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Everyday Parenting with Security and Love

Author : Kim Golding
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Children who have experienced trauma, loss or separation early in life need more than just special care and attention; they need to be parented with love and security in a way that allows them to heal and rebuild emotional bonds. This comprehensive book provides parents and carers with crucial advice and guidance on how to strengthen attachment and trust. Based on Dan Hughes' proven 'PACE' model of therapeutic parenting, this book explains how to implement PACE techniques to overcome the challenges faced by children who struggle to connect emotionally. Barriers to stable relationships such as a lack of trust, fear of emotional intimacy, and high levels of shame are all explained. It explores techniques to overcome these barriers by teaching how to support the child's behaviour at the same time as building empathy and trust. The practical parenting guidance offered throughout is essential for carers or parents of troubled children, and will help build safe, secure emotional relationships.

Creating Loving Attachments

Author : Daniel Hughes
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All children need love, but for troubled children, a loving home is not always enough. Children who have experienced trauma need to be parented in a special way that helps them feel safe and secure, builds attachments and allows them to heal. Playfulness, acceptance, curiosity and empathy (PACE) are four valuable elements of parenting that, combined with love, can help children to feel confident and secure. This book shows why these elements are so important to a child's development, and demonstrates to parents and carers how they can incorporate them into their day-to-day parenting. Real life examples and typical dialogues between parents and children illustrate how this can be done in everyday life, and simple stories highlight the ideas behind each element of PACE. This positive book will help parents and carers understand how parenting with love and PACE is invaluable to a child's development, and will guide them through using this parenting attitude to help their child feel happy, confident and secure.

Parenting with Theraplay

Author : Helen Rodwell
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Theraplay® is an attachment-focused model of parenting that helps parents to understand and relate to their child. Based on a sequence of play activities that are rooted in neuroscience, Theraplay offers a fun and easy way for parents and children to connect. Theraplay is particularly effective with looked after and adopted children. By providing an overview of Theraplay and the psychological principles that it is based on, parents and carers will gain an understanding of the basic theory of the model along with practical ideas for applying Theraplay to everyday family life. Through everyday case studies and easy language, parents will gain confidence and learn new skills for emotional bonding, empathy, and acceptance in the relationship with their child.

The A Z of Therapeutic Parenting

Author : Sarah Naish
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Therapeutic parenting is a deeply nurturing parenting style, and is especially effective for children with attachment difficulties, or who experienced childhood trauma. This book provides everything you need to know in order to be able to effectively therapeutically parent. Providing a model of intervention, The A-Z of Therapeutic Parenting gives parents or caregivers an easy to follow process to use when responding to issues with their children. The following A-Z covers 60 common problems parents face, from acting aggressively to difficulties with sleep, with advice on what might trigger these issues, and how to respond. Easy to navigate and written in a straightforward style, this book is a 'must have' for all therapeutic parents.

Foundations for Attachment Training Resource

Author : Kim Golding
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Foundations for Attachment Training Resource is a six-session programme to help parents and carers to nurture attachments with their child. It is designed specifically for those caring for children whose capacity to emotionally connect has been compromised as a result of attachment problems, trauma, and loss or separation. Informed by attachment theory and Dyadic Developmental Psychotherapy (DDP), it consists of three core modules: * Understanding Challenges of Parenting * Therapeutic Parenting * Looking After Self It includes relevant theory and process notes for trainers, and a range of activities supported by electronic resources with downloadable activity sheets and handouts. This is a complete resource containing everything you need to run the sessions, and is perfect for any professionals involved in training foster carers, adoptive parents and kinship carers.

The Handbook of Therapeutic Care for Children

Author : Joe Tucci
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This innovative book brings together a wide range of therapeutic approaches, techniques and models to outline recent developments in the practice of supporting children in out-of-home care. It sheds light on the significance of schools, sports and peer relationships in the lives of traumatized children. It also draws particular attention to the vital importance of taking into account children's cultural heritage, and to the growing prevalence of relative care. Each chapter is set out by acclaimed and world-renowned contributors' specific approach, such as Dan Hughes and his work on conceptual maps and Cathy Malchiodi and her research on creative interventions, and gives practical ways to support children and carers. It also includes contributions from Bruce Perry, Allan Schore and Martin Teicher. This comprehensive volume will open new avenues for understanding how the relationship between child and carer can create opportunities for change and healing.

Mothers in Academia

Author : Mari Castaneda
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Featuring forthright testimonials by women who are or have been mothers as undergraduates, graduate students, academic staff, administrators, and professors, Mothers in Academia intimately portrays the experiences of women at various stages of motherhood while theoretically and empirically considering the conditions of working motherhood as academic life has become more laborious. As higher learning institutions have moved toward more corporate-based models of teaching, immense structural and cultural changes have transformed women's academic lives and, by extension, their families. Hoping to push reform as well as build recognition and a sense of community, this collection offers several potential solutions for integrating female scholars more wholly into academic life. Essays also reveal the often stark differences between women's encounters with the academy and the disparities among various ranks of women working in academia. Contributors—including many women of color—call attention to tokenism, scarce valuable networks, and the persistent burden to prove academic credentials. They also explore gendered parenting within the contexts of colonialism, racism, sexism, ethnocentrism, ageism, and heterosexism.

Single Parenting

Author : Stephen L. Atlas
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Positive Discipline A Z

Author : Jane Nelsen
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This book helps you solve problems and lets children feels good about themselves. With this quick A to Z reference, you're on the road to becoming a truly pro-acive parent.

Structuring At Risk Children in Urban Communities

Author : Kevin Vauters
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"If you are ready to make a change within your community and be an excellent leader, read Structuring At-Risk Children in Urban Community now! Structuring At-Risk Children in Urban Communities isnt just another book discussing issues that goes on every day. Its a powerful concept and process that will empower you to creatively transform childrens lives. It is a paradigm shift to help administrators change students into productive individuals, one that will engage children more deeply in their quest to grow. This book shows strategies and steps on how to be a successful leader. This book will guide teachers and staff members on how to be a better educator. This book is not just for educators. People around the world in different fields of the spectrum can demonstrate these strategies, including parents, to help structure children behavior. Make sure that when you read this book, please use your prior knowledge and past experience to help guide you through techniques and steps to change your community and in turn other communities through the world."

Parenting Isn t for Super Heroes

Author : David Clarke
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In a culture where anything goes, today's parents often feel they need super powers to raise their children. That's why Parenting Isn't for Superheroes-Everyday Strategies for Raising Good Kids is such a welcome breath of fresh air. A marriage and family counselor-and the parent of four children-Dr. David Clarke offers biblically grounded, proven strategies for winning the culture battle and raising healthy, well-adjusted kids. This "sanity kit" for Mom and Dad is often laugh-out-loud funny as Dr. Clarke shows parents how hanging up their superhero expectations and being a real hero to their kids is a lot easier-and a lot more fun-than they dreamed.

Resources in Education

Author :
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Living Scripture

Author : Mitch Finley
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Living Scripture captures the essence of each week's Scripture readings in an easy-to-read, easy-to-use format. In a single easily reproducible page, Mitch Finley summarizes the essential message of the week's Scriptures, offers a series of small-group questions for reflection, proposes discussion materila for the family table, and offers ideas for carrying out the message in our day-to-day spirituality.

Complete Early Childhood Behavior Management Guide

Author : Kathleen Pullan Watkins
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This unique guide provides you with the insight and tools you need to obtain the best possible behavior from young children, as well as effective, child-tested strategies for resolving problem behaviors when they occur. Here is a brief chapter-by-chapter overview of the useful techniques and materials you'll find in the Guide: Chapter 1, Why Discipline Can Be So Challenging, discusses the many causes of discipline problems, common misconceptions about children's behaviors, the role of parental stress, teacher self-esteem and other factors, and why discipline is an absolute necessity. Chapter 2, Development Influences on Early Childhood Behavior, offers a quick review of child development and its impact on the behavior of infants, toddlers, preschoolers and primary grade students, with real-life examples and practical suggestions for preventing or coping with normal episodes of difficult behavior. Chapter 3, Classroom Management for Better Behavior, shows how teachers and parents can affect children's behavior, provides checklists for self-assessment, and provides activities and sample materials to help individual teachers and entire staffs develop consistent and effective discipline policies. Chapter 4, Designing the Environment to Promote Good Behavior, provides checklists, worksheets and examples to help you design classroom and play areas and set classroom rules and routines that help children behave. Chapter 5, Identifying Behavior Problems, suggests a variety of proven techniques and materials for getting to the root of any child's behavior problem, using any of a number of provided assessment forms and strategies. Chapter 6, Behavior Modification Techniques, offers numerous examples and a wide variety of ways to use punishment, rewards and reinforcement, as well as alternative strategies and common mistakes to avoid. Chapter 7, Referring Children for Special Services, helps you decide when referrals are necessary, discusses the laws concerning special education and abuse/neglect reporting, shows how to build an effective referral network, and suggests effective techniques for working with parents and outside agencies. Finally, a handy appendix suggests a wide variety of resources on child behavior for both teachers and parents.

Parents as Sexuality Educators

Author : Susan Untener Snyder
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2531 entries to monographic literature, audiovisual materials, and organizations. Also contains section on Spanish materials. Arranged according to sections for parents and professionals. Each entry gives bibliographical information and annotation. Miscellaneous appendixes. Author, subject, and title indexes.

Understanding Parenting

Author : Michael L. Jaffe
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Understanding Parenting, Second Edition, by Michael Jaffe, offers practical advice and guidelines for the parenting process, applying relevant theoretical models and introducing students to the most current research available. Dr. Jaffe's clear, conversational narrative conveys the excitement and challenge of child rearing while providing a strong research base. Follow the story of Mark and his mother, a factual case study highlighted throughout the text, and learn how the parent grows and changes with the child.

Solo Parenting Your Essential Guide

Author : Kathleen McCoy
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From over 100 interviews with single parents and counseling experts, McCoy provides practical, supportive suggestions for coping with the tough issues single parents face . . . and the reassurance that single parents can meet their own needs and become better parents for it.

Families and Poverty

Author : Daly, Mary
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The recent radical cutbacks of the welfare state in the UK have meant that poverty and income management continue to be of great importance for intellectual, public and policy discourse. Written by leading authors in the field, the central interest of this innovative book is the role and significance of family in a context of poverty and low-income. Based on a micro-level study carried out in 2011 and 2012 with 51 families in Northern Ireland, it offers new empirical evidence and a theorisation of the relationship between family life and poverty. Different chapters explore parenting, the management of money, family support and local engagement. By revealing the ordinary and extraordinary practices involved in constructing and managing family and relationships in circumstances of low incomes, the book will appeal to a wide readership, including policy makers.

Encyclopedia of Identity

Author : Ronald L. Jackson II
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Alphabetically arranged entries offer a comprehensive overview of the definitions, politics, manifestations, concepts, and ideas related to identity.

NICEM Update of Nonbook Media

Author : National Information Center for Educational Media
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