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Expatriate women managers

Author : Katharina Hartl
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Expatriate Management

Author : Jan Selmer
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An up-to-date, comprehensive overview of one of the most challenging fields for international business today: how to manage human resources on a global scale.

Expat Guide

Author : Martine Maurel
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The Expat Guide: Moscow is designed for the expatriate either planning to move to Moscow or who is already living in Moscow. It is hoped that information in this guide will help reduce the steepness of the learning curve that the new expatriate in Moscow has to undergo in order to establish a rewarding, and fulfilling life in a huge and often bewildering city. The guide has been written by an expatriate who related the research she conducted to the progressive stages of her personal learning curve. The author has experienced first-hand the trials and tribulations... and the joys, of learning to live in Moscow.

Hong Kong Rural Women under Chinese Rule

Author : Isabella Ng
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This book explores gender dynamics in the indigenous villages (also known as walled villages) in post-handover Hong Kong. It looks at how Hong Kong’s reunification with China has impacted the walled villagers, in particular the women, and how the walled villages’ current gender dynamics in return reflects the changes that have happened in Hong Kong after the reunification with China. It traces the historical development of the walled villages, outlines the nature of walled-village society, and explores the changes currently at work including the erosion of the rural/urban divide, the increasing participation of indigenous women in Hong Kong society more widely and the breakdown of traditional social norms, especially patriarchy.

The New Expatriates

Author : Anne-Meike Fechter
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While scholarship on migration has been thriving for decades, little attention has been paid to professionals from Europe and America who move temporarily to destinations beyond ‘the West’. Such migrants are marginalised and depoliticised by debates on immigration policy, and thus there is an urgent need to develop nuanced understanding of these more privileged movements. In many ways, these are the modern-day equivalents of colonial settlers and expatriates, yet the continuities in their migration practices have rarely been considered. The New Expatriates advances our understanding of contemporary mobile professionals by engaging with postcolonial theories of race, culture and identity. The volume brings together authors and research from across a wide range of disciplines, seeking to evaluate the significance of the past in shaping contemporary expatriate mobilities and highlighting postcolonial continuities in relation to people, practices and imaginations. Acknowledging the resonances across a range of geographical sites in Asia, Africa, and the Middle East, the chapters consider the particularity of postcolonial contexts, while enabling comparative perspectives. A focus on race and culture is often obscured by assumptions about class, occupation and skill, but this volume explicitly examines the way in which whiteness and imperial relationships continue to shape the migration experiences of Euro-American skilled migrants as they seek out new places to live and work. This book was originally published as a special issue of the Journal of Ethnic and Migration Studies.

Expatriate Identities in Postcolonial Organizations

Author : Pauline Leonard
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Expatriate Identities in Postcolonial Organizations offers a timely and contemporary discussion of the role of organizations in maintaining or challenging structures and cultures based on racism and discrimination. It offers a key exploration of the relations between whiteness, identity and organization in migratory contexts. It delves into the experiences of expatriates in Hong Kong and the ways in which new identities are constructed in the destinations of migration by exploring the renegotiation of white identities and racialized relationships, and the extent to which colonial imaginations still inform contemporary organizations. By drawing on existing theoretical and empirical material on post-colonialism, identity-making, privileged migration, relocation, transnational work and organizations, this volume brings disparate discussions together in a new and accessible way. It will appeal to a range of sociology scholars as well as to those working in the fields of migration, gender studies, and cultural geography.

Diary of an Oil Expat Family

Author : Heidi Vaughan
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“Heidi Vaughan's account of her family's expatriate experience in Norway will give anyone thinking about doing an overseas assignment a real and sincere look at life as a foreigner far from home. In Diary of an Oil Expat Family, Vaughan takes the reader through her family's first year away, using a lighthearted approach to the very serious subject of foreign living. Diary offers honest insight into the ups, downs and shocks of expat life and will be of tremendous use for anyone contemplating a move abroad.” —Robin Pascoe,, author of Culture Shock! A Wife’s Guide, Culture Shock! A Parent’s Guide, and Homeward Bound

Foodways in Southern Oman

Author : Marielle Risse
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Foodways in Southern Oman examines the objects, practices and beliefs relating to producing, obtaining, cooking, eating and disposing of food in the Dhofar region of southern Oman. The chapters consider food preparation, who makes what kind of food, and how and when meals are eaten. Marielle Risse connects what is consumed to themes such as land usage, gender, age, purity, privacy and generosity. She also discusses how foodways are related to issues of morality, safety, religion, and tourism. The volume is a result of fourteen years of collecting data and insights in Dhofar, covering topics such as catching fish, herding camels, growing fruits, designing kitchens, cooking meals and setting leftovers out for animals. It will be of interest to scholars from a range of disciplines, including anthropology, sociology, food studies, Middle Eastern studies and Islamic studies.

Female Expat Project

Author : Joelle Dietrick
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The Role of Expatriates in MNCs Knowledge Mobilization

Author : Stefania Mariano
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Explores the role of expatriates in the mobilization, nurturing and sharing of knowledge between their original country and the MNCs' host countries. This title includes topics that are related to the management of knowledge and the tools, methods and practices that can be customized to facilitate the transfer of knowledge in MNC settings.