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European Art of the Sixteenth Century

Author : Stefano Zuffi
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In the sixteenth century, the humanist values and admiration for classical antiquity that marked the early Renaissance spread from Italy throughout the rest of the continent. Part of the "Art through the Centuries" series, this volume is divided into three sections that discuss the important people, concepts, and artistic centres of this period.

European Art of the Fifteenth Century

Author : Stefano Zuffi
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Influenced by a revival of interest in Greco-Roman ideals and sponsored by a newly prosperous merchant class, fifteenth-century artists produced works of astonishingly innovative content and technique. The International Gothic style of painting, still popular at the beginning of the century, was giving way to the influence of Early Netherlandish Flemish masters such as Jan van Eyck, who emphasized narrative and the complex use of light for symbolic meaning. Patrons favored paintings in oil and on wooden panels for works ranging from large, hinged altarpieces to small, increasingly lifelike portraits. In the Italian city-states of Florence, Venice, and Mantua, artists and architects alike perfected existing techniques and developed new ones. The painter Masaccio mastered linear perspective; the sculptor Donatello produced anatomically correct but idealized figures such as his bronze nude of David; and the brilliant architect and engineer Brunelleschi integrated Gothic and Renaissance elements to build the self-supporting dome of the Florence Cathedral. This beautifully illustrated guide analyzes the most important people, places, and concepts of this early Renaissance period, whose explosion of creativity was to spread throughout Europe in the sixteenth century.

War Literature And The Arts In Sixteenth Century Europe

Author : Margaret Shewring
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Images and Relics

Author : John Dillenberger
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Enth.: "Hans Holbein the Younger: The Cult of the Portrait" (S. 149-156).

Renaissance Painting

Author : Stefano Zuffi
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Reproduces five hundred paintings by over ninety artists from the fifteenth and sixteenth centuries, arranged chronologically and by country, to provide a historical overview of the European Renaissance.

Europe in the Sixteenth Century

Author : Helmut Georg Koenigsberger
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This edition has been revised, rewritten and expanded. It examines 16th century Europe as a complex, but interconnected whole, and explores the different political structures of Europe, such as the monarchies and city-republics, how they operated and related to one another.

The Primacy of the Image in Northern European Art 1400 1700

Author : Debra Cashion
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An anthology of 42 essays by distinguished scholars on current research and methodology in the art history of the late medieval and early modern periods in Germany, France, the Netherlands, and Belgium, written in tribute to Larry Silver, Farquhar Professor of the History of Art at the University of Pennsylvania.

Europe in the Sixteenth Century

Author :
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Renaissance Art

Author : Victoria Charles
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The Renaissance began at the end of the 14th century in Italy and had extended across the whole of Europe by the second half of the 16th century. The rediscovery of the splendour of ancient Greece and Rome marked the beginning of the rebirth of the arts following the break-down of the dogmatic certitude of the Middle Ages. A number of artists began to innovate in the domains of painting, sculpture, and architecture. Depicting the ideal and the actual, the sacred and the profane, the period provided a frame of reference which influenced European art over the next four centuries. Leonardo da Vinci, Michelangelo, Botticelli, Fra Angelico, Giorgione, Mantegna, Raphael, Dürer and Bruegel are among the artists who made considerable contributions to the art of the Renaissance.

Europe in the Sixteenth Century

Author : H.G. Koenigsberger
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This bestselling, seminal book - a general survey of Europe in the era of `Rennaisance and Reformation' - was originally published in Denys Hay's famous Series, `A General History of Europe'. It looks at sixteenth-century Europe as a complex but interconnected whole, rather than as a mosaic of separate states. The authors explore its different aspects through the various political structures of the age - empires, monarchies, city-republics - and how they functioned and related to one another. A strength of the book remains the space it devotes to the growing importance of town-life in the sixteenth century, and to the economic background of political change.

The Masterpieces of European Art Illustrated with Numerous Engravings from the Original Paintings Or Sculptures

Author : Phillip T. SANDHURST (and STOTHERT (James))
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Receptions of Antiquity Constructions of Gender in European Art 1300 1600

Author : Marice Rose
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Receptions of Antiquity, Constructions of Gender in European Art, 1300-1600 examines the way in which late medieval and early modern visual culture engaged with Greek and Roman antiquity to construct and challenge contemporary gender norms.

Northern European Paintings in the Philadelphia Museum of Art

Author : Philadelphia Museum of Art
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The Art of Poverty

Author : Professor of National Security Affairs Tom Nichols
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The Art of Poverty is the first book in English to analyze depictions of beggars in 16th-century European art. Featuring works from Germany, the Low Countries, Britain, France, and Italy, it discusses a diverse body of imagery from crude woodcuts to monumental church altarpieces. It argues that these works largely conformed to two paradoxical, though mutually supportive, representational approaches. The book tracks the emergence of a trenchantly negative approach in Northern art, in which beggars are shown as vagabonds, alongside the other predominant visual mode, where beggars are exalted as examples of sacred purity. The Art of Poverty's progressive approach and cross-disciplinary theme makes it vital reading for those concerned with the development of early modern European culture.

The Last Judgment in Sixteenth Century Northern Europe

Author : Craig Harbison
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Wonders of European Art

Author : Louis Viardot
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Asia in the Making of Europe A century of wonder 3 v Book 1 The visual arts Book 2 The literary arts Book 3 The scholarly disciplines

Author : Donald Frederick Lach
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Games and Game Playing in European Art and Literature 16th 17th Centuries

Author : Robin O'Bryan
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This collection of essays examines the vogue for games and game playing as expressed in art, architecture, and literature in sixteenth- and seventeenth-century Europe. Moving beyond previous scholarship on game theory, game monographs, and period and regional studies on games, this volume analyzes a range of artistic and literary works produced in England, Scotland, Italy, France, and Germany, which used the game topos to illuminate special themes. In essays dealing with chess, playing cards, dice, gambling, and board and children's games, scholars show how games not only functioned as recreational pastimes, but were also used for demonstrations of wit and skill, courtship rituals, didactic and moralistic instruction, commercial enterprises, and displays of status. Offering new iconographical and literary interpretations, these studies reveal how game play became a metaphor for broader cultural issues related to gender, age, and class differences, social order, politics and religion, and ethical and sexual behavior.

1500 1815

Author : Carlton Joseph Huntley Hayes
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A Companion to Renaissance and Baroque Art

Author : Babette Bohn
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A Companion to Renaissance and Baroque Art provides adiverse, fresh collection of accessible, comprehensive essaysaddressing key issues for European art produced between 1300 and1700, a period that might be termed the beginning of modernhistory. Presents a collection of original, in-depth essays from artexperts that address various aspects of European visual artsproduced from circa 1300 to 1700 Divided into five broad conceptual headings: Social-HistoricalFactors in Artistic Production; Creative Process and Social Statureof the Artist; The Object: Art as Material Culture; The Message:Subjects and Meanings; and The Viewer, the Critic, and theHistorian: Reception and Interpretation as Cultural Discourse Covers many topics not typically included in collections ofthis nature, such as Judaism and the arts, architectural treatises,the global Renaissance in arts, the new natural sciences and thearts, art and religion, and gender and sexuality Features essays on the arts of the domestic life, sexuality andgender, and the art and production of tapestries,conservation/technology, and the metaphor of theater Focuses on Western and Central Europe and that territory'sinteractions with neighboring civilizations and distantdiscoveries Includes illustrations as well as links to images not includedin the book