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Exploring Christian Theology Volume 2

Author : Nathan D. Holsteen
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The Foundations of Theology in Everyday Language Dallas Seminary professors Nathan Holsteen and Michael Svigel are passionate about the key doctrines of Christianity. They want readers to know why they're important and why they matter. This volume includes two parts: · From Dust to Dust: Creation, Humanity, and the Fall · Wise Unto Salvation: Gospel, Atonement, and Saving Grace The authors explore these important topics in a concise and highly readable style that makes sense--whether you're a student of the Bible, a pastor, or someone who simply wants to know God better. For each topic you'll find · An introduction, overview, and review of the key points · Several applicable Bible texts, including verses to memorize · A quick-paced history of the doctrine · Distortions to be aware of and avoid · Reading lists for further study · A glossary of theological terms "Exploring Christian Theology is a wonderful doctrinal primer that teaches theology in a way that will engage you and cause you to reflect. . . . A great way to get acquainted with key biblical theological themes."--Darrell Bock, Senior Research Professor, Dallas Theological Seminary

From the Margins

Author : Christian T. Collins Winn
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Recognized as a leading interpreter of major movements in American Christianity such as Evangelicalism, Pentecostalism, and the Holiness movement, Donald W. Dayton has produced a body of work spanning four decades and diverse areas of inquiry. In From the Margins, friends and colleagues respond to major essays by Dayton (several published here for the first time) so as to celebrate and reflect on this diverse and rich body of work. The essays highlight the breadth of Dayton's contribution while also revealing a methodological core. The latter could be described as Dayton's deconstructive reading of standard scholarly narratives in order to short-circuit their domesticating effects on the more radical aspects of American Christianity. Dayton's work has challenged long-held assumptions about the "conservative" nature of American Christianity by showing that both in their history and in their deeper theological substructures, traditions such as Evangelicalism and Pentecostalism are far more radical and productive of social change than was previously imagined.

The Historical Development

Author : Paul M. Bassett
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This is the second volume of a three-volume work under the general title Exploring Christian Holiness. It deals with the historical development of holiness teaching through the Christian centuries. Cloth.

In the Shadow of Aldersgate

Author : Daniel L. Burnett
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John Wesley (1703-91) was a unique character in history who left a disproportionately large imprint on the world. That imprint was a contagious passion for what he called real Christianity--the Good News of saving grace and scriptural holiness. This book examines Wesley's life and faith in order to better understand what it means to be a present-day participant in that legacy. The book begins with the story of Wesley's search for an authentic Christian experience. His steps are traced from his early days of struggle, through his conversion at Aldersgate, to his long years of remarkable ministry. The second part of the book outlines the basic Wesleyan understandings of sin, grace, redemption, new birth, sanctification, and perfection. A concluding exploration of some practical implications of the Wesleyan doctrine of holiness is found in the third part. This book celebrates the Wesleyan tradition, especially that branch known as the Holiness Movement. It is, however, not entirely uncritical. It seeks to provide an honest and sympathetic consideration of the heritage and faith of Wesley's lasting imprint.

Called into Communion

Author : Susan B. Carole
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This book illuminates the experiential and theocentric dimensions of holiness theology. It acknowledges two strands of thought in current holiness theology--Wesley's Christian perfection and entire sanctification as propagated in the early days of the American Holiness Movement. It honors the contribution of both these strands by identifying the deep harmony in the holiness message of John Wesley and Phineas Bresee. Using insights from Wesley and Bresee, the author develops a paradigm for holiness theology from the standpoint of its transcendent goal. Called into Communion explicates entire sanctification as revelatory and salvific, a necessary threshold experience for complete openness to God. This approach illuminates the rootedness of holiness theology in the triune fellowship of holy love. The communion perspective affirms holiness theology as the underlying theological principle for a missional ecclesiology since participation in God characterizes the church as a doxological fellowship of holy love and determines the church's redemptive action. Seminarians and pastors will find in this book a new perspective on the holiness message. It extends the horizon of reflection to the grace that seeks out and enables human partners for a transformative fellowship of genuine reciprocity with God.

Partakers of the Divine Nature

Author : Michael J. Christensen
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This critical volume focuses on the issue of continuity and discontinuity of the Christian concept of theosis, or deification, in the intellectual history of ideas. It addresses the origin, development, and function of theosis from its antecedents in ancient Greek philosophy to its nuanced use in contemporary theological thought. Often seen as a heresy in the Protestant West, the revival of interest in deification in both lay and scholastic circles heralds a return to foundational understandings of salvation in the Christian church before the divisions of East and West, Catholic and Protestant.

The Variety of American Evangelicalism

Author : Donald W. Dayton
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Those labeled as "evangelicals" commonly are assumed to constitute a large and fairly homogeneous segment of American Protestantism. This volume suggests that, in fact, evangelicalism is better understood as a set of distinct subtraditions, each with its own history, organizations, and priorities. The differences among groups are so important that the question arises: Is the term "evangelical" useful at all?

The Encyclopedia of Christianity

Author : Erwin Fahlbusch
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Containing more than 300 articles, covering the alphabetical entries P-Sh, this book also includes articles on significant topics ranging from Paul, political theology and the Qur'an, to religious liberty, salvation history and scholasticism.

Holiness and Community in 2 Cor 6 14 7 1

Author : J. Ayodeji Adewuya
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This book examines 2 Cor 6:14--7:1 and argues that its theological message is communal holiness. It culminates in an attempt to posit a Pauline theology of corporate sanctification in the Corinthian correspondence. Paul's view of sanctification, it is argued, should be seen as multifaceted: relational, communal, ethical, and mission-oriented. Thus, a coherent picture of Pauline teaching on holiness in the Corinthian correspondence emerges from this book. For Paul, the focus of God's redemptive activity is, primarily, the community and not the individual. Paul's view on holiness has to do with communal holiness within the people of God, the goal of which is to make God known to the wider society. In sum, this book argues that the teaching on holiness should not be, and cannot be, satisfactorily explained in terms of the individual, but only as the individual stands in relation to the community of faith. Thus, the conclusion offers a corrective to some strands of modern interpretation that emphasize the individualistic, experiential aspects of Christian holiness, thus tending to reduce Christian holiness to morality.

Embodying Wesley s Catholic Spirit

Author : Daniel Castelo
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To what degree is Wesleyan theology part of the church's catholic witness? This book explores this question from a number of angles and goes on to embody some of these possibilities in conversation with other major traditions and figures within the Christian church. Overall, the volume shows that Wesleyan theology does draw from and can contribute to conversations related to the catholic Christian witness.