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Faking Out the Reader and It All Begins with Characters

Author : Damon Knight
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Bonus! Two chapbooks on writing from the master.Faking Out the Reader focuses on using "head fakes" in writing for delightful results.It All Begins with Characters is a brief masterclass on how to create the best characters.Both of these were originally published in Pulphouse Publishing's "Writer's Chapbook Series" (#27 and #37, respectively). Both of Damon's contributions to the series are presented here in one volume for your enjoyment and writerly improvement.

Revise to Write

Author : Kim McDougall
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Whether you choose the self-publishing route or a traditional publisher, good revision skills are essential for every writer. Publishers are looking for print-ready quality. They have little time or money to invest on editing. For the independent author, good revision skills are even more important when reviews for poor editing can kill book sales. But polishing your own work can be tricky. Revise to Write will help you analyze your manuscript on the macro and micro levels to get a thoroughly critical overview. There’s no point to proofreading a manuscript that has major structural flaws. Start with the basic building blocks to make sure your foundation is solid. The Nuts and Bolts section helps you analyze your structure, plot and characters. Then work down to a scene-by scene review of dialogue, point of view, description, pacing and more. In the Nitty Gritty section, refine your prose with thoughtful line edits and tips for effective proofreading. Includes checklists for each section, writing exercises to help you over trouble spots, resources for finding beta readers and other writing tools. "Jam-packed with great lessons and invaluable insight, Revise to Write is a resource you'll use time and again...It's truly a gem." ~Seattle Book Review


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No More Fake Reading

Author : Berit Gordon
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For middle- and high-school teachers, it’s one of today’s most vexing problems: How do you motivate students with varied interests and little appetite for classic literature to stop faking their way through texts and start advancing as skilled, engaged readers? Independent reading is an important part of the answer, but it’s just that — a part of the whole. In this groundbreaking book, Berit Gordon offers the complete solution, a blended model that combines the benefits of classic literature with the motivational power of choice reading. With the blended model, teachers lead close examinations of key passages from classic texts, guiding students to an understanding of important reading strategies they can transfer to their choice books. Teachers gain a platform for demonstrating the critical reading skills students so urgently require, and students thrive on reading what they want to read. In this research-backed book, Gordon leads you step by step to classroom success with the blended model, showing: The basics of getting your classroom library up and running How to build a blended curriculum for both fiction and non-fiction units, keeping relevant standards in mind Tips and resources to help with day-to-day planning Ideas for selecting class novel passages that provide essential cultural capital and bolster students’ reading skills Strategies for bringing talk into your blended reading classroom How to reach the crucial learning goal of transfer A practical, user-friendly approach for assessing each student’s progress No More Fake Reading gives you all the tools you need to put the blended model to work for your students and transform your classroom into a vibrant reading environment. Berit Gordon coaches teachers as they nurture lifelong readers and writers. Her path as an educator began in the classroom in the Dominican Republic before teaching in New York City public schools. She also taught at the Teachers College of Columbia University in English Education. She currently works as a literacy consultant in grades 3-12 and lives in Maplewood, New Jersey with her husband and three children.

Fake Fact and Fantasy

Author : Maire Messenger Davies
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Based on a study examining the meaning of the term "media literacy" in children, this volume concentrates on audiovisual narratives of television and film and their effects. It closely examines children's concepts of real and unreal and how they learn to make distinctions between the two. It also explores the idea that children are protected from the harmful effects of violence on television by the knowledge that what they see is not real. This volume is unique in its use of children's own words to explore their awareness of the submerged conventions of television genres, of their functions and effects, of their relationship to the real world, and of how this awareness varies with age and other factors. Based on detailed questionnaire data and conversations with 6 to 11-year-old children, carried out with the support of a fellowship at the Annenberg School for Communication, University of Pennsylvania, the book eloquently demonstrates how children use their knowledge of real life, of literature, and of art, in intelligently evaluating the relationship between television's formats, and the real world in which they live.

The Historie of All the Romance Emperors Beginning with Caius Julius C sar and Successiuely Ending with Rodulph the Second Now Raigning Englished by W T raheron

Author : Pedro Mexia
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Letters of Ted Hughes

Author : Ted Hughes
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At the outset of his career Ted Hughes described letter writing as 'excellent training for conversation with the world', and he was to become a prolific master of this art. This selection begins when Hughes was seventeen, and documents the course of a life at once resolutely private but intensely attuned to others. It is a fascinatingly detailed picture of a mind of genius as it evolved through an incomparably eventful life and career.

Uncle John s Bathroom Reader Fake Facts

Author : Bathroom Readers' Institute
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From the market leader in true facts comes a big book of hilariously false information. The crackpot staff of the Bathroom Readers’ Institute is out of control. After 25 years of laboriously researching facts and verifying them and then verifying them again, Uncle John’s mischievous minions decided to blow off a little steam. The result: Fake Facts. It’s stuff that isn’t even remotely true--we just made it sound real. Why? Because it’s really funny. Fake Facts is 228 pages of origins, facts, weird products, strange diseases, kooky fads, slang terms, historical oddities, and other fascinating bits of information that are too good to be true…because they aren’t true. So put aside your BS detector and settle in to read about: * The ill-fated “Vice President For a Day” for kids program * How the overfishing of dolphins led to the canned tuna industry * “Crumble,” “plaidsy,” “benji,” and other British slang * Abandoned rules of early baseball, and obscure rules of grammar * How early vegetarians gave Boston its “Beantown” nickname * The secret superpowers of twins * James Joyce’s unpublished sci-fi trilogy * Unicorns, wizards, and pirates galore And lots more falsified fun!

Apathy in Literature A Discourse on Emotionless Characters and Concepts

Author : Tony McCracken
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This discourse focuses on the different concepts of apathy that appear in literature. Not only characterizations of apathetic protagonists, but also abstract concepts of apathy help to explore this special topic. Several important literary works from all sorts of genres function as examples to explain these concepts. Shakespeare’s ‘Hamlet’, ‘Camus’ ‘The Stranger’, Palahniuk’s ‘Fight Club’, Süskind’s ‘Perfume’, and Dick’s ‘Do Androids Dream of Electric Sheep?’ are only few of many literary works which are examined under the aspect of apathy in this study. Apathy is the lack of any kind of emotion. As emotions are essential to the conception of the human being, many approaches to understand this phenomenon have been made. The fields of psychology and biology are only two of several sciences which try to explain this phenomenon of alexithymia. But, whereas the core and origin of this human condition are still being analyzed, literature has been using the theme of apathy in several different ways. How this theme is used and which different concepts of apathy exist, will be examined in this discourse.

Passing by the Dragon

Author : Ramsey Michaels
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This book attempts a close reading of the fiction of Flannery O'Connor, story by story, with one eye on her use of the Bible, and her view of the Bible in relation to her own work. After introductory chapters on O'Connor's markings in her own Roman Catholic Bible, her book reviews in diocesan newspapers, and her impatience with her wayward readers, Michaels looks first at her two novels, Wise Blood and The Violent Bear It Away, and then at seventeen of her short stories from her two collections, A Good Man Is Hard to Find and Everything That Rises Must Converge. Michaels takes notice of O'Connor's explicit references to the Bible (or Bibles) in her stories, and looks more particularly to the ways in which the stories are driven at least in part by specific biblical texts. Among the themes that emerge are alienation or displacement, what it means to be "good," the relation between body and spirit and between the Old Testament and the New, issues of race and gender, and above all what O'Connor once called "the action of grace in territory held largely by the devil."