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Extreme Stories about Disappearances

Author : Thomas Kingsley Troupe
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With accessible text and real-life stories, readers will explore stories about disappearances they love to fear. Take paranormal stories to the exteme. With a conversational voice, accessible text, and real-life stories, readers will explore the mysteries they love to fear.

The Disappearance Syndicate and Senator Stanley s Story

Author : Theron Clark Crawford
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Jesus Appearances and Disappearances in Luke 24

Author : Sjef Van Tilborg
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This volume gives a twofold exegetical analysis of Luke 24. The first part analyzes the text via a model, which is derived from cognitive linguistics. The second part uses a sociological model. It describes the reception of the text within Hellenistic culture.

For Shame Boone For Shame Iowa The Disappearance of Norma Maynard

Author : Sidney S. Louis
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For Shame, Boone! For Shame, Iowa! The Disappearance of Norma Maynard By: Sidney S. Louis If you have a hidden, secret, wish to be Sherlock Holmes—and who doesn’t, really—the Norma Maynard story is for you. An innocent woman was murdered and made to vanish—as if she had never existed. City of Boone, county of Boone and Iowa state level law enforcement were unable to determine what happened. To this day, it is not known: · Exactly when the missing woman was murdered · Who committed the murder · How it was done · Why it was done · Where the missing woman’s remains are Join the author as he fights for twelve years to have his sister’s murder properly investigated, only to be met with a stone wall of resistance from Iowa officials at city, county and state level. The author provides readers with the ability to set up their own investigative files. He helps them devise a scale to measure the effectiveness of officials that are part of the story. The reader will be able to question, with some authority, why the Norma Maynard case has not been resolved. Was this a deliberate choice by Iowa law enforcement and legal and judicial officials? If you elect to sleuth along with the author, will you be the one to solve the almost forty year riddle of the disappearance of Norma Maynard?

Jean Baudrillard The Disappearance of Culture

Author : Richard G. Smith
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Originally published between 1968 and 2009, this collection of 25 pieces includes six interviews translated into English for the first time and a new transcription of a Q&A session with Baudrillard following a lecture he gave in London in 1994. The guiding theme of the collection is Baudrillard's engagement with culture. The implications of the implosion of Western culture are dissected and documented in the rich range of material included here.

My Disappearance in Providence and Other Stories

Author : Alfred Andersch
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Behind the Disappearances

Author : Iain Guest
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2. The War Begins

Summaries of Classic Stories By French Authors

Author : Daniel Zimmermann
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Three additional tales are treated in this edition: Cyrano de Bergerac by Edmond Rostand, The Fairies by Charles Perrault, and a story about three ridiculous wishes, also by Perrault. Also treated are three tales by Anatole France: The Crainquebille Affair, Tbe Miracle of the Great Saint Nicholas, and The Shirt. Théophile Gautier is represented by four stories: The Romance of the Mummy, The Mummy’s Foot, King Candaules, and The Dead Lover. Guy de Maupassant is represented by one of his clean stories, namely, The Necklace. Also treated is The Underground City by Jules Verne and several additional tales of Charles Perrault: Sleeping Beauty, The Tufted Prince, and Beauty and the Beast. In each article, the story is briefly retold in some detail.

The Disappearance of Literature

Author : Aaron Hillyer
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In this book Aaron Hillyer considers the implications of Maurice Blanchot's strange formulation: "Literature is heading to its essence, which is its disappearance." This quest leads Hillyer to stage a dialogue between the works of Blanchot and Giorgio Agamben. Despite being primary points of reference for literary theory, no significant critical work has examined their "literary" writings together. The Disappearance of Literature initiates this new trajectory through readings of Blanchot's The Unavowable Community and Agamben's The Open, two short books that harbor their most enigmatic writings. A series of related concepts-study, community, mysticism, and friendship-emerges from this pairing, and, Hillyer argues, forms the basis of a new vein of contemporary literature found in the novels and hybrid fictions of Enrique Vila-Matas, Anne Carson, and Cesar Aira.

The Disappearance of Lauria Bible

Author : Pete Dalton
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BFF. Best Friends Forever. Pink plastic necklaces that each hold half a heart, made to interlock when the young wearers bring them together. Having a 'best friend' is an important part of childhood. Girls especially often form very strong bonds with a particular pal which can go on for years.When that partnership breaks, usually only temporarily, sometimes because the former friends are growing apart, the consequences can, for a short time, be devastating. Any parent knows how tough it is for their kids when friendship ends. Lauria Bible, typical of many teens her age, of slim build and average height, and Ashley Freeman (a keen sports player) took the girlish term to an extreme. Best friends forever since kindergarten to be exact, they remained so up to their deaths. Sadly, those deaths befell them much, much too soon.

Extreme Poetry

Author : Yigal Bronner
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Beginning in the sixth century C.E. and continuing for more than a thousand years, an extraordinary poetic practice was the trademark of a major literary movement in South Asia. Authors invented a special language to depict both the apparent and hidden sides of disguised or dual characters, and then used it to narrate India's major epics, the Ramayana and the Mahabharata, simultaneously. Originally produced in Sanskrit, these dual narratives eventually worked their way into regional languages, especially Telugu and Tamil, and other artistic media, such as sculpture. Scholars have long dismissed simultaneous narration as a mere curiosity, if not a sign of cultural decline in medieval India. Yet Yigal Bronner's Extreme Poetry effectively negates this position, proving that, far from being a meaningless pastime, this intricate, "bitextual" technique both transcended and reinvented Sanskrit literary expression. The poems of simultaneous narration teased and estranged existing convention and showcased the interrelations between the tradition's foundational texts. By focusing on these achievements and their reverberations through time, Bronner rewrites the history of Sanskrit literature and its aesthetic goals. He also expands on contemporary theories of intertextuality, which have been largely confined to Western texts and practices.

Agamben s Joyful Kafka

Author : Anke Snoek
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Both Giorgio Agamben and Franz Kafka are best known for their gloomy political worldview. A cautious study of Agamben's references on Kafka, however, reveals another dimension right at the intersection of their works: a complex and unorthodox theory of freedom. The inspiration emerges from Agamben's claims that 'it is a very poor reading of Kafka's works that sees in them only a summation of the anguish of a guilty man before the inscrutable power'. Virtually all of Kafka's stories leave us puzzled about what really happened. Was Josef K., who is butchered like a dog, defeated? And what about the meaningless but in his own way complete creature Odradek? Agamben's work sheds new light on these questions and arrives, through Kafka, at different strategies for freedom at the point where this freedom is most blatantly violated.

Artistic exchange

Author : Thomas W. Gaehtgens
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In Search of Powder

Author : Jeremy Evans
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As a recent college graduate and fledging newspaper reporter in the Lake Tahoe area, Jeremy Evans became immersed in ski bum culture?a carefree lifestyle whose mantra was simply: ?Ski as much as possible.? His snowboarding suffered when he left for a job in the Portland area; and when, at twenty-six, he suffered a stroke, he reexamined his priorities, quit his job, moved back to Tahoe, and threw himself into snowboarding. But while he had been away, the culture had changed. This book is Evans?s paean to the disappearing culture of the ski bum. A fascinating look at a world far removed from the larger culture, it is also a curious account of a passion for powder and what its disappearance means. ø Evans looks at several prominent ski towns in the West (including Crested Butte, Jackson Hole, Telluride, Lake Tahoe, Park City, and Mammoth) and the ski bums who either flourished or fled. He chronicles the American West transformed by rising real estate costs, an immigrant workforce, misguided values, and corporate-owned resorts. The story he tells is that of quintessentially American characters?rejecting materialism, taking risks, following their own path?and of the glories and pitfalls their lifestyle presents.

Kings Beeches stories of old chums

Author : Stephen Joseph MacKenna
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The Complete Stories of Robert Louis Stevenson

Author : Robert Louis Stevenson
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The complexity and range of Robert Louis Stevenson’s short fiction reveals his genius perhaps more than any other medium. Here, leading Stevenson scholar Barry Menikoff arranges and introduces the complete selection of Stevenson’s brilliant stories, including the famed masterpiece Strange Case of Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde, as well as “The Beach of Falesá” and Stevenson’s previously uncollected stories. Arthur Conan Doyle has written that “[Stevenson’s] short stories are certain to retain their position in English literature. His serious rivals are few indeed.” This Modern Library Paperback Classics edition includes explanatory notes, a Scots’ Glossary, and a unique appendix dedicated to Stevenson’s influence on the Oxford English Dictionary.

The Young Reporter and the Missing Millionaire Or A Strange Disappearance

Author : Howard Roger Garis
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Short Story Index

Author :
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Extreme Urban Poverties in Europe

Author : Paolo Guidicini
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Ruffino and Other Stories

Author : Ouida
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