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The Philosophy of Union by Devotion

Author : Nityagopal Deva
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The Collected Works of Witness Lee 1959 volume 5

Author : Witness Lee
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The Collected Works of Witness Lee, 1959, volume 5, contains messages given by Brother Witness Lee in November 1959 through January 1960. Historical information concerning Brother Lee's travels and the content of his ministry in 1959 can be found in the general preface that appears at the beginning of volume 1 in this set. The contents of this volume are divided into two sections, as follows: 1. Nine messages given in Taipei, Taiwan, in the fourth part of a training that began on October 5, 1959, and concluded on January 22, 1960. The messages in this section were given in November and December 1959 and are included in this volume under the title Synopsis of Exodus. 2. Thirty-seven messages given in Taipei, Taiwan, in the fifth part of a training that began on October 5, 1959, and concluded on January 22, 1960. The messages in this section were given from the end of December 1959 through January 21, 1960, and are included in this volume under the title Synopsis of Leviticus.

The New Life in Christ

Author : Joseph Agar Beet
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Vedanta Bhagavad Gita 2000

Author : Sri Sunkara Sankacharya
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BHAGAVAD GITA VEDA 2000 Sri Sunkara Sankaracharya Vedanta 2000, subtitled, Bhagavad Gita - Veda 2000, is a Revelation from the World of Spirit given to a Planet on the edge of War, an epic Spiritual Poem for the age, in the true Vedic tradition of Mother India. Amazing Prophecy. Orthodox Religions stripped naked before Universal Truth. Ancient Knowledge concealed, now revealed. Veda simply said. Complex material, clean cut and User Friendly. "Vedanta 2000", is the Companion Book to "ASK Were you there?" a Spiritual Text; ageless Wisdom from the Tree of Knowledge. Vedanta 2000 answers the dilemmas confronting man, an insightful Spiritual perspective; guidelines for survival! Sri Sunkara returns as predicted to set the Record straight. A proven planetary Spiritual Teacher, sent to dispense the Truth, to guide the Truth seeker to the Godhead. "Investigate the Truths herein and follow the path you have chosen. Universal Truth belongs to all mankind. Truth may not be confined to a Religion or a man made god. Truth be, there is no Saviour coming for mankind, this would be against Natural Law. The Spiritual Wisdom, now simplified into poetic word pictures is evidential unto itself. Concepts which have eluded clear expression for thousands of years, now clarified in "VEDANTA 2000."

Eternal Glimpses A Poet s Legacy

Author : Richard Davi
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An autobiographical collaboration of subsequent journal entries of a poet delves behind the scenes of solitary tedium and introspection when a spark catches between the heart and brain and transforms into a pulsing literary song on the printed page. Based in Brooklyn, New York in the twentieth century, the written word comes alive through a city dweller that gives his life for his art in the all-too-often darkness of poverty and the clash with social expectations. While a friendly narrative of a life story threads into a likeable character, the poetic expressions, observations, and essays surpass politics, social issues of the day, and religion and exposes the richness of beauty and the limitations of being human. Melancholic in tone, the writing dares to challenge the astute reader to explore the deeper and unspoken aspects of the human condition.

Eternal Devotion

Author : Vanessa E. Silver
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This is an erotic and paranormal short story - Word Count 3,470 Theresa is having some very strange dreams of a past time and life, dreams that she dismisses at first as being pure fantasy. That is until she meets the man from her dreams who used to be her Master and she in turn his most devoted Pet!

Xeny Volume 6

Author : Robert A. S. Fortin
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Xeny Vol 6 Eternal Devotion The Sixth volume of poems that explore deeper realms of passion, love and loss, anticipation, hope and desire, all for our hero and his lady across time and space. Can you keep up with the explosion of emotion? Do you even dare?

Shaiva Devotional Songs of Kashmir

Author : Constantina Rhodes
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Utpaladeva was considered a siddha, a “perfected being,” one of the masters of the tantric tradition in Kashmir, and he is best known for his philosophical treatises. The Shivastotravali reflects Utpaladeva’s philosophy, known as the Pratyabhijna school. And yet it is unique among the author’s works in its not being a straightforward philosophical treatise but instead, as Dr. Bailly points out in her introduction, more of a spiritual diary of one who is actually treading the path of Shiva. The path that Utpaladeva has chosen does not require leaving one’s home and heading for a mountain cave; instead it calls for changing one’s view of the world, for leading a life of divine recognition while carrying on with ordinary life. In clearly written, lucid prose Dr. Bailly illuminates the many facets of Utpaladeva’s quest. At the core of his spiritual journey is the enigmatic relationship between devotion and grace: how much does spiritual attainment depend upon the individual’s efforts, and how much is a divine gift? And how are these to be realized while living in the midst of society, maintaining worldly obligations and lifestyle? For over a thousand years the Shaiva community of Kashmir has used in its worship the hymns of Utpaladeva’s Shivastotravali. Here for the first time these hymns are presented in translation as English verse along with the Sanskrit, a clear and lively introduction, two appendices on special aspects of Kashmir Shaivism, and additional notes.

H Rider Haggard on the Imperial Frontier

Author : Gerald Monsman
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"H. Rider Haggard on the Imperial Frontier, the first book-length study of H.R.H.'s African fiction, revises the image of Rider Haggard (1856-1925) as a mere writer of adventure stories, a brassy propagandist for British imperialism. Professor Monsman places Haggard's imaginative works both in the context of colonial fiction writing and in the framework of subsequent postcolonial debates about history and its representation. Like Olive Schreiner, Haggard was an Anglo-African writer straddling the moral divide of mixed allegiances--one empathetically African, the other quite English. The context for such Haggard tales as King Solomon's Mines and She was a triad of extraordinary nineteenth-century cultures in conflict--British, Boer, and Zulu. Haggard mined his characters both from the ore of real-life Africa and from the depths of his subconscious, giving expression to feelings of cultural conflict, probing and subverting the dominant economic and social forces of imperialism. Monsman argues that Haggard endorses native religious powers as superior to the European empirical paradigm, celebrates autonomous female figures who defy patriarchal control, and covertly supports racial mixing. These social and political elements are integral to his thrilling story lines charged with an exoticism of lived nightmares and extraordinary ordeals. H. Rider Haggard on the Imperial Frontier will be of interest to readers of imperial history and biography, "lost race" and supernatural literature, tales of terror, and heroic fantasies. The book's unsettling relevance to contemporary issues will engage a wide audience, and the groundbreaking biographical account of Haggard's close contemporary Bertram Mitford in the appendix will add appeal to specialists."--Publisher's website.

Ainsworth s Magazine

Author :
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The S dhus of India

Author : Robert Lewis Gross
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Robert Lewis Gross Provides A Richly Detailed Ethnographic Account Of India`S Colourful And Charismatic Holymen, Or Sadhus As They Are Referred To In South Asia. Through An Examination Of Their Cosmology, Sacred Symbolism, Ritual Practices, And Varied Interrelationships With The Hindu Laity, Dr. Gross Attempts To Understand The Persistence Of Ancient Traditions Of Asceticism And World Renunciation Modern Indian Social And Religious Life.

Undying Love

Author : Phyllis Hobe
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Eternal Devotion

Author : A. R. Jackson
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Kevin was bound to be a star. He grew up in a sports-driven family and was groomed to play football all of his life. Things were going well, as he had just received a full-ride scholarship to play in college. On track to excel professionally, life throws a wrench in his plans after being kicked off the team. This results in the loss of his scholarship, quickly followed by the loss of a good education. Lost and unaware of what the future will hold, the curve balls continue to come. After already dealing with the emotional trauma and scare of his mother's cancer diagnoses years ago, she is then diagnosed a second time--now at stage four. Just as everything is spiraling out of control, he meets a young lady by the name of Faith, who has also found herself maneuvering through the maze of life. As fate would have it, they come together at a time where there seems to be no end in sight. Both find a sense of peace in one another that was lost along the journey. But now that Kevin and Faith have found the meaning of true love, their journey was just beginning.

Back to Godhead

Author :
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Selected Works of M P Pandit Vol 4 Traditions

Author : M. P. Pandit
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This volume collects in one place Sri Pandit's writings on the Veda, Upanishad, Gita, Tantra and the spiritual culture of India.

Yellow Roses

Author : Elizabeth Cullinan
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Eternal Devotion

Author : Ian Harwood
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So now Joe & Juliet are married, hopefully leaving behind most of the dramas of work involving crime, bent cops, corrupt lawyers & criminals who will stop at nothing to get what they want. Maybe at last just a relaxing honeymoon for the two of them! Well that's unless Juliet's father, Bernard Rustin, doesn't come up with a surprise venture of another business for them to get involved in. No! he wouldn't do that, would he? Find out if their honeymoon goes to plan...

J vagosv m s Religion of Devotion and Love Bengal Vai avism

Author : Jadunath Sinha
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Encyclopaedia of Hinduism

Author : Nagendra Kr Singh
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Rabindrabharati Journal

Author :
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