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Every Kid Can Win

Author : Terry Orlick
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The authors expose the myth that children's games and sports must be highly competitive and adult controlled and emphasize the importance of giving children opportunities to participate in sports activities without fear of failure

Mothers and Sons

Author : Andrea O'Reilly
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The relationship between mothers and sons has been explored for ages. From Oedipus to Al Brooks' Mother, we are fascinated by the familial bond between a mother and her son. This groundbreaking work looks at many untouched areas of the mother-son relationship including race, sexuality and ability. The contributors to this collection speak from the heart and explore how the institution of motherhood oppresses women, impedes mother-son identification and fosters sexism. The impact of the feminist movement on the mother-son relationship, which has been previously neglected in literature, is explored in-depth in Mothers and Sons _ . These deeply personal reflections includes stories of lesbian mothers identifying challenges in raising sons in our heterosexist culture as well as black mothers and sons and Jewish mothers. For all with an interest in family issues, gender issues, or a new perspective on mothering, this book is a must read.

Playing to Win

Author : Hilary Levey Friedman
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Playing to Win: Raising Children in a Competitive Culture follows the path of elementary school-age children involved in competitive dance, youth travel soccer, and scholastic chess. Why do American children participate in so many adult-run activities outside of the home, especially when family time is so scarce? By analyzing the roots of these competitive afterschool activities and their contemporary effects, Playing to Win contextualizes elementary school-age children's activities, and suggests they have become proving grounds for success in the tournament of life—especially when it comes to coveted admission to elite universities, and beyond. In offering a behind-the-scenes look at how "Tiger Moms" evolve, Playing to Win introduces concepts like competitive kid capital, the carving up of honor, and pink warrior girls. Perfect for those interested in childhood and family, education, gender, and inequality, Playing to Win details the structures shaping American children's lives as they learn how to play to win.

How to Get Your Kid to Eat

Author : Ellyn Satter
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Answering a multitude of questions—such as What should a parent do with a child who wants to snack continuously? How should parents deal with a young teen who has declared herself a vegetarian and refuses to eat any type of meat? Or What can parents do with a child who claims he doesn't like what's been prepared, only to turn around and eat it at his friend's house?—this guide explores the relationship between parents, children, and food in a warm, friendly, and supportive way.

When Your Kid Is Hurting

Author : Dr. Kevin Leman
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Children today live in an unpredictable, disruptive, and often violent world. Many of them live in two different homes with different sets of expectations. They face bullying at school and online. They hear news of school shootings, and racially or religiously motivated violence. They may have lost a friend or a loved one. As parents, the impulse to protect our children is strong, but that very protection can end up handicapping them for life. Rather than seek to save them from the hard things, parents must teach their kids how to cope with and rise above their problems. In one of his most important books to date, internationally known psychologist and bestselling author Dr. Kevin Leman shows parents how to - be good listeners - tell the truth, even when it's difficult - find balance between being protective and being overprotective - approach hurt and injustice as a learning experience rather than fostering a victim mentality - and much more Whether your child is dealing with a difficult family situation, bullies, the loss of friends, the death of a loved one, discrimination, abuse, a teen pregnancy, or even just trying to make sense of what they see in the news, this compassionate and practical book will help parents equip them to process, learn from, and rise above their situation.

A Sport for Every Kid

Author : Nicole Sperekas
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Explains how parents can help their children discover activities that are suited to their strengths and interests, and includes advice on nutrition, coaching styles, competition, and special issues affecting choice of a sport.

Disabled David vs GOLIATH

Author : Jeffrey Williamson
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"Whether left, right, liberal, conservative or independent what actually rules the United States of America? If impaired find the four letter word in the dictionary that controls everything." Imagine that you are employed by your insurer. Imagine that your employer is the biggest insurance provider in the country. Now imagine what might happen if you were seriously injured, even disabled, during your time of employment, and your dual employer/insurer wanted to get rid of you as a “liability.” Welcome to the world of Jeffery Alan Williamson, who dealt with an intracranial hemorrhage, ongoing seizures, a stroke, a craniotomy, comas, rehabilitation, and reoccurring seizures and impairments over a ten-year period of time. Throughout that time, his employer/insurer, the American National Insurance Company, behaved in ways so unethically that Williamson was compelled to represent himself pro se in a disability discrimination lawsuit against them for their illegal and unjust actions against him during and after his time as an employee with the company. Representing himself in civil and federal court despite what he suffered is Williamson’s motivation for writing this book. He hopes to motivate society and to help readers realize just how capable they are.

Windows Vista

Author :
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As the official publication for Windows Vista, we cover Microsoft’s latest OS with more depth, passion and clarity than any other magazine on the market. Each issue is packed with tips, tricks and service elements on every page. We give you an insider’s tour of the operating system and illustrate how to get the most out of your PC.

You ll Win Nothing With Kids

Author : Jim White
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On Sunday mornings Jim White has the following choice: visit the supermarket, buy trellising at B'n'Q, or stand on the sidelines of a muddy municipal football pitch, his trouser cuffs wetter than a weekend in Llandudno, shoulder-to-shoulder with a motley crew of mums, dads, step-parents and same-sex life partners all screaming at their beleaguered offspring. You'll find Jim in the same place every week, failing to organise a bunch of lads into something resembling a team while on the far side of the park his opposite number, a wannabe Mourinho in brashly monogrammed tracksuit, struts the sidelines, shouting - always shouting. This is the hilarious story of Jim White's time as manager of his son's football team: the highs, the lows, and the dog turd in the centre circle. At this level, winning spirit is not so much about passion, pride and belief as praying that your star centre forward has remembered his boots. Most importantly, it's about the enduring relationship between fathers, sons and football. This is the story no one who has ever watched his or her child play sport will want to miss.

How to Raise a Millionaire

Author : Ann M. James
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How to Raise a Millionaire is the ultimate parent’s guide to increase confidence and foster bully-proof self esteem in any kid. This book provides a unique action plan to help any kid start their own business in 5 days and in the process teaches them the six millionaire skills every successful person knows: Dream It, Believe It, Love It, Work It, Own It, and Give It. It also includes simple everyday tips to help parents raise a capable kid. Through the teaching tools of entrepreneurship, your kid will learn to be more responsible and follow directions better. You’ll see them grow in ways you never expected. They will learn to dream outside the box, believe they can do anything they put their minds to, have passion for their goals, work hard to achieve what they want, take responsibility for their actions and the consequences, and have compassion for others. In How to Raise a Millionaire, Ann tells the story of how she successfully raised a millionaire in her son, Jack. How to Raise a Millionaire goes beyond the why, and shows you the how. It is practical, easy, and fun. You’ll be amazed at how something as simple as helping your child start their own business can permanently open up possibilities they never knew existed. This book teaches you how to become your kid's Trusted Advisor. Your kids will learn confidence without cockiness, that the word "No" is a part of business. “No” from a customer means “Not today,” how to save a portion of what they make so they can expand their business, how to talk to adults with respect and their head held high, and Much More!