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Experiencing the Outdoors

Author : Margaret Robertson
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The space is outdoors. The experience is personal and the journey can be solitary or take place in groups. Informal or formal the places visited are sites of learning. Locked in memory our experiences in the outdoors are a constant source of wonderment and food to replenish our sense of wellbeing. Our experiences in the outdoors can endure in the abstract as ideas for developing a sense of a well lived life. They can also draw us back to places and reenergise the body. Physical and emotional wellbeing collides in the unexpected events that flourish in the outdoors. Our readiness for enjoyment and personal development are subjective states which this book challenges. Traversing the landscape of the outdoors the collection of chapters contained range from the theoretical to the practical including strategies for teaching and learning that are transdisciplinary. With ideas for practitioners as well as thoughtful reading for readers of diverse ages and interests this book includes contributions from Australia, New Zealand, Hong Kong, United Kingdom and Canada.

Outdoor Experiences for Young Children

Author : Mary S. Rivkin
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Exploring Outdoor Play In The Early Years

Author : Maynard, Trisha
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The aim of this text is to explore outdoor play in the early years focusing, in particular, on early years settings and young children aged 0 to 7 years.

Outdoor Learning Environments

Author : Helen Little
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Educators have a key pedagogical role in promoting early years outdoor play in natural environments. Active outdoor play involving risk-taking has been linked to positive effects on social health and behaviour, and encourages physical activity and motor skill development. At the same time, it has been recognised that opportunities for children to experience outdoor learning have been reduced in recent decades due to the impacts of technology, urbanisation and social change. This book brings together renowned authors, with research and professional experience in a range of disciplines, to provide a comprehensive guide to developing positive and engaging outdoor learning environments in the early years. Part 1 looks at pedagogy and outdoor environments, and considers the value of risk-taking and developing a young child's appreciation of the natural world. Part 2 examines the key principles involved in the design and planning of these spaces, such as applying the relevant equipment standards and regulations. Part 3 explores how educators can develop an understanding of children's own perspectives on outdoor spaces, including promoting agency and recognising the importance of private playspaces. Part 4 examines different cultural perspectives on outdoor play, including Indigenous approaches, while Part 5 considers the range of experiences possible beyond purposefully-designed spaces, from visiting nature reserves to exploring urban environments. 'A much needed and comprehensive resource for pre-service teachers and educators of young children that encompasses philosophies, theories, pedagogy and practice for purposeful engagement of children in all kinds of outdoor spaces in Australia.' - Dr Kumara Ward, Director of Academic Program: Early Childhood Education, Western Sydney University 'This seminal work will provide a shared language and framework for educators, policy developers, community builders and researchers in exploring the justifications for engaging children in well considered outdoor learning places and spaces.' - Leanne Grogan, School of Education, Outdoor and Environmental Studies, La Trobe University.

Camping and Outdoor Experiences in the School Program

Author : Helen Katherine Mackintosh
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Interrogating Authenticity in Outdoor Education Teacher Education

Author : Chris J. North
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This book addresses student passivity in teacher education. Using a developed metaphor, the author critically examines the use of authentic learning to design and implement learning experiences for preservice teachers, and reveals the opportunities and limitations of a focus on authenticity. This book prepares teachers for outdoor education using practice-based exemplars of applied teaching theories. Focusing on authentic pedagogies, it applies to all teacher educators who seek to engage in high-impact learning for their students, and is relevant for in-service educators, preservice teachers and researchers in the field of self-study.

Women Who Sell Sex

Author : Elizabeth Krumrei Mancuso
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Based on leading empirical psychological research from around the world, this book offers valuable insights on women who sell sex. It synthesizes the extensive body of scholarly work on the topic of women selling sex from a psychological perspective in order to understand why women choose to do so. In turn, the book highlights a range of important sociocultural contexts surrounding the sale of sex that are major sources of stress, and examines how women cope with these circumstances. Illustrating the multi-faceted nature of selling sex, the book will contribute to debates on individual and societal responses to this major sociopolitical—and at the same time, deeply personal—issue. Including original case material and outlining future directions for researchers, it offers an informative and engaging resource for academics, researchers, students and professionals around the globe.

Trends in Outdoor Recreation Leisure and Tourism

Author : William C. Gartner
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This book focuses on the issues and trends in outdoor, 'nature-based' recreation, leisure and tourism and explores the implications for public policy, planning, management and marketing. It is intended as supplementary reading for advanced students and is a useful reference tool.

Tips and Tricks in Outdoor Education

Author : Northern Illinois University. Lorado Taft Field Campus. Department of Outdoor Teacher Education
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Women and Nature

Author : Douglas A. Vakoch
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Cover -- Half Title -- Title Page -- Copyright Page -- Table of Contents -- Acknowledgments -- Notes on contributors -- Editor's foreword -- Part I Overview -- Introduction -- 1 Françoise d'Eaubonne and ecofeminism: rediscovering the link between women and nature -- Part II Rethinking animality -- 2 A retreat on the "river bank": perpetuating patriarchal myths in animal stories -- 3 Visual patriarchy: PETA advertising and the commodification of sexualized bodies -- 4 Ethical transfeminism: transgender individuals' narratives as contributions to ethics of vegetarian ecofeminisms -- Part III Constructing connections -- 5 The women-nature connection as a key element in the social construction of Western contemporary motherhood -- 6 The nature of body image: the relationship between women's body image and physical activity in natural environments -- 7 Writing women into back-to-the-land: feminism, appropriation, and identity in the 1970s magazine -- Part IV Mediating practices -- 8 Bilha Givon as Sartre's "third party" in environmental dialogues -- 9 "Yo soy mujer" ¿yo soy ecologista? Feminist and ecological consciousness at the Women's Intercultural Center -- 10 The politics of land, water and toxins: reading the life-narratives of three women oikos-carers from Kerala -- 11 Ecofeminism and the telegenics of celebrity in documentary film: the case of Aradhana Seth's Dam/Age (2003) and the Narmada Bachao Andolan -- Afterword -- Index