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Evolving Toward Eden The Divine Promise Restored

Author : Sioux Rose
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To revise the collective fate of mankind, we must correct our global vision. Evolving Toward Eden: The Divine Promise Restored offers a blueprint for visionary change that spurs ecological renewal, while inviting like-minded persons to cohabit on pods where the sum of intellects produces untold marvels and unexpected miracles. Telekinetic monitors tap the under-rated reservoir of imagination in the young; as education ceases to follow the script of rote learning while cloning perception. Money and the fiscal hierarchy it engenders are replaced with a system of economics based on time. It's tender is rendered in hours of service! Political elections make use of an ingenious device said to hail from Ancient Egypt's Initiation schools. It discerns which candidates have mastered spiritual responsibility before they are granted office(s). This evocative depiction of an enlightened society rests upon the embrace of an evolutionary plan intended for mankind. Its ideal inspires each person's lifework. A transcendentally guided work, Evolving Toward Eden: The Divine Promise Restored suggests a world worth living for, a second Renaissance. Employing a timely 2020 A.D vision correction restores passion, purpose, and possibility to the human experience. Mankind at last transcends the atavistic impulses that have undermined our shared Eden, as paradise is reborn!

The Evolution of Blake s Myth

Author : Sheila Spector
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Interpreting Blake has always proved challenging. Hermeneutics, as the on-going negotiation between the horizon of expectations and a given text, hinges on the preconceptions that structure thought. The structure, in turn, is derived from myth, a cultural narrative predicated on a particular set of foundational principles, and organized in terms of the resulting symbolic form. The primary impediment to interpreting Blake has been the failure to recognize that he and much of his audience have thought in terms of two radically different myths. In The Evolution of Blake’s Myth, Sheila A. Spector establishes the dimensions of the myth that structures Blake’s thought. In the first of three parts, she uses Jerusalem, Blake’s most complete book, as the basis for extrapolating the components of the consolidated myth. She then traces the chronological development of the myth from its origin in the late 1780s through its crystallization in Milton. Finally, she demonstrates how Blake used the myth hermeneutically, as the horizon of expectations for interpreting not only his own work, but the Bible and the visionary texts of others, as well.

Food And Evolution

Author : Marvin Harris
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Author note: Marvin Harris is a Graduate Research Professor of Anthropology at the University of Florida. Eric B. Ross has taught at Mount Holyoke and the University of Michigan.

The Creation evolution Controversy

Author : R. L. Wysong
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Who has not wondered about the origin of the universe and life? And, for certain, this is a question that should be taken with the utmost seriousness and sense of duty. After all, how can we know why we are here or what we should be doing if we do not know where we came from?Although religions have their belief (creation), and materialists have their belief(evolution), beliefs are not what truth is about. This is a book of daring adventure between these two emotionally charged belief systems. Rather than advocate, Dr. Wysong pits one belief against the other using the only weapons that should be used if truth is the objective: reason and evidence.Dr. Wysong's rational, philosophic, and scientific probings make this book a reservoir of thoughtful and factual information that will not draw dust on your bookshelf.Now in its thirteenth printing, this seminal 1975 book has been read worldwide, is widely cited on the web, and continues to be used in schools. It has helped lay the groundwork for a rational dialogue between religion and science and remains current to this day because of its even handed treatment of the subject and because reason should never fall out of fashion.

Towards a science of ideas An inquiry into the emergence evolution and expansion of ideas and their translation into action

Author : Guido Enthoven
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Ideas are the basic building blocks that construct the world we live in. Yet despite the abundance of literature on creativity and innovation, there has been little reflection on ideas as such, their nature and their working mechanisms. This book provides foundations for a reflection focused specifically on ideas - what they are, how they emerge, develop, interact, gain acceptance and become translated into actions. In doing so the book moves beyond the mainstream approaches, offering new, promising theoretical angles, presenting original findings and initiating a research agenda for a science of ideas. This book provides a fresh perspective on how to conceptualize and study ideas and their working mechanisms by treating ideas as the main object of the study and by bringing together a group of original thinkers, scholars, and philosophers to move beyond the mainstream academic discourse on creativity and innovation.

Neptune and the Final Phase of the Piscean Age

Author : Sioux Rose
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This volume functions as two books in one. An "astrologer's reference" it delineates Neptune's conjunctions with planets from the birth chart. Additionally since the astrologer is trained to step outside the temporal context to understand the magnitude of stories inlaid into the rhythm structures of time its perspective is valuable as mankind faces a chaotic transition. The ancient Greeks personified the planetary personae through myth. Neptune, the deceiver, presides over the final phase of the Piscean Age as deception, delusion, and duplicity threaten the great verities. How did we get here? Mankind evidences remarkable technological expertise, but have matters improved for the vast majority? Illusions born of past traditions hold minds hostage, and pit tribe against tribe on the basis of divisive belief systems. Pisces is the zodiac position where the circle meets itself and differences dissolve. Symbolized by two fish, it suggests twin perceptual portals analogous to both brain hemispheres. Two complementary "oars" are required to navigate our shared vessel progressively; otherwise we circle endlessly and history repeats. Right brain sentience invokes what is missing: the sense of inherent unity among all living beings. Mankind can no longer afford the asymmetric worldview that undermines the great balance we must now endeavor to restore.

Eden s Garden

Author : Richard J. Coleman
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The time is ripe for a robust discussion of human nature. In Eden's Garden: Rethinking Sin and Evil in an Era of Scientific Promise, Richard Coleman examines the notion of sin in a contemporary world that values scientific and nonreligious modes of thought regarding human behavior. This work is not an anti-science polemic, but rather an argument to show how sin and evil can make sense to the nonreligious mind, and how it is valuable to make sense of such phenomena. The author reconceptualizes sin and evil as 'indelible pieces of our evolutionary history' preventing them from being ostracized as 'too religious, without substance, mired in the past.' Coleman redeems theology for what it can offer to the understanding of sin and evil while embracing and respecting what science can offer to further the common good. Examining themes in religion, philosophy, and theology, it is ideal for use in the numerous courses that move across these disciplines.

Evolution Explanation Ethics and Aesthetics

Author : Francisco J. Ayala
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Evolution, Explanation, Ethics and Aesthetics: Towards a Philosophy of Biology focuses on the dominant biological topic of evolution. It deals with the prevailing philosophical themes of how to explain the adaptation of organisms, the interplay of chance and necessity, and the recurrent topics of emergence, reductionism, and progress. In addition, the extensively treated topic of how to explain human nature as a result of natural processes and the encompassed issues of the foundations of morality and the brain-to-mind transformation is discussed. The philosophy of biology is a rapidly expanding field, not more than half a century old at most, and to a large extent is replacing the interest in the philosophy of physics that prevailed in the first two-thirds of the twentieth century. Few texts available have the benefit of being written by an eminent biologist who happens to be also a philosopher, as in this work. This book is a useful resource for seminar courses and college courses on the philosophy of biology. Researchers, academics, and students in evolutionary biology, behavior, genetics, and biodiversity will also be interested in this work, as will those in human biology and issues such as ethics, religion, and the human mind, along with professional philosophers of science and those concerned with such issues as whether evolution is compatible with religion and/or where morality comes from. Presents the unique perspective of a distinguished biologist with extensive experience in the field who has published much about the subject in a wide variety of journals and edited volumes Covers the philosophical issues related to evolution and biology in an approachable and readable style Includes the most up-to-date treatment of this burgeoning, exciting field within biology Provides the ideal guide for researchers, academics, and students in evolutionary biology, behavior, genetics, and biodiversity

Beasts of Eden

Author : David Rains Wallace
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In this account of early mammals and their evolution, a naturalist presents fossil discoveries such as towering mammoths, tiny horses, and whales with legs, among other exotic extinct species, providing a perspective on the grandeur of evolution.

Continuity or Replacement

Author : Guenter Brauer
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This volume is based on the symposium on controversies in 'Homo sapiens evolution' in Zagreb. It examines the competing models for modern human origins within the framework of present-day knowledge in the areas of human paleontology, paleolithic archaeology, and molecular genetics.