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Piano Duet Repertoire Second Edition

Author : Cameron McGraw
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Since the 1981 publication of the first edition, Cameron McGraw’s Piano Duet Repertoire has been a trusted guide for duet performers. This second edition, edited and substantially expanded by Christopher and Katherine Fisher, brings the volume into the 21st century, adding over 500 new or updated composer entries and nearly 1,000 new work entries to the volume, a testament to the renewed interest in piano duet playing. Entries are arranged alphabetically by composer and include both pedagogical and concert repertoire. The annotations and the grade-level indications provide piano teachers a wealth of instructional guidance. The book also contains updated appendices listing collections and duet works with voice and other instruments. This new edition features a title index and a list of composers by nationality, making it a convenient and indispensable resource.

Suzuki flute school Air napolitain op 8

Author :
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Historical Dictionary of Romantic Music

Author : John Michael Cooper
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The Historical Dictionary of Romantic Music covers the history of this period through a chronology, an introductory essay, and an extensive bibliography. The dictionary section has over 500 cross-referenced entries on the most important traditions, famous pieces, persons, places, technical terms, and institutions of Romantic music. This book is a vital reference tool for students and teachers of music history, students and teachers and above all for lovers of Romantic music.

Joachim Raff

Author : Helene Raff
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Joachim Raff (1822-1882), a protégé of both Mendelssohn and Liszt, was one of the most popular composers in the second half of the nineteenth century. This book, the only biography of him ever published, is an essential source for anyone interested in his fascinating life and times and Alan Howe's splendid, idiomatic and extremely readable translation makes it available in English for the first time. Helene Raff's distinctively brisk voice, objective and unsentimental in her judgement of her father, is masterfully brought to life for today's readers. This modern edition significantly enhances the original 1925 book with many illustrations, extensively researched footnotes, a complete work list and an index.

The Amateur Flautist

Author : Hugh Evans
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Many people learn the flute. Most give it up as an adult because they cannot easily find anyone to play with, and a lack of practice makes it less enjoyable to play. This book is aimed at helping such people. The first chapter diagnoses why most amateur flautists give up playing, and sets out a number of remedies. The most important is finding other musicians with whom to play, whether in an orchestra, or more importantly, in chamber groups. The author explores how you might set about finding players for chamber music, and how you might set about finding the music itself. The second chapter gives guidance about the music for all the principal combinations of chamber groups which involve the flute. The most significant ones are flute and piano, two to four flutes, trio sonatas with another melody instrument and piano, and the wind quartet. The author describes the principal works for each of these groups, which are fun and manageable for amateurs, rather than listing everything that is available. Listed are the significant works that are available for free on the internet. The third chapter suggests a short practice regime to counteract the deficiencies in the playing of most amateur flautists, which are poor tone and tuning. Practicing half an hour a few times a week should do the trick.

Piano Lessons

Author : Vladimir Feltsman
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Vladimir Feltsman presents insights drawn from a lifetime of devotion to music: as a student, a teacher, a performer, and a recording artist. Beginning with his early days studying the piano in the Special School for Music in Moscow, he writes compellingly about his experience of becoming a professional musician and passing along what he learned to the next generation. Along the way, he sheds fascinating light on what it was like to pursue his vocation in the former Soviet Union, including eight years of artistic exile after he was refused permission to emigrate. In addition to these personal reflections, the book reproduces the highly informative "liner notes" Feltsman provided for many of the recordings in his extensive discography, ranging from Bach's Goldberg Variations to the 20th-century compositions of Soviet Russia's "forgotten" composers. A final inclusion is the text that Feltsman, a renowned Bach specialist, wrote to accompany a performing edition of The Well-Tempered Clavier, offering both an expansive overview and detailed analysis of each of the preludes and fugues.

Tchaikovsky Symphony No 6 Path tique

Author : Timothy L. Jackson
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This book discusses the conception, genesis, reception, and structure of Tchaikovsky's final symphony, the Pathetique.

Piano Sonatas Volume 4 Nos 25 32

Author : Ludwig van Beethoven
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Beethoven wrote 32 sonatas for piano. The final installment, Volume 4, edited by Stewart Gordon, contains Sonatas 25-32, written between 1809 and 1822 and published shortly thereafter. Of the eight sonatas in this volume, autographs exist in whole or in part for all but Op. 106, missing since World War II. This edition is based on the existing autographs and the first editions. Dr. Gordon discusses a variety of topics including Beethoven's life; the pianos of his time and their limitations; Beethoven's use of articulation, ornamentation, tempi; and the age-old challenge of attempting to determine the definitive interpretation of Beethoven's music. Valuable performance recommendations, helpful fingering suggestions and ornament realizations are offered in this comprehensive critical body of Beethoven's sonatas. Where performance options are open to interpretation, other editors' conclusions are noted, enabling students and teachers to make informed performance decisions. Titles: * Op. 79 ("Sonatine") * Op. 81a * Op. 90 * Op. 101 * Op. 106 ("Hammer-Klavier") * Op. 109 * Op. 110 * Op. 111

The Flutist s Companion

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This comprehensive method for the beginner to advanced is especially designed for use in private lessons. It introduces each new concept with fingering exercises, scale exercises, and etudes. Advanced techniques and concepts such as harmonics, vibrato, trills, interpretation, and phrasing are outlined succinctly through descriptive text and musical examples. A segment called Representative Literature contains exemplary flute music and photographs of flutes from the Renaissance, Baroque, Classical, Romantic, and Contemporary periods giving students a broad historical perspective of both flute literature and the development and use of various types of flutes.

The Piano in Chamber Ensemble Third Edition

Author : Maurice Hinson
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In this expanded and updated edition, The Piano in Chamber Ensemble: An Annotated Guide features over 3200 compositions, from duos to octets, by more than 1600 composers. Maurice Hinson and Wesley Roberts catalog published works for piano with two or more instruments with information on performance level, length, individual movements, overall style, and publisher. Divided into sections according to the number and types of instruments involved, The Piano in Chamber Ensemble then subdivides entries according to the actual scoring. Keyboard, string, woodwind, brass, and percussion players and teachers will find a wealth of chamber works from all periods in this invaluable guide.