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Exploring Signature Pedagogies

Author : Regan A. R. Gurung
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How do individual disciplines foster deep learning, and get students to think like disciplinary experts? With contributions from the sciences, humanities, and the arts, this book critically explores how to best foster student learning within and across the disciplines.

Exploring More Signature Pedagogies

Author : Nancy L. Chick
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What is distinctive about the ways specific disciplines are traditionally taught, and what kinds of learning do they promote? Do they inspire the habits of the discipline itself, or do they inadvertently contradict or ignore those disciplines? By analyzing assumptions about often unexamined teaching practices, their history, and relevance in contemporary learning contexts, this book offers teachers a fresh way to both think about their impact on students and explore more effective ways to engage students in authentic habits and practices. This companion volume to Exploring Signature Pedagogies covers disciplines not addressed in the earlier volume and further expands the scope of inquiry by interrogating the teaching methods in interdisciplinary fields and a number of professions, critically returning to Lee S. Shulman’s origins of the concept of signature pedagogies. This volume also differs from the first by including authors from across the United States, as well as Ireland and Australia. The first section examines the signature pedagogies in the humanities and fine arts fields of philosophy, foreign language instruction, communication, art and design, and arts entrepreneurship. The second section describes signature pedagogies in the social and natural sciences: political science, economics, and chemistry. Section three highlights the interdisciplinary fields of Ignatian pedagogy, women’s studies, and disability studies; and the book concludes with four chapters on professional pedagogies – nursing, occupational therapy, social work, and teacher education – that illustrate how these pedagogies change as the social context changes, as their knowledge base expands, or as online delivery of instruction increases.

Engaging in the Scholarship of Teaching and Learning

Author : Cathy Bishop-Clark
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This is a book for anyone who has ever considered engaging in the scholarship of teaching and learning – known familiarly as SoTL – and needs a better understanding of what it is, and how to engage in it. The authors describe how to create a SoTL project, its implications for promotion and tenure, and how it fosters: * Increased satisfaction and fulfilment in teaching * Improved student learning * Increased productivity of scholarly publication * Collaboration with colleagues across disciplines * Contributing to a growing and important body of literature

This guide provides prospective SoTL scholars with the necessary background information, foundational theory, tools, resources, and methodology to develop their own SoTL projects, taking the reader through the five stages of the process: Generating a research question; Designing the study; Collecting the data; Analyzing the data; and Presenting and publishing your SoTL project. Each stage is illustrated by examples of actual SoTL studies, and is accompanied by worksheets to help the reader refine ideas and map out his or her next steps. The process and worksheets are the fruit of the successful SoTL workshops the authors have offered at their institution for many years.

SoTL differs from scholarly and reflective teaching in that it not only involves questioning one’s teaching or a teaching strategy, but also formally gathering and exploring evidence, researching the literature, refining and testing practices, and finally going public. The purpose of SoTL is not just to make an impact on student learning, but through formal, peer-reviewed communication, to contribute to the larger knowledge base on teaching and learning.

While the roots of SoTL go back some 30 years, it was Ernest Boyer in his classic Scholarship Reconsidered who made the case for the parity of the scholarships of integration, of discovery, of application, and of scholarship of teaching as vital to the health of higher education. Glassick, Huber, and Maeroff ’s subsequent Scholarship Assessed articulated the quality standards for SoTL, since when the field has burgeoned with the formation of related associations, a proliferation of conferences, the launching of numerous journals, and increasing recognition and validation by institutions.

Approaches to Teaching Chaucer s Canterbury Tales

Author : Frank Grady
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Chaucer's Canterbury Tales was the subject of the first volume in the Approaches to Teaching series, published in 1980. But in the past thirty years, Chaucer scholarship has evolved dramatically, teaching styles have changed, and new technologies have created extraordinary opportunities for studying Chaucer. This second edition of Approaches to Teaching Chaucer's Canterbury Tales reflects the wide variety of contexts in which students encounter the poem and the diversity of perspectives and methods instructors bring to it. Perennial topics such as class, medieval marriage, genre, and tale order rub shoulders with considerations of violence, postcoloniality, masculinities, race, and food in the tales. The first section, "Materials," reviews available editions, scholarship, and audiovisual and electronic resources for studying The Canterbury Tales. In the second section, "Approaches," thirty-six essays discuss strategies for teaching Chaucer's language, for introducing theory in the classroom, for focusing on individual tales, and for using digital resources in the classroom. The multiplicity of approaches reflects the richness of Chaucer's work and the continuing excitement of each new generation's encounter with it.

Big Picture Pedagogy Finding Interdisciplinary Solutions to Common Learning Problems

Author : Regan A. R. Gurung
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Take a big-picture look at teaching and learning. Building on existing pedagogical research, this volume showcases the scholarship of teaching and learning (SoTL) across the disciplines--and takes it in a new direction. In each chapter, interdisciplinary teams of authors address a single pedagogical question, bringing each of their home disciplines specific literature and methodologies to the table. The result is a fresh examination of evidence-based practices for teaching and learning in higher education that is intentionally inclusive of faculty from different disciplines. By taking a closer, more systematic look at the pedagogies used within the disciplines and their impacts on student learning, the authors herein move away from more generic teaching tips and generic classroom activities and toward values, knowledge, and manner of thinking within SoTL itself. The projects discussed in each chapter, furthermore, will provide models for further research via interdisciplinary collaboration. This is the 151st volume of this Jossey-Bass higher education series. It offers a comprehensive range of ideas and techniques for improving college teaching based on the experience of seasoned instructors and the latest findings of educational and psychological researchers.

Online Learning in Music

Author : Judith Bowman
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Online Learning in Music: Foundations, Frameworks, and Practices offers fresh insights into the growth of online learning in music, perspectives on theoretical models for design and development of online courses, principles for good practice in online education, and an agenda for future research. Author Judith Bowman provides a complete overview of online education in music, including guidelines and accreditation standards for online instruction as well as a look at current research on online learning in music. She also explores several theoretical models for online course design, development, and implementation, before presenting a creative approach to online course design, both for fully online and also for blended courses. As a whole, the book challenges stereotypical views of professors as "sage on the stage" or "guide on the side," characterizing the online professor instead as Director of Learning. Necessary reading for all who work in online learning in music, it also suggests important ways both to prevent problems and also to resolve those that do arise.

Using Reflection and Metacognition to Improve Student Learning

Author : Naomi Silver
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Research has identified the importance of helping students develop the ability to monitor their own comprehension and to make their thinking processes explicit, and indeed demonstrates that metacognitive teaching strategies greatly improve student engagement with course material. This book -- by presenting principles that teachers in higher education can put into practice in their own classrooms -- explains how to lay the ground for this engagement, and help students become self-regulated learners actively employing metacognitive and reflective strategies in their education. Key elements include embedding metacognitive instruction in the content matter; being explicit about the usefulness of metacognitive activities to provide the incentive for students to commit to the extra effort; as well as following through consistently. Recognizing that few teachers have a deep understanding of metacognition and how it functions, and still fewer have developed methods for integrating it into their curriculum, this book offers a hands-on, user-friendly guide for implementing metacognitive and reflective pedagogy in a range of disciplines. Offering seven practitioner examples from the sciences, technology, engineering and mathematics (STEM) fields, the social sciences and the humanities, along with sample syllabi, course materials, and student examples, this volume offers a range of strategies for incorporating these pedagogical approaches in college classrooms, as well as theoretical rationales for the strategies presented. By providing successful models from courses in a broad spectrum of disciplines, the editors and contributors reassure readers that they need not reinvent the wheel or fear the unknown, but can instead adapt tested interventions that aid learning and have been shown to improve both instructor and student satisfaction and engagement.

Doomed to Repeat

Author : Sean Brawley
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The essays in this collection examine the place of history in terrorism studies and in contemporary discussions on terrorism and counter-terrorism. This volume marks an effort by a group of scholars and practitioners to provide a justification for the better understanding of Terrorism's past and the importance of this past for today and tomorrow. The collection is divided into four sections. Section One places Terrorism Studies and the study of history in context and considers the connections between these fields of study. Section Two is written by non-historians and practitioners who have seen the importance of historical context and perspective in the understanding of current events. Section Three provides case studies that explore the history of terrorism and politically motivated violence. Section Four places concerns about terrorism in regional and foreign policy context. "This collection helps us advance our understanding of terrorism beyond simplistic and dichotomist assertions about "them" and "us." Taken together, these essays highlight the importance of analyzing, rather than assuming." -Chris Dixon, Professor, School of History, Philosophy, Religion, and Classics, The University of Queensland, Australia. "This collection could not come at a more opportune time given the current preoccupation in government with Terrorism... It will not only contribute substantially to the current scholarship on the subject, but will set a benchmark by which future researchers will have to measure themselves. It will, furthermore, become a reference for both students and experts in the field." -Philip Dwyer, Director, Social and Cultural Conflict Research Group, University of Newcastle, Australia. "In this volume, the subject matter ranges widely over the field including important contributions on some of the major areas of international conflict of the last twenty years. By paying attention to national, regional and international phenomena, this collection will provide access to a breadth of historical perspectives and approaches that is uncommon in this field of studies." -Mark Finnane, Professor, ARC Centre of Excellence in Policing and Security, Griffith University, Australia.

Contexts of Nursing

Author : John Daly
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The new edition of this popular nursing text introduces students to the theory, language and scholarship of contemporary nursing. Contexts of Nursing, 4th edition continues to challenge and extend nursing students by exploring the key concepts underpinning contemporary nursing practice. This exceptional nursing textbook incorporates diverse views and voices and sometimes-controversial topics, encouraging student nurses to reflect, discuss and debate various issues, and ultimately helping them to develop their own positions. Contexts of Nursing, 4th edition features abundant new and updated content – developed in consultation with practicing nurses and nursing students – yet remains based on the same aims and objectives of the popular first edition. Written by expert contributors, all of whom are helping shape contemporary nursing in Australia and New Zealand, this latest edition of Contexts of Nursing reflects the dynamic nature of nursing scholarship. Chapters have been thoroughly revised and updated, and now include fresh learning objectives, key words, reflective questions, recommended readings and references Content has been fully updated to reflect national registration A restructured table of contents links key chapters Each chapter addresses an area of study within the undergraduate nursing program. Topics include history, culture, ethics, law, technology and professional issues.

Going Online with Protocols

Author : Joseph P. McDonald
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Many users of the popular professional development book, The Power of Protocols, discovered that protocols are also very useful for online teaching. This new book, by three of the same authors, focuses on using protocols to enhance learning with their students in multiple environments including onlinea growing sector of the educational world. Going Online with Protocols lays out the diverse challenges faced by teachers and by facilitators in the online world and provides readers with strategies to tackle them. The authors provide online adaptations for such traditional protocols as the Tuning Protocol, the Collaborative Assessment Conference, and the Consultancy Protocol. They also offer entirely new protocols unique to online environments. This dynamic resource combines a rich theoretical background with step-by-step illustrations of powerful protocols, along with tips on how and when to use them.

Early Childhood Education for a New Era

Author : Stacie G. Goffin
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In her provocative new book, Stacie Goffin presents a leadership manifesto to the field of early childhood education: It should step forward as an agent for change by assuming responsibility for the competent practice of its practitioners and for facilitating positive results for children and their learning. As a field of practice, ECE should formally organize as a profession to realize consistency in practice across sites and program types. Goffin challenges the field to develop fieldwide leadership and diminish its reliance on public policy for defining its purpose and structure. Offering a fresh viewpoint on national efforts to improve program quality and children’s learning and development, the book concludes with “Next Steps Commentaries” written by education luminaires Rolf Grafwallner, Jacqueline Jones, and Pamela J. Winton outlining concrete action steps to jump-start the essential discussion about moving forward. “Stacie Goffin, long-time leader in early childhood education, brings her expertise and wisdom to a call for action, urging early childhood educators to rethink the present trajectory of the field and create a professional field of practice. A ‘must-read’ for people who care about the future of our young children.” —Aletha Huston, Pricilla Pond Flawn Regents Professor Emerita of Child Development, The University of Texas at Austin “Like the historic town crier, Goffin calls us to create a public space for reflection, dialogue, and action regarding the future of our field. She challenges our loose federation of early childhood educators to formally organize as a professional field of practice. Once again, Goffin is serving as a much-needed provocateur, protagonist, and catalytic agent.” —Maurice Sykes, executive director, Early Childhood Leadership Institute, University of the District of Columbia “With her usual clarity, Stacie Goffin drives her stake in the ground and then gathers us around it, urging us along an intellectual journey, not so much toward the answers for our professionbut toward exacting questions needed to get us to the place that will define us as one.” —Jana Martella, co-director, Center on Enhancing Early Learning Outcomes, Washington, DC “By shifting focus from program performance to individual/collective competence, the field of early childhood education will emerge stronger. ECE for a New Era provides a blueprint for the field’s transformation. It’s time we move beyond the field’s current narrative and create a new future scenario. Stacie is right; change starts with us—with me!” —Margot Chappel,director, Nevada Head Start Collaboration and Early Childhood Systems Office “Stacie presents a powerful challenge: all of us must step up to organize early childhood education as a professional field of practice. While parts of her analysis are sure to be debated, I hope her message gains traction among us. This issue matters enormously for children and for ourselves.” —Valora Washington, president and CEO, Council for Professional Recognition, Washington, DC

Exploring the Impact of Innovative Pedagogy on Faculty Work

Author : Dean A. Pribbenow
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Transcultural Visions of Identities in Images and Texts

Author : Wilfried Raussert
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The contributions engage with literary, political and cultural practices in America, past and present, set out to transcend long established paradigms of an American "exceptionalism" or critical approaches that hold on to the notion of a core Americanness as a single nationalist mythology of the United States. "America" then functions as a signifier that is configured in and by its presence outside and beyond the national borders of the United States of America. The overall thrust of our volume draws upon concepts of the "New American Studies," especially "Post-Nationalist American Studies."

Health Psychology

Author : Regan A. R. Gurung
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Health Psychology: Well-Being in a Diverse World introduces students to the main topics and issues in health psychology through a unique perspective focused on diversity. Using a conversational tone, author Regan A. R. Gurung explores the key determinants of behavior—such as family, environment, ethnicity, and religion—and connects concepts to personal experiences for students to gain a deeper understanding and appreciation of the material. Extensively updated based on over 1,000 new articles cited, and with a new chapter on research methods, the Fourth Edition reflects the latest cutting-edge research in the field to explain more thoroughly how context and culture are important predictors of healthy behavior.

SoTL in Action

Author : Nancy L. Chick
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What are the foundational moments of meaningful scholarship of teaching and learning (SoTL) projects? How do teacher-scholars collect, develop, and share useful insights about student learning? How do they work through the pinch points that frustrate, confuse, or elude many SoTL practitioners? By unpacking SoTL processes through rich narratives that illustrate what they look like, this collection offers inspiration to anyone at any stage of engagement with SoTL. This book takes discussions of SoTL to a new level. Its subtitle reflects the microscopic lenses SoTL processes can apply to student learning experiences to understand how they happen, what they look like, what they mean, and what we can do about them. Going beyond definitions, how-to, theory, and debates about methods and standards, the contributors offer a SoTL primer documenting how practitioners have intentionally thought through key moments in their work. These procedural vignettes present powerful examples of what doing SoTL looks like when done well. The authors represent a range of disciplines (the humanities, social sciences, natural sciences, and professions) and a mixture of familiar and unfamiliar names. Nancy Chick has selected contributions that compellingly illuminate why their authors focused on a particular critical moment, the questions they asked as they refined their approaches, and the theoretical and observational tools they employed to conduct their research. Each introduces a specific critical moment in doing SoTL, taking the reader through the author's reflections, concerns, and choices in doing meaningful SoTL work. The aim is to support potential practitioners, inform educational developers who teach new SoTL practitioners, and inspire experienced SoTL scholars to reflect on their own practice. This is a compelling collection for anyone interested in practitioner reflection, intentional design, and advancing the field of SoTL and the quality of teaching and learning.

The Scholarship of Teaching and Learning in and Across Disciplines

Author : Kathleen McKinney
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Provides a state-of-the-field review of recent SoTL scholarship

Information Technology and Constructivism in Higher Education Progressive Learning Frameworks

Author : Payne, Carla R.
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"This volume is grounded in the thesis that information technology may offer the only viable avenue to the implementation of constructivist and progressive educational principles in higher education, and that the numerous efforts now under way to realize these principles deserve examination and evaluation"--Provided by publisher.

Human Behavior in a Just World

Author : Rosemary J. Link
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This book is for human service, criminal justice and social work students of human behavior at the 'macro' or large systems level. Due to factors such as the migration of labor, human trafficking, increased rate of international adoptions, spread of infectious diseases, regional natural disasters, social workers now practice in a global context. International issues are infused throughout the text and the variety of case studies take students out of their usual place of work and invites them to stretch for increased global and cultural awareness, plus expanded choice of solutions.

Exploring Technology for Writing and Writing Instruction

Author : Pytash, Kristine E.
File Size : 67.92 MB
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As digital technologies continue to develop and evolve, an understanding of what it means to be technologically literate must also be redefined. Students regularly make use of digital technologies to construct written text both in and out of the classroom, and for modern writing instruction to be successful, educators must adapt to meet this new dichotomy. Exploring Technology for Writing and Writing Instruction examines the use of writing technologies in early childhood, elementary, secondary, and post-secondary classrooms, as well as in professional development contexts. This book provides researchers, scholars, students, educators, and professionals around the world with access to the latest knowledge on writing technology and methods for its use in the classroom.

A Memoir of the New Left

Author : Aeron Haynie
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"In Charles Haynie's autobiography we get a rare look into the development of a great social movement through the quietly dramatic experiences of a rank-and-file member of that movement. This is valuable social history, but more important, Charles Haynie's life is an inspiration for a new generation." --Howard Zinn Charles Haynie's life as an activist and organizer began while he was a graduate student at Cornell University. Young, fiercely intelligent, and spirited, Haynie had a political awakening during the early antinuclear movement in the late 1950s. It was the beginning of a long career of tireless fighting for social justice--a career that Haynie himself compellingly describes in A Memoir of the New Left. From 1963 to 1965, Haynie was field director for a voter registration project in Tennessee. In 1967 he worked with Massachusetts Political Action for Peace as an organizer of antiwar delegations in all twelve congressional districts of the state. Haynie also ran for a Buffalo Common Council seat in 1979 and helped organize the Buffalo Unity Day rally to ease racial tensions. During his most intense period of political activism, Haynie helped organize, participated in, and was arrested during the Freedom Rides in which scores of civil rights protesters rode buses throughout the segregated South. Later, he participated in a variety of intentional communities designed to educate and support oppressed minorities in rural and urban areas. He died in 2001. Unlike other histories of the American left, which tend to celebrate famous personalities, Haynie's memoir focuses on how ordinary citizens become politicized. In the process, this account raises questions about the nature of democracy and how political change occurs. Written in an engaging, reflective, often humorous style, Haynie examines how his political awakening both disrupted and enriched his personal life. Aeron Haynie, the daughter of Charles Haynie, is associate professor of English at the University of Wisconsin-Green Bay. She is the coeditor, with Pamela Gilbert and Marlene Tromp, of Mary Elizabeth Braddon in Context and the coeditor, with Regan Gurung and Nancy Chick, of Exploring Signature Pedagogies. Timothy S. Miller lives in Dallas, Texas with his wife and daughter. He's been a ranch-hand, waiter, contract driver, professional clown and spent ten years in global wealth management. Douglas Dowd was a longtime professor at Cornell University before his retirement. An economic historian and political activist, his most recent books include Capitalism and Its Economics: A Critical History and Understanding Capitalism: Critical Analysis from Karl Marx to Amatya Sen.