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Explorers of the American West Mapping the World through Primary Documents

Author : Jay H. Buckley
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With original primary source documents, this anthology brings readers into the vast unknown 19th-century American West—through the eyes of the explorers who saw it for the first time. • Collects primary source materials such as journal entries, book excerpts, and maps from various 19th-century American explorers, enabling readers to "discover" the vast unknown American West, as seen for the first time by those of European descent • Includes a topical guide to aid readers in cross-referencing entries • Presents illustrations and photographs as well as original textual documents and maps

Overland Explorations of the Trans Mississippi West

Author : Hunt Janin
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In 1528, the Spanish explorer Alvar Nunez Cabeza de Vaca and his three companions were shipwrecked and, looking for help, began an eight-year trek through the deserts of the American West. Over three centuries later, the four "Great Surveys" in the United States were consolidated into the U.S. Geological Survey. The frontiers were the lands near or beyond the recognized international, national, regional, or tribal borders. Over the centuries, they hosted a complicated series of international explorations of lands inhabited by American Indians, Spanish, French-Canadians, British, and Americans. These explorations were undertaken for wide-ranging reasons including geographical, scientific, artistic-literary, and for the growth of the railroad. This history covers over 350 years of exploration of the West.

Lewis and Clark

Author : Steven Kroll
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The story of their two-and-a-half-year expedition.

Encyclopedia of Politics of the American West

Author : Steven L. Danver
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The Encyclopedia of Politics in the American West is an A to Z reference work on the political development of one of America’s most politically distinct, not to mention its fastest growing, region. This work will cover not only the significant events and actors of Western politics, but also deal with key institutional, historical, environmental, and sociopolitical themes and concepts that are important to more fully understanding the politics of the West over the last century.

Literature Connections to American History 7 12

Author : Lynda G. Adamson
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Lists titles categorized by time periods and includes an annotated bibliography divided by format type

Exploring the American West 1803 1879

Author : Richard A. Bartlett
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Big Bend This compact handbook, which is a part of the official National Park Handbook series is divided into 3 sections. Part 1 provides a brief introduction and history of Big Bend Big Bend National Park, including such major attractions a the Rio Grande River, the Chihuahuan Desert, and the Chisos Mountains; part 2 concentrates on the area's natural beauty and history; and part 3 presents an authoritative travel guide and reference materials.

A Companion to the American West

Author : William Deverell
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A Companion to the American West is a rigorous, illuminating introduction to the history of the American West. Twenty-five essays by expert scholars synthesize the best and most provocative work in the field and provide a comprehensive overview of themes and historiography. Covers the culture, politics, and environment of the American West through periods of migration, settlement, and modernization Discusses Native Americans and their conflicts and integration with American settlers

The American West

Author : Anne M. Butler
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Tracing events from the pre-history to the present day, this book offers a concise and accessible history of the American West. Explores the complex interactions between and among cultures in the American West Chronologically organized and informed by the latest scholarship Grounded in attention to race, class, gender, and the environment, the text focuses on social, economic, and political forces that shaped the lived experiences of diverse westerners and influenced the patterns of western history.

Exploring the American West 1803 1879

Author : Richard A. Barlett
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Official National Park illustrated handbook chronicles how the land between the Mississippi River and the Pacific Ocean was explored, mapped, photographed, and settled between 1803 and 1879. Part one includes a brief historical narrative of the events that lured men westward between 1803-1879. Part two describes the mountain men, explorers and scientists who helped in the western expansion to the Pacific Ocean. Part three is a documented pictorial record created by artists, cartographers, and photographers who accompanied the organized expeditions to the west.

Jedediah Smith

Author : Charles W. Maynard
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Follows the life of the nineteenth-century trapper and explorer who earned his reputation on the western frontier.