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Leonardo on Art and the Artist

Author : Leonardo (da Vinci)
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Here is a complete picture of the techniques and working philosophy of one of the greatest artistic geniuses of the Renaissance. Assembled by a brilliant scholar from Leonardo's own writings--Notebooks and The Treatise on Painting--as well as his artistic production, the book offers a carefully balanced view of the artistÕs intellectual growth. Drawing on all the relevant writings, and rectifying many errors made by previous scholars, this work differs from earlier studies in its systematic grouping of the passages of Leonardo's writings concerning painting. In organizing the materials, the editor focuses on problems of interpretation; the result is the direct opposite of a simple anthology, offering instead a reconstruction of the underlying meaning of Leonardo's words. For each section, noted French art scholar André Chastel has provided an informative introduction and notes, and substantial bibliographic and reference materials for the book as a whole. More than 125 painstakingly reproduced illustrations are found throughout the text, further enhancing this rich and accessible resourceÑsure to be welcomed by scholars, lay readers, and any admirer of the incomparable Leonardo. Unabridged republication of The Genius of Leonardo da Vinci, originally published by The Orion Press, New York, 1961. Notes. Printed Editions of Leonardo's Writings. Table of Manuscripts. Table of Paintings. Chronological Table. List of Illustrations. References to Entries. Over 125 black-and-white illustrations.

An Artist of the Floating World

Author : Kazuo Ishiguro
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Drifting without honor in Japan's post-World War II society, which indicts him for its defeat and reviles him for his esthetics, aging painter Masuji Ono recalls the events of his life.

The Artist Grows Old

Author : Philip Lindsay Sohm
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How does the artist’s self-conception change in old age? How does old age affect artistic practice? In this intriguing study, art historian Philip Sohm considers some of the greatest artists of Renaissance and Baroque Italy and their experiences of aging. Sohm investigates how art critics, collectors, biographers, and fellow artists dealt with old painters, what mental landscapes preconditioned responses to art by the elderly, and how biology and psychology were co-opted to explain the imprint that artists left on their art. He also looks carefully at the impact of prejudices, stereotypes, and other imaginary truths about old age. For some artists, the problems of old age were related to physical decline—Poussin’s hands became shaky, Titian’s eyesight dimmed. For others, psychological symptoms emerged. The book’s cast of characters includes Michelangelo, the hypochondriac young fogy; Titian, the shrewd marketer of old age; the multiphobic Pontormo; and others. With sensitivity and insight, Sohm uncovers what it meant to be an old artist and how successive generations have looked at the art of an old master.

Woman and Artist

Author : Max O'Rell
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"Woman and Artist" by Max O'Rell. Published by Good Press. Good Press publishes a wide range of titles that encompasses every genre. From well-known classics & literary fiction and non-fiction to forgotten−or yet undiscovered gems−of world literature, we issue the books that need to be read. Each Good Press edition has been meticulously edited and formatted to boost readability for all e-readers and devices. Our goal is to produce eBooks that are user-friendly and accessible to everyone in a high-quality digital format.

Augustin Lesage the greatest spirit artist and medium painter of all time

Author : Maximillien de Lafayette
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Augustin Lesage, the greatest spirit artist and medium painter of all time. From the Series: Spirits' Paintings And Art From The Afterlife. In black and white. Also Available in Deluxe Edition in Full colors. Published by Times Square Press, New York. From the contents: Lesage: "the spirits chose me and made me a painter.." Automatic writing experience. Encouraged and guided by spirits. He claimed that his artwork is dictated by spiritual guides, such as Marius de Thun, and even Leonardo da Vinci. Lesage's spiritual guides and their message from the afterlife. The book contains over 40 paintings by Lesage.

Advertising and the Artist

Author : Michael Ashley Havinden
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Under the professional name of 'Ashley', Ashely Havinden (1903-1973) was one of the most successful advertising artists and designers working in Britain in the twentieth century. He made his reputation at Crawfords, the progressive advertising agency in London, and as art director he was responsible for many innovative and stylish campaigns for clients as diverse as Chrysler Motors, Eno's Fruit Salt, Martini and the world-famous Simpson Piccadilly. In the 1930s, he also made a name for himself as a designer of rugs and fabrics and as an abstract painter. Marking the centenary of his birth, this is the first book to be published on Ashley's work and highlights the diversity of his long and influential career.

Surrealism and the Art of Crime

Author : Jonathan Paul Eburne
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Corpses mark surrealism's path through the twentieth century, providing material evidence of the violence in modern life. Though the shifting group of poets, artists, and critics who made up the surrealist movement were witness to total war, revolutionary violence, and mass killing, it was the tawdry reality of everyday crime that fascinated them. Jonathan P. Eburne shows us how this focus reveals the relationship between aesthetics and politics in the thought and artwork of the surrealists and establishes their movement as a useful platform for addressing the contemporary problem of violence, both individual and political.In a book strikingly illustrated with surrealist artworks and their sometimes gruesome source material, Eburne addresses key individual works by both better-known surrealist writers and artists (including André Breton, Louis Aragon, Aimé Césaire, Jacques Lacan, Georges Bataille, Max Ernst, and Salvador Dalí) and lesser-known figures (such as René Crevel, Simone Breton, Leonora Carrington, Benjamin Péret, and Jules Monnerot). For Eburne the art of crime denotes an array of cultural production including sensationalist journalism, detective mysteries, police blotters, crime scene photos, and documents of medical and legal opinion as well as the roman noir, in particular the first crime novel of the American Chester Himes. The surrealists collected and scrutinized such materials, using them as the inspiration for the outpouring of political tracts, pamphlets, and artworks through which they sought to expose the forms of violence perpetrated in the name of the state, its courts, and respectable bourgeois values.Concluding with the surrealists' quarrel with the existentialists and their bitter condemnation of France's anticolonial wars, Surrealism and the Art of Crime establishes surrealism as a vital element in the intellectual, political, and artistic history of the twentieth century.

Chronotopology and the Scientific aesthetic in Philosophy Literature and Art

Author : Mark Bartlett
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Deleuze and Art

Author : Anne Sauvagnargues
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In Deleuze and Art Anne Sauvagnargues, one of the world's most renowned Deleuze scholars, offers a unique insight into the constitutive role played by art in the formation of Deleuze's thought. By reproducing Deleuze's social and intellectual references, Sauvagnargues is able to construct a precise map of the totality of Deleuze's work, pinpointing where key Deleuzian concepts first emerge and eventually disappear. This innovative methodology, which Sauvagnargues calls "periodization", provides a systematic historiography of Deleuze's philosophy that remains faithful to his affirmation of the principle of exteriority. By analyzing the external relations between Deleuze's self-proclaimed three philosophical periods, Sauvagnargues gives the reader an inside look into the conceptual and artistic landscape that surrounded Deleuze and the creation of his philosophy. With extreme clarity and precision, Sauvagnargues provides an important glimpse into Deleuze's philosophy by reconstructing the social and intellectual contexts that contributed to the trajectory of his thought. This book is the product of insightful and careful research, which has not been made available to English readers of Deleuze before now.

The Real Van Gogh

Author : Vincent van Gogh
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Vincent van Gogh (1853-1890) is one of the greatest figures in Western art. Revered for his bold, expressionist paintings, he is also admired as a prodigious and eloquent letter writer. His correspondence displays a remarkable literary gift and an ability to communicate his ideas and feelings about nature, art, and life in direct, emotive language. Illustrated with works of art and letters that demonstrate Van Gogh’s abiding preoccupations--the role of color in painting, the cycles of nature, and friendship, for example--this fascinating book explores the correspondence as a self-portrait of the artist and the man. The letter-sketches that Van Gogh used to describe completed works or those in progress are reproduced here alongside the finished paintings or drawings, providing a unique insight into his artistic development. Drawing on new and extensive research, leading authorities on Van Gogh reveal how the letters enhance and shape our view of this modern master.

The Eye of the Artist

Author : Michael F. Marmor
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Where medical science and artistic philosophy meet, you will find The Eye of the Artist. It offers a collection of essays and artworks that show the constraints which human vision places upon artistic creation - and the triumph of artistic talent over human vulnerability.

Handbook of Research and Policy in Art Education

Author : Elliot W. Eisner
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The Handbook of Research and Policy in Art Education marks a milestone in the field of art education. Sponsored by the National Art Education Association and assembled by an internationally known group of art educators, this 36-chapter handbook provides an overview of the remarkable progress that has characterized this field in recent decades. Organized into six sections, it profiles and integrates the following elements of this rapidly emerging field: history, policy, learning, curriculum and instruction, assessment, and competing perspectives. Because the scholarly foundations of art education are relatively new and loosely coupled, this handbook provides researchers, students, and policymakers (both inside and outside the field) an invaluable snapshot of its current boundaries and rapidly growing content. In a nutshell, it provides much needed definition and intellectual respectability to a field that as recently as 1960 was more firmly rooted in the world of arts and crafts than in scholarly research.

Art and Agency

Author : Alfred Gell
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Alfred Gell puts forward a new anthropological theory of visual art, seen as a form of instrumental action: the making of things as a means of influencing the thoughts and actions of others. He argues that existing anthropological and aesthetic theories take an overwhelmingly passive point of view, and questions the criteria that accord art status only to a certain class of objects and not to others. The anthropology of art is here reformulated as the anthropology of a category of action: Gell shows how art objects embody complex intentionalities and mediate social agency. He explores the psychology of patterns and perceptions, art and personhood, the control of knowledge, and the interpretation of meaning, drawing upon a diversity of artistic traditions--European, Indian, Polynesian, Melanesian, and Australian. Art and Agency was completed just before Alfred Gell's death at the age of 51 in January 1997. It embodies the intellectual bravura, lively wit, vigour, and erudition for which he was admired, and will stand as an enduring testament to one of the most gifted anthropologists of his generation.

Collage in Twentieth Century Art Literature and Culture

Author : Dr Rona Cran
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Emphasizing the diversity of collage in the twentieth century, Rona Cran's book explores the role that it played in the work of Joseph Cornell, William Burroughs, Frank O'Hara, and Bob Dylan. Collage's catalytic effect, Cran argues, enabled each to overcome a crisis in representation that threatened to destabilize their work. Throughout, she shows that rigid definitions of collage severely limit our understanding of artists and writers who used it in non-traditional ways.

The Technology of Salvation and the Art of Geertgen tot Sint Jans

Author : JohnR. Decker
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Investigating the complex interactions between devotional imagery and Church doctrine in the Low Countries during the fifteenth century, this book demonstrates how the pictorial arts intersected with popular religious practice. The author reconstructs the conceptual frameworks underlying the use and production of religious art in this period and provides a more nuanced understanding of the use of images in the process of soul formation. This study delves into the complexity of the early modern system of personal justification and argues that religious images and objects were part of a larger 'Technology of Salvation.' In order to make these connections clearer, the author analyzes selected works by Geertgen tot Sint Jans (Little Gerard at St. John's) and shows how they functioned within their larger social and historical milieu.

New York Times Saturday Review of Books and Art

Author :
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Annual Report

Author : National Endowment for the Arts
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Reports for 1980-19 also include the Annual report of the National Council on the Arts.

The Art of Rick and Morty

Author : Justin Roiland
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The animated science-fiction adventures of Rick and Morty are irreverent, shocking, and hilarious - from the cynical and rapid-fire one liners, to the grotesque and endearing character designs. Now, take a deep trans-dimensional dive into the creation of these many insane universes with The Art of Rick and Morty! Features intimate commentary from the show's creators alongside a vast collection of process, concept, and production art.

The Artist s Garden

Author : Jackie Bennett
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The Artist’s Garden will feature up to 20 gardens that have inspired and been home to some of the greatest painters of history. These gardens not only supplied the inspiration for creative works but also illuminate the professional motivation and private life of the artists themselves – from Cezanne’s house in the south of France to Childe Hassam at Celia Thaxter’s garden off the coast off Maine. Flowers and gardens have often been the first choice for artists looking for a subject. A garden close to the artist’s studio is not only convenient for daily material and ideas, but also has the advantage of changing through the seasons and over time. Claude Monet’s Giverny was the catalyst for hundreds of great paintings (by Monet and other artists), each one different from the one before. Sometimes a whole village becomes the focus for a colony of artists as at Gerberoy in Picardy and Skagen on the northernmost tip of Denmark. This book is about the real homes and gardens that inspired these great artists – gardens that can still be visited today. The relationship between artist and garden is a complex one. A few artists, including Pierre Bonnard and his neighbour Monet were keen gardeners, as much in love with their plants as their work, while for others like Sorolla in Madrid, his courtyard home was both a sanctuary and a source of ideas.


Author : Pierre Daix
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A study of Picasso's life and art by one of the artist's intimates considers the painter's achievements in relation to the events and personalities of his life and examines his most important works. National ad/promo.