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Everybody Kirigami

Author : Mitsuhiko Imamori
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Origami is lots of fun, but this original new work takes the art of paper-folding to new levels of fun and craftiness! Kirigami combines the paper-folding elements of origami and through precise cutting allows artists to create beautiful decal patterns, cut-outs and cards.


Author : Frederick Kemper
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The Surprise Attack of Jabba the Puppett Origami Yoda 4

Author : Tom Angleberger
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It's the fourth book in the mega-hit Origami Yoda series! In The Surprise Attack of Jabba the Puppett, Dwight and Origami Yoda return to McQuarrie Middle School—and not a moment too soon. The gang needs their help fighting a new and powerful enemy: the Funtime Menace, a diabolical test-prep service. This bestselling series showcases Tom Angleberger, author of Star Wars: Return of the Jedi: Beware the Power of the Dark Side, and his keen knack for authentically capturing the intrigues, fads, and dramas of middle school in “satisfying tale[s] of friendship and just resistance to authority” (Kirkus Reviews, starred review).

900 Miles

Author : E.J. Runyon
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Sudden luck strikes the one person who won’t share the news. It’s a mega win on a weekly lotto ticket; a ton of cash. But even though Christina’s howls of triumph scare the cat, she can’t tell her stepdad Harrison. Not even when a frustrated, off-the-cuff retort to a co-worker sets her free from a newspaper job she no longer needs anyway. She fills notebook pages with bucket lists, but can’t bring herself to just pick any. Wanting but not letting herself have, that’s Christina all over. Motherless, practically raising Harrison instead of the other way around. For Christina, winning is what you hide so fate can’t make it sour. But fate has other plans. She lucks into a newer, quirkier job (to hide from Harrison), and the new office opens a whole new world right on her doorstep. Bit by bit, Christina’s horizon widens. A black and white photograph helps her to discover friends of the finest kinds. A tribe with eyes like hers. While she struggles with Harrison’s addiction, and fights against all that she now has, fate wheels Christina on a 900-miles road trip to confront the young woman she could be, but can’t yet face in the mirror.

Princess Labelmaker to the Rescue Origami Yoda 5

Author : Tom Angleberger
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In Princess Labelmaker to the Rescue!, the war against the FunTime Menace—aka test prep—wages on at McQuarrie Middle School. Our heroes have already won one battle, with the help of surprising ally Jabba the Puppett. But to defeat the Dark Standardized Testing Forces they’re going to need an even bigger, even more surprising ally: Principal Rabbski. With pressure from great forces—the school board—will this former enemy join the Rebellion, or will her transformation into Empress Rabbski, Dark Lord of the Sith, be complete? With this topical episode, Tom Angleberger demonstrates once again that his “grasp of middle-school emotions, humor and behavior is spot-on” (Scripps Howard News Service). Praise for Princess Labelmaker to the Rescue! "Fans will devour this satisfying and nicely realistic conclusion to the story set up in the previous volume. Characters grow, and non–Star Wars pop-culture references seep in. Readers new to the series are advised to go back to the beginning; they won’t regret it." --Kirkus Reviews "These books are more popular than a working droid on Tatooine. Expect the usual army of young Jedis to come out swinging for a copy." --Booklist

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Japan English Publications in Print

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