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Eye of the West

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Nancy Wood is one of the most versatile artists in the American West. A highly acclaimed poet, children's book author, and novelist, she has emerged as one of the great documentary photographers of the region. Trained by legendary FSA director Roy Stryker, Wood has made an unforgettable portrait of people and places that are receding into history. With humor and compassion, and drawing on the more than 24,000 negatives in her collection, she has compiled a powerful book that is essential to anyone who loves the West.

Freemasonry Through the Jaundiced Eye of a West Virginia Hillbilly

Author : Ophir E. Vellenoweth
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The Eye of the North west

Author : Frank Abial Flower
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Into the Eye of the Setting Sun

Author : Charlotte Matheny Kirkwood
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This book presents the recollections of Charlotte Matheny Kirkwood from when she was a five-year old growing up in Missouri in the 1840's, to her trek in 1843 across the plains in a wagon train and her life in Yamhill County, Oregon, until her death in 1926.

The Eye s Mind

Author : Karen Jacobs
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The Eye's Mind significantly alters our understanding of modernist literature by showing how changing visual discourses, techniques, and technologies affected the novels of that period. In readings that bring philosophies of vision into dialogue with photography and film as well as the methods of observation used by the social sciences, Karen Jacobs identifies distinctly modernist kinds of observers and visual relationships. This important reconception of modernism draws upon American, British, and French literary and extra-literary materials from the period 1900-1955. These texts share a sense of crisis about vision's capacity for violence and its inability to deliver reliable knowledge. Jacobs looks closely at the ways in which historical understandings of race and gender inflected visual relations in the modernist novel. She shows how modernist writers, increasingly aware of the body behind the neutral lens of the observer, used diverse strategies to displace embodiment onto those "others" historically perceived as cultural bodies in order to reimagine for themselves or their characters a "purified" gaze. The Eye's Mind addresses works by such high modernists as Vladimir Nabokov, Virginia Woolf, and (more distantly) Ralph Ellison and Maurice Blanchot, as well as those by Henry James, Zora Neale Hurston, and Nathanael West which have been tentatively placed in the modernist canon although they forgo the full-blown experimental techniques often seen as synonymous with literary modernism. Jacobs reframes fundamental debates about modernist aesthetic practices by demonstrating how much those practices are indebted to the changing visual cultures of the twentieth century.

The Turk and Islam in the Western Eye 1450 1750

Author : James G. Harper
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The first book in English to approach the topic in this way, this collection probes the place that the Ottoman Turks occupied in the early modern Western imaginaire, and the ways in which this occupation expressed itself in the visual arts. Individual essays examine specific images or groups of images, problematizing the 'truths' they present and analyzing the contexts that shape the presentation of Ottoman or Islamic subject matter in European art.

Islam Through Western Eyes

Author : Jonathan Lyons
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Despite the West's growing involvement in Muslim societies, conflicts, and cultures, its inability to understand or analyze the Islamic world threatens any prospect for East–West rapprochement. Impelled by one thousand years of anti-Muslim ideas and images, the West has failed to engage in any meaningful or productive way with the world of Islam. Formulated in the medieval halls of the Roman Curia and courts of the European Crusaders and perfected in the newsrooms of Fox News and CNN, this anti-Islamic discourse determines what can and cannot be said about Muslims and their religion, trapping the West in a dangerous, dead-end politics that it cannot afford. In Islam Through Western Eyes, Jonathan Lyons unpacks Western habits of thinking and writing about Islam, conducting a careful analysis of the West's grand totalizing narrative across one thousand years of history. He observes the discourse's corrosive effects on the social sciences, including sociology, politics, philosophy, theology, international relations, security studies, and human rights scholarship. He follows its influence on research, speeches, political strategy, and government policy, preventing the West from responding effectively to its most significant twenty-first-century challenges: the rise of Islamic power, the emergence of religious violence, and the growing tension between established social values and multicultural rights among Muslim immigrant populations. Through the intellectual "archaeology" of Michel Foucault, Lyons reveals the workings of this discourse and its underlying impact on our social, intellectual, and political lives. He then addresses issues of deep concern to Western readers—Islam and modernity, Islam and violence, and Islam and women—and proposes new ways of thinking about the Western relationship to the Islamic world.

Proceedings of the Bury West Suffolk Arch ological Institute

Author : Bury & West Suffolk Archæological Institute
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Eastern Orthodoxy Through Western Eyes

Author : Donald Fairbairn
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In the last decade, Eastern Orthodoxy has moved from being virtually unknown to Western Christians to being a significant presence on the religious scene in North America and Great Britain. In light of Orthodoxy's growing presence, this book will introduce Western Christians to the Eastern Orthodox vision of the Christian life by examining Orthodox theology and worship and will also alert readers to the cultural and historical factors that shape any interpretation of the Christian faith.

Health Education Activities for West Australian Schools Ages 9 11

Author : Sandy Tasker
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Medicine and Healing in the Premodern West A History in Documents

Author : Winston Black
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Medicine and Healing in the Premodern West traces the history of medicine and medical practice from Ancient Egypt through to the end of the Middle Ages. Featuring nearly one hundred primary documents and images, this book introduces readers to the words and ideas of men and women from across Europe and the Mediterranean Sea, from prominent physicians to humble healers. Each of the book’s ten chronological and thematic chapters is given a significant historical introduction, in which each primary source is described in its original context. Many of the included source texts are newly translated by the editor, some of them appearing in English for the first time.

Beads from the West African Trade

Author : John Picard
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Capturing the German Eye

Author : Cora Sol Goldstein
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Shedding new light on the American campaign to democratize Western Germany after World War II, Capturing the German Eye uncovers the importance of cultural policy and visual propaganda to the U.S. occupation. Cora Sol Goldstein skillfully evokes Germany’s political climate between 1945 and 1949, adding an unexpected dimension to the confrontation between the United States and the USSR. During this period, the American occupiers actively vied with their Soviet counterparts for control of Germany’s visual culture, deploying film, photography, and the fine arts while censoring images that contradicted their political messages. Goldstein reveals how this U.S. cultural policy in Germany was shaped by three major factors: competition with the USSR, fear of alienating German citizens, and American domestic politics. Explaining how the Americans used images to discredit the Nazis and, later, the Communists, she illuminates the instrumental role of visual culture in the struggle to capture German hearts and minds at the advent of the cold war.

Russia Under Western Eyes

Author : Martin E Malia
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A dazzling work of intellectual history by a world-renowned scholar, spanning the years from Peter the Great to the fall of the Soviet Union, this book gives us a clear and sweeping view of Russia not as an eternal barbarian menace but as an outermost, if laggard, member in the continuum of European nations.

Clara Moreland Or Adventures in the Far South west

Author : Emerson Bennett
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The Transparent Eye

Author : Eugene Chen Eoyang
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Eoyang's essays ponder the underlying paradigms and presumptions in world literature, highlighting issues of cultural interchange and cultural hegemony. With illustrative examples from Chinese literature, he surveys the historical background of translation, offers a theoretical framework which grapp

Under Western Eyes

Author : Joseph Conrad
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DIVPolitical turmoil convulses 19th-century Russia as an assassination, government intrigue, and betrayal force a young student to come to terms with accountability and human integrity. /div

An Eye for Art

Author : National Gallery of Art
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Lavishly illustrated with 230 full color images, this family-oriented art resource introduces children ages 7 to 12, as well as their parents and educators, to more than 50 great artists and their work, with corresponding activities and explorations that inspire artistic development, focused looking, and even creative writing. Thematic chapters range from examining portraiture and landscape to playing with space and storytelling. Within each chapter a diverse range of American and European artists, art mediums, and time periods is represented. This treasure trove of artwork from the National Gallery of Art includes, among others, works by Raphael, Rembrandt, Georgia O’Keeffe, Henri Matisse, Chuck Close, Jacob Lawrence, Pablo Picasso, and Alexander Calder, representing a wide range of artistic styles and techniques. Written by museum educators with decades of hands-on experience in both art-making activities and making art relatable to children, the activities include sculpting a clay figure inspired by Edgar Degas; drawing an object from touch alone, inspired by Joan Miro’s experience as an art student; painting a double-sided portrait with one side reflecting physical traits and the other side personality traits, inspired by Leonardo da Vinci’s Ginevra de' Benci; and creating a story based on a Mary Cassatt painting. Educators, homeschoolers, and families alike will find their creativity sparked by this art extravaganza. The National Gallery of Art in Washington, DC, maintains one of the world's most renowned collections of American and European masterpieces from the thirteenth century to the present. An important component of the National Gallery of Art is its educational mission. This book was written and compiled by the museum's educators and is a collective effort of the Education Division at the National Gallery of Art.

In the Eye of the Beholder

Author : Gary Richard Edgerton
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Film and television are subjects of intense study throughout higher education today. Popular culture has undergone a revolution during the last generation, progressing from a discipline at the margins that was reflexively treated with contempt to one of the most widespread and productive topic areas in the arts, humanities, and social sciences. The increased attention on film and television is clearly part of this overall acceptance and growing cachet now accorded popular culture in the academy.

The Evil Eye

Author : Alan Dundes
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The evil eye—the power to inflict illness, damage to property, or even death simply by gazing at or praising someone—is among the most pervasive and powerful folk beliefs in the Indo-European and Semitic world. It is also one of the oldest, judging from its appearance in the Bible and in Sumerian texts five thousand years old. Remnants of the superstition persist today when we drink toasts, tip waiters, and bless sneezers. To avert the evil eye, Muslim women wear veils, baseball players avoid mentioning a no-hitter in progress, and traditional Jews say their business or health is "not bad" (rather than "good"). Though by no means universal, the evil eye continues to be a major factor in the behavior of millions of people living in the Mediterranean and Arab countries, as well as among immigrants to the Americas. This widespread superstition has attracted the attention of many scholars, and the twenty-one essays gathered in this book represent research from diverse perspectives: anthropology, classics, folklore studies, ophthalmology, psychiatry, psychoanalysis, sociology, and religious studies. Some essays are fascinating reports of beliefs about the evil eye, from India and Iran to Scotland and Slovak-American communities; others analyze the origin, function, and cultural significance of this folk belief from ancient times to the present day. Editor Alan Dundes concludes the volume by proffering a comprehensive theoretical explanation of the evil eye. Anyone who has ever knocked on wood to ward off misfortune will enjoy this generous sampling of evil eye scholarship, and may never see the world through the same eyes again.