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Family Furnishings Storycuts

Author : Alice Munro
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Alfrida, for so long an admired, urbane exponent of big-city living to her young rurally isolated niece, has lost some of her gloss by the time she accepts a university place in the same city as her aunt. Part of the Storycuts series, this short story was originally published in the collection Hateship, Friendship, Courtship, Loveship, Marriage.

Family Furnishings for an Emergency

Author : Julia B. Taylor
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Your 4 H Home Furnishings Program

Author :
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Family Expenditures for Furnishings and Equipment

Author : Day Monroe
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This report is one of a series from the consumer purchases study presenting facts concerning the incomes and consumption patterns of families in small cities, in villages, and on farms in regard to expenditures on household furnishings and equipment. The following five regions were covered: New England, Middle Atlantic and North Central, Plains and Mountain, Pacific, and Southeast.

Production of Furniture and Studies of Family Purchases of Home Furnishings 1917 1961

Author : Barbara Stoakin Severin
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Quaker Aesthetics

Author : Emma Jones Lapsansky
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The notion of a uniquely Quaker style in architecture, dress, and domestic interiors is a subject with which scholars have long grappled, since Quakers have traditionally held both an appreciation for high-quality workmanship and a distrust of ostentation. Early Quakers, or members of the Society of Friends, who held "plainness" or "simplicity" as a virtue, were also active consumers of fine material goods. Through an examination of some of the material possessions of Quaker families in America during the eighteenth, nineteenth, and early twentieth centuries, the contributors to Quaker Aesthetics draw on the methods of art, social, religious, and public historians as well as folklorists to explore how Friends during this period reconciled their material lives with their belief in the value of simplicity. In early America, Quakers dominated the political and social landscape of the Delaware Valley, and, because this region held a position of political and economic strength, the Quakers were tightly connected to the transatlantic economy. Given this vantage, they had easy access to the latest trends in fashion and business. Detailing how Quakers have manufactured, bought, and used such goods as clothing, furniture, and buildings, the essays in Quaker Aesthetics reveal a much more complicated picture than that of a simple people with simple tastes. Instead, the authors show how, despite the high quality of their material lives, the Quakers in the past worked toward the spiritual simplicity they still cherish.

Anniecat Chronicles

Author : Joan Rust
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This is a book of awareness and love. The correspondence between two girlhood friends from Sault Ste. Marie, Michigan launched the “anniecat chronicles” project. With thoughts and events to share, they embraced email and bridged the miles and the years between Michigan and South Carolina. A wealth of remembrances, including Campfire Girls, failed romances, class reunions and their 80th birthdays, are recorded with splendid humor and devotion to narrative. Interwoven in the chronicles are the author’s short stories and poetry, her tribute to the beauty of life in the northwoods and to the joy of family.

Bill W

Author : Francis Hartigan
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When Bill Wilson, with his friend Dr. Bob Smith, founded Alcoholics Anonymous in 1935, his hope was that AA would become a safe haven for those who suffered from this disease. Thirty years after his death, AA continues to help millions of alcoholics recover from what had been commonly regarded as a hopeless addiction. Still, while Wilson was a visionary for millions, he was no saint. After cofounding Alcoholics Anonymous, he stayed sober for over thirty-five years, helping countless thousands rebuild their lives. But at the same time, Wilson suffered form debilitating bouts of clinical depression, was a womanizer, and experimented with LSD. Francis Hartigan, the former secretary and confidant to Wilson's wife, Lois, has exhaustively researched his subject, writing with a complete insider's knowledge. Drawing on extensive interviews with Lois Wilson and scores of early members of AA, he fully explores Wilson's organizational genius, his devotion to the cause, and almost martyr-like selflessness. That Wilson, like all of us, had to struggle with his own personal demons makes this biography all the more moving and inspirational. Hartigan reveals the story of Wilson's life to be as humorous, horrific, and powerful as any of the AA vignettes told daily around the world.

Jackson s North State Street

Author : Todd Sanders
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Since the mid-19th and early 20th centuries, Jackson's North State Street has been home to some of the capital city's major architectural landmarks. North State Street was bordered by stately homes of many different styles and periods, from rather simple antebellum cottages, to grand Greek Revival, elaborate Queen Anne, and elegant Colonial Revival and neoclassical mansions, as well as impressive institutional buildings and churches. However, beginning in the early years of the Great Depression, many of these stately homes and buildings were lost, replaced by apartments, parking lots, and commercial buildings. Through the images in this book, those who never witnessed first hand the majesty of Jackson's North State Street will be able to gain some insight into what has been lost and truly appreciate what remains. For those who remember what North State Street was, this book will be a chance to revisit and reminisce about that lost era.

Men Women and Property in England 1780 1870

Author : R. J. Morris
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This is an innovative study of middle-class behaviour and property relations in English towns in Georgian and Victorian Britain. Through the lens of wills, family papers, property deeds, account books and letters, the author offers a reading of the ways in which middle-class families survived and surmounted the economic difficulties of early industrial society. He argues that these were essentially 'networked' families created and affirmed by a 'gift' network of material goods, finance, services and support, with property very much at the centre of middle-class survival strategies. His approach combines microhistorical studies of individual families with a broader analysis of the national and even international networks within which these families operated. The result is a significant contribution to the history, and to debates about the place of structural and cultural analysis in historical understanding.

Alice Munro s Narrative Art

Author : I. Duncan
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Among the first critical works on Alice Munro's writing, this study of her short fiction is informed by the disciplines of narratology and literary linguistics. Through examining Munro's narrative art, Isla Duncan demonstrates a rich understanding of the complex, densely layered, often unsettling stories.

Enduring Issues in American Nursing

Author : Patricia D’Antonio, RN, PhD, FAAN
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Named an Outstanding Academic Title for 2001 by Choice! "Why turn to the past when attempting to build nursing's future?...To make good decisions in planning nursing's future in the context of our complex health care system, nurses must know the history of the actions being considered, the identities and points of view of the major players, and all the stakes that are at risk. These are the lessons of history." -- from the Introduction This book presents nursing history in the context of problems and issues that persist to this day. Issues such as professional autonomy, working conditions, relationships with other health professionals, appropriate knowledge for education and licensure, gender, class, and race are traced through the stories told in this volume. Each chapter provides a piece of the puzzle that is nursing. The editors, all noted nurse historians and educators, have carefully made selections from the best that has been published in the nursing and health care literature.

The Rough Guide to South America On A Budget

Author :
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The Rough Guide to South America on a Budget is the definitive guide to making the most of this exotic region without breaking the bank. Backpackers, career-breakers, gap year travellers and those who want more bang for their buck, will find in-depth budget information for all twelve South American countries and every aspect of travel. From hotels, hostels and restaurants to special events, festivals and adrenalin-pumping outdoor activities, this guide is packed with the best budget information. You'll find "Treat Yourself" boxes that feature great places and things worth splashing out on and also a full-colour introduction with highlights for every country. There are reviews and recommendations for night-life, shopping, markets and entertainment, as well as useful words and phrases in every language and detailed maps for hundreds of locations.

Landmark Puerto Rico

Author : Don Philpott
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This is a guide to the Caribbean island of Puerto Rico, which lies to the west of the British Virgin Islands. It tells the reader everything they need to know to make the most of a holiday here, covering such topics as: the best places to visit, sports facilities, nightlife and accommodation.

Peaceful Places Boston

Author : Lynn Schweikart
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The fifth in a new series, each one set in a U.S. metropolis, Peaceful Places: Boston leads the reader on an unexpected path to secret delights shared by its insider author. This new title in an unusual guidebook series is for everyone who yearns for a little peace and quiet amidst the urban hubbub. The book entices readers with 120 tranquil oases, in Boston and beyond. There are enchanting walks, historic sites, museums and galleries, outdoor habitats, parks and gardens, quiet tables, spiritual enclaves, inspiring vistas, and urban surprises, all described from the perspective of a local who knows where to find serenity, in both familiar and unexpected places.

The Chartreuse Mongoose

Author : James E. Martin
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The Chartreuse Mongoose and 36 more wonderful stories from the pen of Grandpa Ed. These stories were written to support innocence and excite childhood imagination and fantasies about animals, birds, folklore, and nature. Most importantly, they are intended to encourage the joy of reading. They explicitly avoid the present-day trend of filling children's books with endless colored illustrations and one-page sentences that entertain a child, but fail to teach them to read. It is also the author's hope that his stories will contain enough intrigue to encourage parent's to return to the time-honored tradition of reading to their children, especially at bedtime.

More Than a Memoir

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In this unusual autobiography you will find the full story of a life spanning much of the twentieth century. Selective reading will disclose How a teacher/scientist may develop The importance of focus and integrity The fascination of doing chemical and biochemical research with students and colleagues The excitement of discovery and of facing new challenges Personal details about family life and friendships Career choices and diversions Plus In the 23 (!) appendices, you will find details concerning Other activities attendant upon a career in science The influence of conferences, symposia, and international scientific connections The coworkers who built the reputation of the author

Furnishing Your Home

Author : Ruth Erma Austin
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Lancaster County

Author : Ed Klimuska, Keith Baum, Jerry Irwin
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African American Life in South Carolina s Upper Piedmont 1780 1900

Author : W. J. Megginson
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Encyclopaedic in scope, yet intimate in detail, African American Life in South Carolina's Upper Piedmont, 1780-1900 delves into the richness of community life in a setting where blacks were relatively few, notably disadvantaged, but remarkably cohesive. W. J. Megginson shifts the conventional study of African Americans in South Carolina from the much-examined lowcountry to a part of the state that offered a quite different existence for people of colour. In Anderson, Oconee, and Pickens counties - occupying the state's northwest corner - he finds an independent, brave, and stable subculture that persevered for more than a century in the face of political and economic inequities. Drawing on little-used state and county denominational records, privately held research materials, and sources available only in local repositories, Megginson brings to life African American society before, during, and after the Civil War. between African Americans and whites; the lives of free people of colour; the primal place of sharecropping in the post - Civil War world; and the push for education and ownership of property as the only means of overcoming economic dependency. Megginson's work joins a growing chorus of books that demonstrate the success of Reconstruction across the South. Black Republicans and even some black Democrats took up the rights and duties of leadership and made great strides in redressing antebellum wrongs. He underscores the fact that although the white Democrats' redemption of South Carolina government in 1876 greatly curtailed the black political movement, African Americans in the upper piedmont quietly continued to assert their place in the political realm. Through detailed vignettes of individuals and families coupled with deft analysis of overarching social contexts, African American Life in South Carolina's Upper Piedmont, 1780-1900 adds a new dimension to our understanding of the African American experience in South Carolina and in the South.