaps in better moments, a knee to the groin. But this book adds the one metaphor I was missing—a breath of fresh air. Heather worked hard to become a 'good' Ex, where drama takes a backseat to what's important—our kids and our futures. This book can show everyone that the path from Ex to next can be filled with hope and happiness." Heather's Ex

Washington Administrative Code

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Pathways for Peace

Author : United Nations;World Bank
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Violent conflicts today are complex and increasingly protracted, involving more nonstate groups and regional and international actors. It is estimated that by 2030—the horizon set by the international community for achieving the Sustainable Development Goals—more than half of the world’s poor will be living in countries affected by high levels of violence. Information and communication technology, population movements, and climate change are also creating shared risks that must be managed at both national and international levels. Pathways for Peace is a joint United Nations†“World Bank Group study that originates from the conviction that the international community’s attention must urgently be refocused on prevention. A scaled-up system for preventive action would save between US$5 billion and US$70 billion per year, which could be reinvested in reducing poverty and improving the well-being of populations. The study aims to improve the way in which domestic development processes interact with security, diplomacy, mediation, and other efforts to prevent conflicts from becoming violent. It stresses the importance of grievances related to exclusion—from access to power, natural resources, security and justice, for example—that are at the root of many violent conflicts today. Based on a review of cases in which prevention has been successful, the study makes recommendations for countries facing emerging risks of violent conflict as well as for the international community. Development policies and programs must be a core part of preventive efforts; when risks are high or building up, inclusive solutions through dialogue, adapted macroeconomic policies, institutional reform, and redistributive policies are required. Inclusion is key, and preventive action needs to adopt a more people-centered approach that includes mainstreaming citizen engagement. Enhancing the participation of women and youth in decision making is fundamental to sustaining peace, as well as long-term policies to address the aspirations of women and young people.

Pathways to Democracy

Author : Arnold Hamilton Maloney
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Hiroshima Forum for Psychology

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