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Family Fragments

Author : Carol Smart
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This exciting new book engages with the recent resurgence of interest in the family, offering empirical material and theoretical analysis which give rise to a fresh understanding of the nature of family practices in modern societies. The past decade has seen the emergence of an orthodoxy which depicts the family as being in moral decline and 'blames' parents for the harms of divorce. Family Fragments? takes issue with this political vision and with the idea that divorce is inevitably a harmful process. Although some households are fragmenting, the authors argue that moral commitments are not simply sundered. Instead they put forward a different perspective on divorce as well as formulating principles of policy based on an ethic of care. Family Fragments? draws on a qualitative study of separating parents and examines the diverse and fluid patterns of parenthood that are negotiated and re-negotiated in the aftermath of separation. The authors show that the quality of parental relationships, both before and after separation, are vital for achieving joint parenting after divorce. They examine the moral reasoning of parents and explain how this may vary considerably with the sort of solutions imposed in a legal forum. This book has a direct bearing on current debates concerning the family and will be essential reading for those studying gender and family relations in sociology, social policy, law and social work.

Million Fragments Of a Starry Sky

Author : Partha Pratim Kalita ,Rajlakshmi Dutta
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A thinking mind is limitless and unfathomable like the cosmos, studded with stars and galaxies of intricate thoughts. It tries to explore the convolutions in the cortex of existence, unmasking life for the benefit of all. Million Fragments of a Starry Sky, a brainchild of the authors, is a philosophical take on life. As they address topics like politics, spirituality, education, psychology, metaphysics, environmental issues, etc., while reminiscing events from their professional lives, they make a humble attempt to deeply introspect their own cognizance and vulnerabilities and put forth realizations for discernment of the reader.

Life of Swift Appendix Anecdotes of the family of Swift a fragment written by Dr Swift

Author : Walter Scott
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Primates in Fragments

Author : Laura K. Marsh
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This book is number two in a series for Primates in Fragments. In this volume, ten years after the first, we continue to address issues regarding primates within a fractured landscape. There are seven sections based on specific categories of primates in fragments. In the Introductory section, authors discuss the issues surrounding primates in remnant habitats as well as encourage discussion about what we mean by fragmentation on a landscape scale. In the Long-Term and Regional Studies section, authors present information on changes that have occurred during longer studies as well as changes that have occurred over regions. In the Landscape, Metapopulations and the Matrix section, authors cover topics from dry to moist forests, and from metapopulations to single species use of multiple fragments locations. In Feeding and Behavioral Ecology, authors take a closer look at the flexibility and responsiveness of primates in fragments in terms of their food choices, resource use, and behavioral changes. In Endemic, Endangered, and Nocturnal Primates authors uncover details involving critical primates living in major city centers to the heights of the Himalayas. In Genetics, Disease and Parasites authors cover topics including population viability, disease and parasite transmission between primates in fragments and humans. Finally, in the Conservation and Ecology: Threats and Management section, we synthesize information in this volume and make recommendations for the future of work in this field and the survivability of primates in fragments.

Stung with Love Poems and Fragments of Sappho

Author : Sappho
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More or less 150 years after Homer's Iliad, Sappho lived on the island of Lesbos, west off the coast of what is present Turkey. Little remains today of her writings, which are said to have filled nine papyrus rolls in the great library at Alexandria some 500 years after her death. The surviving texts consist of a lamentably small and fragmented body of lyric poetry - among them poems of invocation, desire, spite, celebration, resignation and remembrance - that nevertheless enables us to hear the living voice of the poet Plato called the tenth Muse. This is a new translation of her surviving poetry.

Ceramics and Change in the Early Bronze Age of the Southern Levant

Author : Graham Philip
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This book sets out the primary issues and current debates in the use of ceramics to reconstruct and explain cultural economic and social processes in the Early Bronze age. By bringing together research on pottery from various parts of the southern Levant, it allows direct comparison of contemporary material from different regions. Alongside these empirical studies are discussions of general ceramic issues, so that the book highlights the potential of pottery as an investigative tool, and indicates fruitful directions for future research within the traditionally conservative field of Levantine archaeology.

Advocate and Family Guardian

Author :
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The Fragments of the Roman Historians

Author : Tim Cornell
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This major work is a definitive edition of the fragmentary texts of all the Roman historical writers. Volume 1 provides an introduction to each historian, outlining their life and works. Volume 2 sets out the critical text with facing English translation, and volume 3 offers a detailed and up-to-date commentary on each of the historical fragments.

Fragment based Drug Discovery

Author : Daniel A. Erlanson
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From its origins as a niche technique more than 15 years ago, fragment-based approaches have become a major tool for drug and ligand discovery, often yielding results where other methods have failed. Written by the pioneers in the field, this book provides a comprehensive overview of current methods and applications of fragment-based discovery, as well as an outlook on where the field is headed. The first part discusses basic considerations of when to use fragment-based methods, how to select targets, and how to build libraries in the chemical fragment space. The second part describes established, novel and emerging methods for fragment screening, including empirical as well as computational approaches. Special cases of fragment-based screening, e. g. for complex target systems and for covalent inhibitors are also discussed. The third part presents several case studies from recent and on-going drug discovery projects for a variety of target classes, from kinases and phosphatases to targeting protein-protein interaction and epigenetic targets.

Chemistry and Biochemistry of Flavoenzymes

Author : Franz Muller
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Chemistry and Biochemistry of Flavoenzymes summarizes the present knowledge of the chemical and physical properties of free flavin, modified flavins occurring in nature, and deazaflavin. This information forms the fundamental basis for understanding the catalytic properties of flavoenzymes. Flavoproteins involved in transport, electron transfer, oxidation, dehydrogenation and hydroxylation reactions are discussed with respect to their biochemical and biophysical properties. The book presents the catalytic mechanisms of the flavoproteins in detail and, where available, three-dimensional structures and molecular biology data are included. The medical aspects of free and protein-bound flavin are also briefly discussed. Chemistry and Biochemistry of Flavoenzymes is an essential reference source for chemists, biochemists, toxicologists, biologists, pharmacologists, and researchers in the pharmaceutical industry.

Encyclopedia of Social Theory

Author : Austin Harrington
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The Encyclopedia of Social Theory contains over 500 entries varying from concise definitions of key terms and short biographies of key theorists to comprehensive surveys of leading concepts, debates, themes and schools. The object of the Encyclopedia has been to give thorough coverage of the central topics in theoretical sociology as well as terms and concepts in the methodology and philosophy of social science. Although 106 theorists are given entries, the emphasis of the work is on the elucidation of ideas rather than intellectual biography. The Encyclopedia covers the leading contemporary domains of debate on social theory and the classical legacies of social thinkers from the nineteenth and early twentieth centuries, giving proper balance to both the European and North American traditions and to important new developments in the global self-understanding of sociology. Social theory has become one of the most vigorous specialisms of sociology in recent years. This is in part due to the considerable overlaps of social theory with other disciplinary areas, such as cultural and media studies, anthropology, and political theory, and to the cross-disciplinary nature of theoretical approaches such as feminism and psychoanalysis, and new fields such as postcolonial studies. The editors have therefore worked to produce in the Encyclopedia of Social Theory a first-call reference for students and researchers across the social sciences and humanities with an interest in contemporary theory and the modern history of ideas. The Encyclopedia has been authored by leading international specialists in the field under the direction of a well-balanced editorial team. It is comprehensively cross-referenced and all larger entries carry bibliographies. There is a full index.

Australian Journal of Family Law

Author :
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The New York Genealogical and Biographical Record

Author : Richard Henry Greene
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Furnas Family Fragments

Author : Sparkle Moore Furnas
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Fragments in the manner of Sterne By Isaac Brandon or by William Combe Second edition

Author :
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Life Histories of Genetic Disease

Author : Andrew J. Hogan
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A richly detailed history that “uncovers the challenges and limitations of our increasing reliance on genetic data in medical decision making” (Shobita Parthasarathy, author of Building Genetic Medicine). Medical geneticists began mapping the chromosomal infrastructure piece by piece in the 1970s by focusing on what was known about individual genetic disorders. Five decades later, their infrastructure had become an edifice for prevention, allowing expectant parents to test prenatally for hundreds of disease-specific mutations using powerful genetic testing platforms. In this book, Andrew J. Hogan explores how various diseases were “made genetic” after 1960, with the long-term aim of treating and curing them using gene therapy. In the process, he explains, these disorders were located in the human genome and became targets for prenatal prevention, while the ongoing promise of gene therapy remained on the distant horizon. In narrating the history of research that contributed to diagnostic genetic medicine, Hogan describes the expanding scope of prenatal diagnosis and prevention. He draws on case studies of Prader-Willi, fragile X, DiGeorge, and velo-cardio-facial syndromes to illustrate that almost all testing in medical genetics is inseparable from the larger—and increasingly “big data”–oriented—aims of biomedical research. Hogan also reveals how contemporary genetic testing infrastructure reflects an intense collaboration among cytogeneticists, molecular biologists, and doctors specializing in human malformation. Hogan critiques the modern ideology of genetic prevention, which suggests all pregnancies are at risk for genetic disease and should be subject to extensive genomic screening. He examines the dilemmas and ethics of the use of prenatal diagnostic information in an era when medical geneticists and biotechnology companies offer whole genome prenatal screening—essentially searching for any disease-causing mutation. Hogan’s analysis is animated by ongoing scientific and scholarly debates about the extent to which the preventive focus in contemporary medical genetics resembles the aims of earlier eugenicists. Written for historians, sociologists, and anthropologists of science and medicine, as well as bioethics scholars, physicians, geneticists, and families affected by genetic conditions, Life Histories of Genetic Disease is a profound exploration of the scientific culture surrounding malformation and mutation.

Improving Genetic Disease Resistance in Farm Animals

Author : Akke Jitske Akkermans
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This publication contains the proceedings of a seminar held in Brussels on November 8-9, 1988. The title of the seminar was "Reducing the costs of disease by improving resistance through genetics". The seminar was held as an activity of the Community Programme for the Coordination of Agricultural Research, 1984-1988. Costs of disease depend on losses caused by morbidity, mortality and production decreases and on the costs of preventive measures including vaccination and medication. Production losses often contribute a major portion to the total costs. To reduce costs of disease preventive measures like vaccination, preventive medication and hygienic procedures are applied. Genetic resistance is an attractive preventive measure because of its consistent nature in the next generations, because it precludes veterinary services and because there are no side-effects. Constraints are the long term investment, relatively slow progress per generation (in combination with production traits) and the considerable lack of knowledge about inheritance of resistance mechanisms in farm animals.

Fragment Based Drug Discovery

Author : Steven Howard
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Fragment-based drug discovery is a rapidly evolving area of research, which has recently seen new applications in areas such as epigenetics, GPCRs and the identification of novel allosteric binding pockets. The first fragment-derived drug was recently approved for the treatment of melanoma. It is hoped that this approval is just the beginning of the many drugs yet to be discovered using this fascinating technique. This book is written from a Chemist's perspective and comprehensively assesses the impact of fragment-based drug discovery on a wide variety of areas of medicinal chemistry. It will prove to be an invaluable resource for medicinal chemists working in academia and industry, as well as anyone interested in novel drug discovery techniques.

Ordinary Fragments

Author : Audrey Brown Lightbody
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Through fourteen weeks of daily devotionals, she guides us to understand that God is in the ordinary. The simplicity of the everydayness of living can serve as pathways to God. Life-changing moments are rare. The everyday is where humanity lives. In looking at a variety of fragments, a new and different understanding of the value of the very ordinary may emerge in the God relationship and thus change the individual journey. Audrey Brown Lightbody is, by nature, a true weaver! Her book is a woven tapestry of vignettes, reflections, poetry, and evocative questions a unique presentation of guided meditations which invite us to discover what of The Holy may be close beneath the surface of the ordinary of our lives. A book to be kept near at hand, these readings will prompt fresh insights and inspiration over many occasions. For group reflection, as well as individual prayer, Ordinary Fragments is a rich and deeply engaging resource. from the Spirit Group who shared the journey

The Women of Mormondom

Author : Edward William Tullidge
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