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Experimental Design

Author : J. Krauth
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Scientists planning experiments in medical and behavioral research will find this handbook and dictionary an invaluable desk reference tool. Also recommended as a textbook for students of Experimental Design or accompanying courses in Statistics. Principles of experimental design are introduced, techniques of experimental design are described, and advantages and disadvantages of often used designs are discussed. This two-part volume, a handbook of experimental design and a dictionary providing short explanations for many terms related to experimental design, contains information that will not quickly become outdated.

Experimental Design Procedures for the Behavioral Sciences

Author : Roger E. Kirk
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Experimental Design: Procedures for Behavioral Sciences, Fourth Edition is a classic text with a reputuation for accessibility and readability. It has been revised and updated to make learning design concepts even easier. Roger E. Kirk shows how three simple experimental designs can be combined to form a variety of complex designs. He provides diagrams illustrating how subjects are assigned to treatments and treatment combinations. New terms are emphasized in boldface type, there are summaries of the advantages and disadvantages of each design, and real-life examples show how the designs are used.

Statistics and Experimental Design for Toxicologists and Pharmacologists Fourth Edition

Author : Shayne C. Gad
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Purposefully designed as a resource for practicing and student toxicologists, Statistics and Experimental Design for Toxicologists and Pharmacologists, Fourth Edition equips you for the regular statistical analysis of experimental data. Starting with the assumption of basic mathematical skills and knowledge, the author supplies a complete and systematic yet practical introduction to the statistical methodologists available for, and used in, the discipline. For every technique presented, a worked example from toxicology is also presented. See what's new in the Fourth Edition: The first practical guide to performing meta analysis allowing for using the power inherent in multiple similar studies Coverage of Bayesian analysis and data analysis in pharmacology and toxicology Almost 200 problems with solutions Discussion of analysis of receptor binding assays, safety pharmacology assays and other standard types conducted in pharmacology A new chapter explaining the basics of Good Laboratory Practices (GLPs) For those with computer skills, this edition has been enhanced with the addition of basic SAS Written specifically for toxicologists and pharmacologists, the author draws on more than 30 years of experience to provide understanding of the philosophical underpinnings for the overall structure of analysis. The book's organization fosters the ordered development of skills and yet still facilitates ease of access to information as needed. This Fourth Edition gives you the tools necessary to perform rigorous and critical analysis of experimental data and the insight to know when to use them.

Experimental Design in Biotechnology

Author : Perry D. Haaland
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This book provides the first time user of statistics with an understanding of how and why statistical experimental design and analysis can be an effective problem solving tool. It presents experimental designs which are useful for small screening and response surface experiments.

Optimal Experimental Design with R

Author : Dieter Rasch
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Experimental design is often overlooked in the literature of applied and mathematical statistics: statistics is taught and understood as merely a collection of methods for analyzing data. Consequently, experimenters seldom think about optimal design, including prerequisites such as the necessary sample size needed for a precise answer for an experi

Pharmaceutical Experimental Design

Author : Gareth A. Lewis
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This useful reference describes the statistical planning and design of pharmaceutical experiments, covering all stages in the development process-including preformulation, formulation, process study and optimization, scale-up, and robust process and formulation development.Shows how to overcome pharmaceutical, technological, and economic constraint

MODA 5 Advances in Model Oriented Data Analysis and Experimental Design

Author : Anthony C. Atkinson
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This volume contains the majority of the papers presented at the 5th Inter national Workshop on Model-Oriented Data Analysis held in June 1998. This series started in March 1987 with a meeting on the Wartburg, Eisenach (Germany). The next three meetings were in 1990 (St Kyrik monastery, Bulgaria), 1992 (Petrodvorets, StPetersburg, Russia) and 1995 (Spetses, Greece). The main purpose of these workshops was to bring together lead ing scientists from 'Eastern' and 'Western' Europe for the exchange of ideas in theoretical and applied statistics, with special emphasis on experimen tal design. Now that the separation between East and West has become less rigid, this dialogue has, in principle, become much easier. However, providing opportunities for this dialogue is as vital as ever. MODA meetings are known for their friendly atmosphere, leading to fruitful discussions and collaboration, especially between young and senior scien tists. Indeed, many long term collaborations were initiated during these events. This intellectually stimulating atmosphere is achieved by limiting the number of participants to around eighty, by the choice of location so that participants can live as a community, and, of course, through the care ful selection of scientific direction made by the Programme Committee.

Principles of Experimental Design for Art Conservation Research

Author : Terry J. Reedy
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Principles of Experimental Design for Art Conservation Research, by Terry J. Reedy and Chandra L. Reedy, covers both practical and statistical aspects of experimental design, as well as laboratory experiments on art materials and clinical experiments with art objects. The material should be useful to working conservators and conservation scientists.

Contemporary Experimental Design Multivariate Analysis and Data Mining

Author : Jianqing Fan
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The collection and analysis of data play an important role in many fields of science and technology, such as computational biology, quantitative finance, information engineering, machine learning, neuroscience, medicine, and the social sciences. Especially in the era of big data, researchers can easily collect data characterised by massive dimensions and complexity. In celebration of Professor Kai-Tai Fang’s 80th birthday, we present this book, which furthers new and exciting developments in modern statistical theories, methods and applications. The book features four review papers on Professor Fang’s numerous contributions to the fields of experimental design, multivariate analysis, data mining and education. It also contains twenty research articles contributed by prominent and active figures in their fields. The articles cover a wide range of important topics such as experimental design, multivariate analysis, data mining, hypothesis testing and statistical models.

An Introduction To Experimental Design And Statistics For Biology

Author : David Heath
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Format : PDF, ePub, Docs
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This illustrated textbook for biologists provides a refreshingly clear and authoritative introduction to the key ideas of sampling, experimental design, and statistical analysis. The author presents statistical concepts through common sense, non-mathematical explanations and diagrams. These are followed by the relevant formulae and illustrated by w