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Exploring Ikebana

Author : Ilse Beunen
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The word Ikebana rings a bell for most, but not many people can define it or grasp its essence. Exploring Ikebana seeks to change this. This book is a comprehensive introduction into the art and wants to unveil some of the secrecy and philosophical ideas projected into this ancient Japanese style of flower design. A no-nonsense but nonetheless respectful approach to the art, that will demonstrate that Ikebana arrangements are achievable for all. After a a thorough introductory chapter on materials, the different schools, techniques, dos and don'ts, tools, colors, schemes and (viewing) angles; this books hands arrangements in traditional and modern styles, made with natural and contemporary materials. Every arrangement is richly illustrated with detailed step-by-step photographs of the creative process, making it easy for even the novice to follow and to come to a correct and enjoyable result. And in the end, enjoying the fleeting beauty of flowers to the fullest is what Ikebana is all about.

Exploring Materiality and Connectivity in Anthropology and Beyond

Author : Philipp Schorch
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Exploring Materiality and Connectivity in Anthropology and Beyond provides a new look at the old anthropological concern with materiality and connectivity. It understands materiality not as defined property of some-thing, nor does it take connectivity as merely a relation between discrete entities. Somewhat akin to Heisenberg’s uncertainty principle, it sees materiality and connectivity as two interrelated modes in which an entity is, or more precisely – is becoming, in the world. The question, thus, is how these two modes of becoming relate and fold into each other. Throughout the four-year research process that led to this book, the authors approached this question not just from a theoretical perspective; taking the suggestion of 'thinking through things' literally and methodologically seriously, the first two workshops were dedicated to practical, hands-on exercises working with things. From these workshops a series of installations emerged, straddling the boundaries of art and academia. These installations served as artistic-academic interventions during the final symposium and are featured alongside the other academic contributions to this volume. Throughout this process, two main themes emerged and structure Part II, Movement and Growth, and Part III, Dissolution and Traces, of the present volume, respectively. Part I, Conceptual Grounds, consists of two chapters offering conceptual takes on things and ties – one from anthropology and one from archaeology. As interrelated modes of becoming, materiality and connectivity make it necessary to coalesce things and ties into thing~ties – an insight toward which the chapters and interventions came from different sides, and one in which the initial proposition of the editors still shines through. Throughout the pages of this volume, we invite the reader to travel beyond imaginaries of a universe of separate planets united by connections, and to venture with us instead into the thicket of thing~ties in which we live.

Exploring Religion and Ethics

Author : Peta Goldburg
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EXPLORING RELIGION AND ETHICS is written by leading educators and experienced practising teachers to meet the requirements of the Religion and Ethics SAS in Queensland. It offers a vast array of learning opportunities that draw on a three-tiered model of personal, relational and spiritual dimensions, and encourages students to explore how these dimensions relate to their own religious beliefs. It features: Clear concise and student-friendly language that caters for different learning abilities and styles Learning and assessment activities that engage and extend students A wide range of valuable time-saving teacher support resources for additional classwork, homework and assessment are available on Cambridge GO.


Author : Nicos Rossides
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Dr. Nicos Rossides spent seven unforgettable years in Japan from the late 1970s, when the country began to emerge as a major player on the world stage. From a humbled nation, post-war Japan metamorphosed into an example to admire and emulate. Rossides witnessed this staggering growth and the “lost decade” that followed, only for the country to rebound again as a significant global player. Rossides eventually married into a Japanese family and grew a network of close Japanese friends. In eleven succinct and entertaining essays, the Author exposes the reader to multiple lenses or perspectives on Japanese culture and society. He does this based on what he experienced first-hand and only later digested as a kaleidoscope of different cultural nuances and insights. A fascinating read for those with a sincere interest in Japan and its socio-cultural practices and traditions and, may include students and academics, international businessmen and diplomats and their accompanying families. Written in a breezy style, Dr. Rossides offers his personal vision of how contemporary Japan is changing to address the realities of life in the twenty-first century.

The Way We Pray

Author : Maggie Oman Shannon
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Collecting prayer practices from around the world, the author introduces readers to her favorites--fifty forms of prayer, worship, and meditation, with details about their history and roots in particular religious traditions. Original.

Inspiring Ikebana

Author : Ilse Beunen
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- Ikebana artist Ilse Beunen reveals her sources of inspiration and how to translate these into floral designs - Contains more than 40 step by step designs Inspiring Ikebana is the sequel to Exploring Ikebana, the first book by world famous ikebana artist Ilse Beunen. Throughout her career she has been inspired by many different things and as all artists do, she is continually looking for inspiration to create something new and innovative. Having written a comprehensive introduction to the ancient Japanese art of flower arrangement, she reveals in this new book several sources of inspiration: nature, the four seasons, festivals, vases and containers, artificial material, art and emotions. More than 40 stunning ikebana creations, both in traditional and modern styles, are lavishly illustrated with detailed step by step photographs of the creative process, making it easy to follow and achieve a great result.

On the Arts

Author : Naomi Beth Wakan
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With a strong creative streak and a passion for learning and writing, Naomi Beth Wakan has dabbled in many different art forms during her eighty-eight years. Her activities have led her to see art as the awareness of sensory action and reaction in the everyday. In other words, opportunities for making art are everywhere, and the possibilities for expressing oneself as an artist are endless. One's very life is an art, if lived with awareness. In this collection of short essays, Wakan writes about her experiences as someone who both appreciates and practices art, covering topics such as ikebana, photography, reading, film noir, domesticity, recycling, personal essay writing, solitude, and more. This book will entertain, but also awaken the reader to the possibilities of living a rich and rewarding life by infusing one's life with awareness and creativity.

Exploring Art A Global Thematic Approach

Author : Margaret Lazzari
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Making art relevant to everyday life, EXPLORING ART: A GLOBAL, THEMATIC APPROACH, 5E provides a solid foundation of art basics and then presents art from across time and around the world through themes such as religion, power and politics, sexuality, mind and body, mortality and immortality, nature and technology, and entertainment and visual culture. Art Experiences features in every chapter and an all-new Chapter 15, Art in Your Life, draw explicit connections between art and students' lives, illustrating how art is all around us as well as providing suggestions for interacting with art. Timelines with thumbnail images help students easily draw chronological connections between works, and detailed world maps illustrate geographical relevance. In addition to new works, the fifth edition offers expanded representation of contemporary artists from around the globe. Important Notice: Media content referenced within the product description or the product text may not be available in the ebook version.

The Art of Dale Chihuly

Author : Dale Chihuly
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Dale Chihuly is the most famous and influential artist working in glass today. A career-spanning biographical essay by curator Timothy Anglin Burgard and stunning colour photography of the works will captivate Chihuly's myriad fans - both old and new.

The Grand Masters of Maine Gardening

Author : Jane Lamb
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Jane Lamb has been a major contributor of gardening articles to Down East magazine for nearly 20 years. Now 27 of her articles profiling Maine's premier gardeners and most outstanding gardens are collected in one volume. Jane has provided a new introductory paragraph for each chapter to bring readers up to date on what has changed since the time when the original article was published. The book includes how-to advice about gardening in a northern climate and insight into ways to approach garden design, as well as 55 color photos by noted garden photographers.