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The Moon s Near Side Megabasin and Far Side Bulge

Author : Charles Byrne
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Since Luna and Lunar Orbiter photographed the far side of the Moon, the mysterious dichotomy between the face of the Moon as we see it from Earth and the side of the Moon that is hidden has puzzled lunar scientists. As we learned more from the Apollo sample return missions and later robotic satellites, the puzzle literally deepened, showing asymmetry of the crust and mantle, all the way to the core of the Moon. This book summarizes the author’s successful search for an ancient impact feature, the Near Side Megabasin of the Moon and the extensions to impact theory needed to find it. The implications of this ancient event are developed to answer many of the questions about the history of the Moon.

The Far Side of the Moon Written and Directed by Robert Lepage script Consultant Adam Nashman

Author :
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The Man Who Went to the Far Side of the Moon

Author : Bea Uusma Schyffert
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Everyone knows the story of the first astronauts to step foot on the moon, but what about the astronaut who manned the spaceship orbiting the moon 14 times alone in space while the others walked? Awarded both a Boston Globe–Horn Book Honor and a Batchelder Award Honor, this lauded book describes what Michael Collins did, saw, and thought about during his journey as well as the larger story of how the astronauts prepared for their historic space flight, what they brought with them...and what they left behind. Reminiscent of a scrapbook and featuring drawings as well as photos taken both in space and on Earth, this is a book for anyone who has ever looked at the moon and wondered what it would be like to see it up close.

Far Side of the Moon

Author : Jeannette Bedard
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Margo Murphy is running out of time in a borrowed body Last night, Margo and her fellow colonists survived The Conglomerate's efforts to destroy them. Now all she wants is to build a peaceful life away from the corporate monopoly dominating Earth. But a virus has infected the colony's AI, threatening their life support. The virus is only a symptom of a deeper evil, the culmination of a cold war conducted in secrecy for almost two centuries reaches its zenith in an enigmatic boy, abandoned to die on their world. To purge the virus, save the boy and protect the colony, Margo needs information from The Conglomerate's headquarters orbiting Earth, but she's in another solar system without a spaceship. Her only option is an experimental technology to project her mind across the galaxy. Will Margo gain access The Conglomerate’s secrets to save her world, or will her mind be lost forever in the cold void of space?

The Far Side of the Moon

Author : Charles Byrne
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The far side of the Moon, also called the "dark side of the Moon" was unknown to humanity until the Luna and Lunar Orbiter pictures were returned to Earth. This wonderful book contains beautiful photographs and newly-assembled mosaic images of the far side of the Moon, cleaned of transmission, imaging stripes and processing artifacts by today’s computer technology. Byrne’s superb analysis documents the appearance of the features of the far side with beautiful pictures from Lunar Orbiter. Until now, the far side Lunar Orbiter photos have only been available with strong reconstruction lines, but appear here for the first time as complete photographs, unmarred by imaging and processing artifacts.

Far Side of the Moon

Author : Liisa Jorgensen
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The decades-long love story of a NASA commander and the leader of the Astronaut Wives Club Far Side of the Moon is the untold, fully authorized story of the lives of Frank and Susan Borman. One was a famous astronaut—an instrumental part of the Apollo space program—but the other was just as much a warrior. This real-life love story is far from a fairy tale. Life as a military wife was beyond demanding, but Susan always rose to the occasion. When Frank joined NASA and was selected to command the first mission to orbit the moon, that meant putting on a brave face for the world as her husband risked his life for the space race. The pressure and anxiety were overwhelming, and eventually Susan's well-hidden depression and alcoholism finally came to light. Frank had to come to terms with how his "mission above all else" mentality contributed to his wife's suffering. As Susan healed, she was able to begin helping others who suffered in silence from mental illness and addiction. Discover how Frank and Susan's love and commitment to each other is still overcoming life's challenges, even beyond their years as an Apollo commander and the founder of the Astronaut Wives Club.

What Is on the Far Side of the Moon

Author : Emily Mahoney
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The moon is a constant presence that children become aware of in their earliest days. So many young readers wonder and ask about the moon soon after they learn to speak, and it's the topic of many early childhood bedtime books. The author's expertise as an educator on communicating complex concepts to children through easy, accessible language brings the subject of the moon engagingly up-close, even for the most reluctant of readers. Color photography from NASA and graphics add to comprehension of a range of STEAM topics.

An Atlas of the Moon s Far Side

Author : Akademii͡a nauk SSSR.
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Science The Earth Sun and Moon

Author : Senior Lecturer Department of History Stuart Clark
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Each photopack contains: 15 A4 photographs, 1 colour poster and 1 teacher resource book.


Author : Ben Bova
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Six-time Hugo-Award winner Ben Bova presents Farside. Farside, the side of the Moon that never faces Earth, is the ideal location for an astronomical observatory. It is also the setting for a tangled web of politics, personal ambition, love, jealousy, and murder. Telescopes on Earth have detected an Earth-sized planet circling a star some thirty light-years away. Now the race is on to get pictures of that distant world, photographs and spectra that will show whether or not the planet is truly like Earth, and if it bears life. Farside will include the largest optical telescope in the solar system as well as a vast array of radio antennas, the most sensitive radio telescope possible, insulated from the interference of Earth's radio chatter by a thousand kilometers of the Moon's solid body. Building the Farside observatory is a complex, often dangerous task. On the airless surface of the Moon, under constant bombardment of hard radiation and infalling micrometeoroids, builders must work in cumbersome spacesuits and use robotic machines as much as possible. Breakdowns—mechanical and emotional—are commonplace. Accidents happen, some of them fatal. What they find stuns everyone, and the human race will never be the same. "Bova's latest novel is one of his best, and a classic use of the old sf theme of humanity reaching out for immortality among the stars."—Booklist (starred review) on Farside At the Publisher's request, this title is being sold without Digital Rights Management Software (DRM) applied.

The Moon Our Sister Planet

Author : Peter H. Cadogan
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The Telescopic Tourist s Guide to the Moon

Author : Andrew May
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Whether you’re interested in visiting Apollo landing sites or the locations of classic sci-fi movies, this is the tourist guide for you! This tourist guide has a twist – it is a guide to a whole different world, which you can visit from the comfort of your backyard with the aid of nothing more sophisticated than an inexpensive telescope. It tells you the best times to view the Moon, the most exciting sights to look out for, and the best equipment to use, allowing you to snap stunning photographs as well as view the sights with your own eyes. Have you ever been inspired by stunning images from the Hubble telescope, or the magic of sci-fi special effects, only to look through a small backyard telescope at the disappointing white dot of a planet or faint blur of a galaxy? Yet the Moon is different. Seen through even a relatively cheap 'scope, it springs into life like a real place, with mountains and valleys and rugged craters. With a bit of imagination, you can even picture yourself as a sightseeing visitor there – which in a sense you are.

The New Moon

Author : Arlin Crotts
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Explore Earth's closest neighbor, the Moon, in this fascinating and timely book and discover what we should expect from this seemingly familiar but strange, new frontier. What startling discoveries are being uncovered on the Moon? What will these tell us about our place in the Universe? How can exploring the Moon benefit development on Earth? Discover the role of the Moon in Earth's past and present; read about the lunar environment and how it could be made more habitable for humans; consider whether continued exploration of the Moon is justified; and view rare Apollo-era photos and film stills. This is a complete story of the human lunar experience, presenting many interesting but little-known and significant events in lunar science for the first time. It will appeal to anyone wanting to know more about the stunning discoveries being uncovered on the Moon.

The Secret Influence of the Moon

Author : Louis Proud
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The Moon is not a cold, dead rock but a rich, fascinating world just as alive as Earth • Investigates the Moon as the home of an alien intelligence who controls humanity • Examines several of NASA’s Apollo missions and the findings they concealed • Reveals the many holes in the “Giant Impact” theory about the Moon’s origins and the evidence for a hollow, artificial Moon • Explores the deep influence of the Moon on the collective mind of humanity and occult teachings about the Moon from the Qabbalah, tarot, and other sources Despite being the most prominent celestial body after the Sun, the Moon has many qualities that science has yet to explain. Lunar rock samples reveal the Moon once had a magnetic field like the Earth, and seismic experiments by NASA suggest the Moon is at least partially hollow. For centuries people have observed lights, moving clouds and shadows, and even the disappearance of entire craters via telescope. Apollo astronauts repeatedly felt the presence of a “non-human intelligence” during their Moon visits, and many indigenous traditions speak of malevolent visitors from the Moon. A growing body of astrophysical and geological evidence shows the Moon is not an entirely natural world--that someone or something altered it long ago. Louis Proud explores the phases and movements of the Moon along with its ancient and mysterious features--its craters, maria, rilles, tunnels, and domes. He examines several of NASA’s Apollo missions, showing not that NASA faked the Moon expeditions but that they concealed what the astronauts found there. He explains the many holes in the commonly accepted “Giant Impact” theory of the Moon’s origins and reveals the evidence for a hollow, artificial Moon placed in orbit eons ago to observe Earth. Examining the deep influence of the Moon on the collective mind of humanity, Proud looks at what the Qabbalah, the tarot, and other occult traditions say about the Moon and interprets G. I. Gurdjieff’s teachings that “we are food for the Moon.” He investigates the Moon as a gateway to another realm, as the Purgatory of Christianity, and as the home of an alien intelligence who controls and exploits humanity. Examining the Moon from both scientific and esoteric perspectives, Proud shows the Moon is not a cold, dead rock but a rich, fascinating world just as alive as Earth.

Lunar Gravimetry

Author : Rune Floberghagen
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Lunar Gravimetry: Revealing the Far-Side provides a thorough and detailed discussion of lunar gravity field research and applications, from the initial efforts of the pre-Apollo and Luna eras to the dedicated gravity mapping experiments of the third millennium. Analysis of the spatial variations of the gravity field of the Moon is a key selenodetic element in the understanding of the physics of the Moon's interior. Remarkably, more than forty years after the initial steps in lunar exploration by spacecraft, the global gravity field still remains largely unknown, due to the limitations of standard observations techniques. As such, knowledge of the high-accuracy and high-resolution gravity field is one of the remaining unsolved issues in lunar science.

QI The Third Book of General Ignorance

Author : John Lloyd
File Size : 42.66 MB
Format : PDF, Kindle
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The Third Book of General Ignorance gathers together 180 questions, both new and previously featured on the BBC TV programme's popular 'General Ignorance' round, and show why, when it comes to general knowledge, none of us knows anything at all. Who invented the sandwich? What was the best thing before sliced bread? Who first ate frogs' legs? Which cat never changes its spots? What did Lady Godiva do? What can you legally do if you come across a Welshman in Chester after sunset?

The 100 Most Outrageous Hoaxes and Mistakes

Author : Susan Elkin
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Scientific breakthroughs are often regarded with suspicion, especially those that diverge substantially from established theories. New ideas are tested by scientists around the world to ensure that they hold up to scrutiny. This book takes a look at the instances when, despite these precautions, the scientific community got it wrong. The book includes the most infamous cases of fraud and famous mistakes that initially had scientists fooled.

February 2019 Exams Exclusive

Author : Dheeraj Sharma
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Dedicated to Our Honourable PM - Sh. Narendra Modi. and All Member of Exams Exclusive Family In this Book we cover most important topic from previous Month with detailed Analysis Helpfull in prepration of UPSC,SSC and many other Exams

Popular Science

Author :
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Popular Science gives our readers the information and tools to improve their technology and their world. The core belief that Popular Science and our readers share: The future is going to be better, and science and technology are the driving forces that will help make it better.

Wanderers in Space

Author : Kenneth R. Lang
File Size : 84.4 MB
Format : PDF, ePub, Mobi
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How were the features on the Moon created?. What is the evidence for past or future life on Mars? What might cause the Earth to become as hot and steamy as Venus? . Why do some say that a colliding asteroid wiped out the dinosaurs 65 million years ago? From the earliest of times the human race has pondered upon the nature of the Heavens. The moons and planets have changed from mere points of light to fascinating, diverse worlds. Spacecraft have visited all the planets known to ancient people. Human beings have visited the Moon, and robot spacecraft have landed on Venus and Mars. This book presents the result of this captivating voyage of discovery, recording more than two decades of extraordinary accomplishments. The voyage starts with the still, silent and lifeless Moon. Then on to the contrasting world of Mars with its towering volcanoes and deep canyons. The exploration continues across asteroid belts and icy comets to the outer planets where Voyager II revealed cyclonic storms, liquid hydrogen and helium rain and the beautiful pink and blue dynamic world of Neptune. This book includes numerous photos from spacecraft as well as a few works of modern art. They provide the best available metaphors and images of the previously invisible worlds.