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Everyday Moral Economies

Author : Marisa Wilson
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Offering a rare glimpse of rural life in modern-day Cuba, thisbook examines how ordinary Cubans carve out their own spaces for‘appropriate’ acts of consumption, exchange, andproduction within the contradictory normative and material spacesof everyday economic life. Discusses the conflict between the socialist-welfare ideal offood as an entitlement and the market value of food as acommodity Bridges the fields of human geography and anthropology Approaches food networks and the scale of food systems in anovel way Provides a comprehensive look at Cuba today, with coverage ofhistory, politics, economics, and social and environmentaljustice Enhanced by vivid photos from the field

The Unsettling Outdoors

Author : Russell Hitchings
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How is it that, in the course of everyday life, people are drawn away from greenspace experiences that are often good for them? By attending to the apparently idle talk of those who are living them out, this book shows us why we should attend to the processes involved. Develops an original perspective on how greenspace benefits are promoted Shows how greenspace experiences can unsettle the practices of everyday life Draws on several years of field research and over 180 interviews Makes new links between geographies of nature and the study of social practices Uses a focus on social practices to reimagine the research interview Offers a wealth of suggestions for future researchers in this field

How Cities Learn

Author : Astrid Wood
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How Cities Learn traces the circulation of bus rapid transit (BRT) to understand how and why it was widely adopted in South Africa. Investigates the global proliferation and localization of BRT Examines the production and distribution of transportation knowledge in the global south Addresses the spatial and social legacy of apartheid in South African cities Reveals a new way of understanding the intersections between policy, people and place Essential reading for scholars of geography, politics, sociology and transportation, as well as urban planners and practitioners

Assembling Export Markets

Author : Stefan Ouma
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Assembling Export Markets explores the new ‘frontier regions’ of the global fresh produce market that has emerged in Ghana over the past decade. Represents a major and empirically rich contribution to the emerging field of the social studies of economization and marketization Offers one of the first ethnographic accounts on the making of global commodity chains ‘from below’ Denaturalizes global markets by unpacking their local engagement, materially entangled construction, need for maintenance, and fragile character Offers a trans-disciplinary engagement with the construction and extension of market relations in two frontier regions of global capitalism Critically examines the opportunities and risks for firms and farms in Ghana entering global fresh produce markets

In the Nature of Landscape

Author : David Matless
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In the Nature of Landscape presents regional culturallandscape as a new direction for research in culturalgeography. Represents the first cultural geographic study of the NorfolkBroads region of eastern England Addresses regional cultural landscape through consideration ofnarratives of landscape origin, debates over human conduct, theanimal and plant landscapes of the region, and visions of the endsof landscape through pollution and flood Draws upon in-depth original research, spanning almost twodecades of archival work, interviews, and field study Covers a great diversity of topics, from popular culture toscientific research, folk song to holiday diaries, planning surveyto pioneering photography, and ornithology to children’sliterature Features a variety of illustrative material, including originalphotographs, paintings, photography, advertising imagery,scientific diagrams, maps, and souvenirs

Bodies Affects Politics

Author : Steve Pile
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This book seeks to understand the coexistence of bodily regimes and the politics that emerge from the clash between them: Presents a novel conceptual model for understanding the relationship between bodies and affects Reworks Rancière's notions of the distribution of the sensible and the aesthetic unconscious Establishes a dynamic and multiple understanding of the repressive, distributive and communicative unconscious by rethinking Freudian psychoanalysis Utilizes a variety of empirical materials, from Hollywood movies to Freud's case studies Sets its argument about politics within the context of significant social events to ensure its conceptual and empirical material is relevant to the contemporary political moment

Metropolitan Preoccupations

Author : Alexander Vasudevan
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In this, the first book-length study of the cultural and political geography of squatting in Berlin, Alexander Vasudevan links the everyday practices of squatters in the city to wider and enduring questions about the relationship between space, culture, and protest. Focuses on the everyday and makeshift practices of squatters in their attempt to exist beyond dominant power relations and redefine what it means to live in the city Offers a fresh critical perspective that builds on recent debates about the “right to the city” and the role of grassroots activism in the making of alternative urbanisms Examines the implications of urban squatting for how we think, research and inhabit the city as a site of radical social transformation Challenges existing scholarship on the New Left in Germany by developing a critical geographical reading of the anti-authoritarian revolt and the complex geographies of connection and solidarity that emerged in its wake Draws on extensive field work conducted in Berlin and elsewhere in Germany


Author : Andy Pike
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Origination: The Geographies of Brands and Branding offers innovative theoretical and conceptual frameworks relating to the ways that actors create meaning and value in commodity brands and branding through processes of geographical association. Provides innovative conceptualization and theorization to facilitate an understanding of the geographical dimensions of brands and branding Challenges current interpretations of brands as vehicles of homogenization in globalization Establishes the theoretical and conceptual foundations of a more geographically sensitive approach through rigorous empirical examination of the under-researched geographical differentiation of commodity brands and branding Presents innovative new research and analysis of the socio-spatial biographies of the Newcastle Brown Ale, Burberry and Apple brands Forges strong new connections between political and cultural economy approaches within geography Provides a distinctive and incisive conceptual and theoretical framework capable of engaging other branded commodities and their branding in other times and places

Geopolitics and the Event

Author : Alan Ingram
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An original exploration of the 2003 Iraq war and geopolitics more broadly through the prism of art. Offers a reappraisal of one of the most contentious and consequential events of the early twenty-first century Advances an original perspective on Britain’s role in the 2003 invasion and subsequent occupation of Iraq Maps out new ways of thinking about geopolitical events through art Examines the work of artists, curators and activists in light of Britain’s role as a colonial power in Iraq and the importance of oil Reflects on the significance, limits and dilemmas of art as a form of critical intervention Questions the implications of art in colonialism and modernity

Smoking Geographies

Author : Ross Barnett
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Smoking Geographies provides a research-led assessment of the impact of geographical factors on smoking. The contributors uncover how geography can show us not only why people smoke but also broader issues of tobacco control, providing deeper clarity on how smoking and tobacco is ‘governed’. The text centres on one of the most important public health issues worldwide, and a major determinant of preventable mortality and morbidity in developed and developing countries Records the outcomes of a long-term research collaboration that brings a geographical lens to smoking behaviour Uncovers how geography can play a part in understanding not only why people smoke but also broader issues of tobacco control Provides a deeper understanding of how smoking and tobacco is ‘governed’, regarding where people may smoke, but also more subtle governance as a climate is produced in which smoking becomes ‘denormalised’ Brings both quantitative and qualitative perspectives to bear on this major source of mortality and morbidity