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Fantasy pieces opus 41

Author : Niels Wilhelm Gade
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Rachmaninoff Composer Pianist Conductor

Author : Barrie Martyn
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This study is the first to consider all three of Rachmaninoff's careers in detail. After surveying his place in Russian musical history and his creative activity, the author examines, with musical examples, each working chronological order against the background of the composer's life. Among the the many subjects upon which new light is shed are the operas, the songs, and the religious music. Rachmaninoff's remarkable career as a pianist, his style of playing and repertoire are analysed along with his historically important contribution to the gramophone and his work for the reproducing piano. The book includes a survey of his activity as a conductor. There are extensive references to Russian sources and the first appearance of a complete Rachmaninoff disconography is included. This book is the only comprehensive study in any language of the three aspects of Rachmaninoff's musical career and is a stimulating read for music lovers everywhere.

Fantasy Pieces

Author : Harald Krebs
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Fantasy Pieces examines from several vantage points a vital life-force of Robert Schumann's music, namely metrical conflict. Harald Krebs's imaginative yet rigorous study makes use of Schumann's fascinating projections of his own personality--the characters Florestan and Eusebius--as one means of addressing the biographical and aesthetic context of the music. In counterpoint with the remarks of these personae, Krebs develops an original theory of metrical conflict by adapting the concepts of consonance and dissonance to metrical analysis. He investigates how states of metrical dissonance arise, and shows how they are manipulated and resolved in the course of compositions. He offers new methods for understanding the metrical progressions of entire works or movements, and studies the interaction of metrical conflict with form, with pitch structure, and with the texts of Schumann's vocal works. Krebs includes a wealth of illustrations from the whole range of Schumann's work and offers numerous insights important for performance. In the final chapter, he provides richly detailed studies of pieces by Schumann in various genres, interspersing them with shorter discussions of music by Berlioz, Chopin, Clara Schumann, Ives, and Schoenberg. This is a book that will appeal not only to students and scholars of music theory, but to all musicians interested in the life, work, and unique personality of Robert Schumann.

Holberg Suite

Author : Edvard Grieg
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"Aus Holbergs Zeit, Suite im alten Stil, Op.40" - now more commonly known as the "Holberg Suite" - was written in 1884 for the 200th anniversary celebration of playwright Ludvig Holberg's birth. Originally for piano, the composer scored it for strings the following year, conducting the newly-completed arrangement at a March concert in Bergen. The Suite consists of a Prelude and four dances characteristic of the 18th century. The work was meant to capture the feel of the era of Holberg's lifetime and has become one of Grieg's most beloved and performed works, especially in the present setting for strings. This new edition by Richard W. Sargeant, Jr. has been thoroughly researched to bring you a beautiful score as the composer intended it.

Sibelius Volume III 1914 1957

Author : Erik Tawaststjerna
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Erik Tawaststjerna embarked on his monumental and acclaimed study of Jean Sibelius's life and music in 1960 and it occupied him for over a quarter of a century. His study differs from other work on the composer in one important respect: he had unrestricted access to the composer's papers, diaries and letters as well as the advantage of numerous conversations with the composer's widow and other members of the family. Thus his researches can justifiably claim to have thrown entirely fresh light on the great Finnish composer. Far from the remote personality of the Sibelius legend, Sibelius emerges as a highly colourful figure. This third volume traces the composer's career from the outbreak of the First World War in 1914, which found him poised on the brink of the Fifth Symphony, through to his death in 1957. It traces the genesis of the Fifth Symphony and gives a vivid portrait of Finland during the early years of independence and civil war. Tawaststjerna relates in fascinating detail the composer's financial plight during these years and his struggles with his own psyche. We follow his career through to the Seventh Symphony and Tapiola, and the increasingly corrosive streak of self-criticism which blighted Sibelius's last years and resulted in the destruction of the Eighth Symphony. Translated by Robert Layton, himself a Sibelius specialist, this is a compelling and insightful account of the music of one of the twentieth century's greatest composers.

The Right Notes

Author : George Perle
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George Perle has divided this collection into four parts Composers and Works (Bartïk Berg Schoenberg Scriabin and Webern Towards a New Musical Language Some Critical Appraisals of Contemporary Music Theory and On Listening to Modern Music. These 23 articles reviews lectures and speeches represent the best of 50 years of musical thought and insight by one of the keenest musical minds of this century. Sharing this particular composer's point of view leads the reader to an understanding of the linear progression(not easily apparent) from the last century to the next.

Music for the Piano

Author : James Friskin
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First published by Holt, Rinehart and Winston in 1954.


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Ladies Home Journal

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Richard Wagner s Zurich

Author : Chris Walton
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An investigation of the considerable influence of Wagner's stay in Zurich from 1849 to 1858 -- a period often discounted by scholars -- on his career.

Malcolm Arnold

Author : Stewart R. Craggs
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A bibliographic survey of the twentieth-century English composer, Sir Malcolm Arnold.

International Who s who in Music and Musicians Directory

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Author : Peter F. Ostwald
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After obtaining access to long-sought-after archival material about the final years of Robert Schumann, Lise Deschamps Ostwald, the author's widow, is finally able to detail the composer's last years at the mental institution in Endenich, fulfilling her husband's original intent "Schumann is a remarkable piece of work...Soberly and objectively, it unearths information that no previous Schumann researcher--in English at least--has come near duplicating."--Harold C. Schonberg, The New York Times Book Review "Peter Ostwald, a San Francisco psychiatrist who is also a trained musician, has dug deeply...and applied his professional knowledge to the fashioning of a fascinating, perceptive psychobiography of the nineteenth-century Romantic master."--Arthur Hepner, Boston Globe "Ostwald...offers new insights into one about whom the musical world has never ceased wondering."--Robert Commanday, San Francisco Chronicle --Book Jacket.

CD Review Digest

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The guide to English language reviews of all music recorded on compact discs.

Women Making Music

Author : Jane M. Bowers
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"Do look after my music!" Irene Wienawska Polowski exclaimed before her death in 1932. And from the urgency of that sentiment the authors here have taken their cue to reveal and "look after" the previously neglected contributions of women throughout the history of Western art music. The first work of its kind, Women Making Music presents biographies of outstanding performers and composers, as well as analyses of women musicians as a class, and provides examples of music from all periods including medieval chant, Renaissance song, Baroque opera, German lieder, and twentieth-century composition. Unlike most standard historical surveys, the book not only sheds light upon the musical achievements of women, it also illuminates the historical contexts that shaped and defined those achievements.

The Gramophone Classical Catalogue

Author :
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18 studies opus 41 for flute solo

Author : Joachim Andersen
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Schwann Opus

Author : Becky Barnhart
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Author : Music Library Association
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A Descriptive Discography of Horn Music Based on the Curtiss Blake Collection

Author : Rebecca Dodson-Webster
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