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Fashion Draping Techniques

Author : Hoaki Books
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Second edition of the first volume of our series of practical manuals about the basics of the art of draping, a fashion technique that involves working with fabric and toile directly on the mannequin.

Fashion Patternmaking Techniques Haute Couture

Author : Antonio Donnanno
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High fashion is the driving force behind the entire fashion and garment industry. This book introduces in its patternmaking techniques.

Basics Fashion Design 03 Construction

Author : Anette Fischer
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Basics Fashion Design 03: Construction by Anette Fischer leads the reader through the essential stages of creating a garment, from pattern cutting and draping a mannequin, to finishing and haberdashery.

Construction for Fashion Design

Author : Anette Fischer
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Construction is the foundation of fashion design; it takes passion and great skill to turn a two-dimensional drawing into a successful garment. Construction for Fashion Design guides readers through the process, teaching the theory, practical skills and techniques that they need to succeed. It leads readers through the essential stages of creating a garment, from pattern cutting and draping on the mannequin to sewing techniques and haberdashery. This fully revised and expanded second edition features insightful case studies with leading creative practitioners at the cutting edge of the fashion industry today, complete with detailed, step-by-step exercises that enable readers to contextualise their knowledge and put it into practise for the creation of their own successful projects.

Basics Fashion Design 01 Research and Design

Author : Simon Seivewright
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Explores what research is and why it is crucial to the process of fashion design

Sustainable Development and Social Responsibility Volume 1

Author : Miroslav Mateev
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The book presents high-quality research papers presented at the 2nd American University in the Emirates International research conference, AUEIRC'18, organized by the American University in the Emirates, Dubai, held on November 13th-15th, 2018. The book is broadly divided into four sections: Sustainability and Smart Technology, Sustainability and Social Responsibility, Sustainability, Human Security and Legislation, Sustainability and Education. The topics covered under these sections are sustainable smart technology such as developing green curriculum for information technology, use ultrasonic velocity to predict quality of wheat, improve security features for visa system, factors affecting the cost of production of electricity and desalination plants, impact of smart traffic sensing in smart cities, smart healthcare system, simulation of Grey wolf optimization algorithm in painting digital forensics. The topics covered for sustainability and creative industries such as sustainable concrete production, multimedia applications in digital transformation art, integrating biomimicry principles in sustainable architecture. Sustainability, human security and legislation covered topics of urban performance and sustainable environment, Eco-certification as response on climate change, the criminal offence of tax evasion in law: case study, skills engineering in sustainable counter defense against Cyber extremism, the international law and challenges of trans-boundary water resources governance, the legal status of nuclear energy: case study, sustainable energy development and nuclear energy legislation in UAE, corruption specific safety challenge, environmental management and sustainability, sustainable farming models for desert agro-ecosystems, future directions of climate change, earth and built environment towards new concept of sustainability, institution building from emotional intelligence perspective, virtue ethics, technology and sustainability, the role of humor in a sustainable education, HEIs practices and strategic decisions toward planning for sustainable education programs, TQM in higher education for sustainable future. The papers in this book present high-quality original research work, findings and practical development experiences.

Basics Fashion Design 06 Knitwear

Author : Juliana Sissons
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An introduction to the use of knitwear in fashion design. It provides readers with the skills and inspiration to design and create innovative knitted textiles.

Green Fashion

Author : Subramanian Senthilkannan Muthu
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This book deals with the important aspects of green fashion including​ Animal Welfare in Ethical Fashion, ​Sustainable Processing of Textiles, Sustainable design case studies, Wool Composting, Consumer behaviour in sustainable clothing market, industrial case studies related to green fashion, etc.

The Magic Garment

Author : Rebecca Cunningham
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Successful costume design requires a solid foundation in general artistic principles and specific knowledge of how to apply those principles. Cunningham presents readers with just such a foundation and develops it to expose beginning costume designers to the myriad skills they need to develop in order to costume successful stage productions. She begins at the most basic conceptual level—reading plays from a costume designer's perspective. She then follows through with the practical considerations that must be considered at every stage of the costuming process—research, development, sketching, and costume construction. Cunningham has built on the long-standing success of the outstanding first edition with new figures and updates throughout the text, including 24 pages in full color. Examples have been selected from a wide range of stage productions representing a variety of designers, styles, and approaches. Interviews with award-winning designers from stage, film, and other media show the practical importance of the book's concepts. Every chapter incorporates material reflecting the ever-increasing impact of technology, especially computers, on costuming. New to this edition is an ancillary download package (available here), giving students a selection of basic figure drawings to serve as the base layer for digital renderings, ready-made forms and checklists for assembling and organizing costumes for shows, and a list of research and reference websites with easily clickable links.

Fashion Game Changers

Author : Karen Van Godtsenhoven
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Fashion Game Changers traces radical innovations in Western fashion design from the beginning of the 20th century to the present. Challenging the traditional silhouettes of their day, fashion designers such as Madeleine Vionnet and Cristóbal Balenciaga began to liberate the female body from the close-fitting hourglass forms which dominated European and American fashion, instead enveloping bodies in more autonomous garments which often took inspiration from beyond the West. As the century progressed, new generations of avant-garde designers from Rei Kawakubo to Martin Margiela further developed the ideas instigated by their predecessors to defy established notions of femininity in dress, creating space between body and garment. This way, a new relationship between body and dress emerged for the 21st century. With over 200 images and commentaries from an international range of leading fashion curators and historians, this beautifully illustrated book showcases some of the most revolutionary silhouettes and innovative designs of over 100 years of fashion.