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Fast Forward Investing How to Profit from AI Driverless Vehicles Gene Editing Robotics and Other Technologies Reshaping Our Lives

Author : Jon Markman
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Invest in the future! Everything you need to capitalize on the tech revolution Our lives are on the verge of being reshaped by advanced technology. Fast Forward Investing provides the knowledge and insight you need to build and maintain your portfolio accordingly. Author Jon D. Markman is a veteran tech investor, money manager, and award-winning author of the popular daily newsletter Tech Trend Trader. There’s no one more qualified to help you design a portfolio that extracts huge profits from the shares of public technology companies and helps you augment your gains with conviction during stretches of high volatility. In Fast Forward Investing, Markman describes what to expect, when to expect it, and how to profit in impending technological and economic revolution. Revealing the most important companies in the industry that are right now building platforms and competitive advantages that will disrupt and transform their markets, he shows which trends are important and provides detailed guidance for staying ahead of the curve. Radical advances in data collection and analytics, artificial intelligence and raw computing power are changing human history. And it’s happening with sharp advances at incredible speed. Make sure you’re at the tip of the spear with Fast Forward Investing.

The Fast Forward MBA in Investing

Author : John Waggoner
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The Fast Forward MBA in Investing brings you the information you need when you need it most-now! This practical, easy-to-use guide gives you instant access to the cutting-edge ideas and hard-won wisdom of today's investment world. In short, lively segments using real-world examples, it delivers the facts you need to navigate complex investment issues. You'll find brief descriptions of key concepts, tips on real-world applications, compact case studies, clear definitions, and warnings on how to avoid pitfalls. Here are all the tools you need to make smart investments, as well as significant returns. Learn the essentials of investing in: * The money market -treasury bills, money market mutual funds, bank CDs * Stocks -dividends, shareholder value, brokers, stock market averages * Bonds -face value, maturity date, coupon yields, interest rates * Mutual funds -buying and selling, minimizing taxes, saving on commission * Precious metals, futures, and options -coins vs. bars, anatomy of a trade, puts and calls * And much more. From the creators of the bestselling Portable MBA series comes The Fast Forward MBA . . . * A quick way to brush up on new ideas * An easy-to-use format that fits in any briefcase * Real-world information that you can put to use now!


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Atlanta magazine’s editorial mission is to engage our community through provocative writing, authoritative reporting, and superlative design that illuminate the people, the issues, the trends, and the events that define our city. The magazine informs, challenges, and entertains our readers each month while helping them make intelligent choices, not only about what they do and where they go, but what they think about matters of importance to the community and the region. Atlanta magazine’s editorial mission is to engage our community through provocative writing, authoritative reporting, and superlative design that illuminate the people, the issues, the trends, and the events that define our city. The magazine informs, challenges, and entertains our readers each month while helping them make intelligent choices, not only about what they do and where they go, but what they think about matters of importance to the community and the region.

Investing for Canadians for Dummies

Author : Eric Tyson
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Fast Forward Your Retirement through Property

Author : Jason Lee
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If you are after something more than the mundane eight-to-five working day for the rest of your working life, then Fast-Forward Your Retirement through Property is the book for you. In this straightforward guide Jason Lee exposes the flaws in current retirement thinking and shows you how property is the cornerstone of wealth creation. The book explores the property investment process in detail, describing • the types of deals that fast-forward your retirement; • how to find the right deals; • how to minimise risk; • how to finance deals using a combination of bank and private-investor finance; and • how to use teamwork to turn deals into reality. The book also examines current market conditions and the importance of timing, and reveals how a slow market can be the perfect platform from which to fast-forward your retirement through property. Anyone can play the property game. Regardless of your vocation, qualifications or financial status, property is the retirement plan that is available to all. This book demonstrates how you, too, can take charge of your future and achieve a secure retirement through property.

The Fast Forward MBA Pocket Reference

Author : Paul A. Argenti
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Find the information you need to solve your business problems-FAST! When those big business decisions loom and success hangs in the balance, you need reliable, authoritative information immediately-not tomorrow, not next week, NOW! With The Fast Forward MBA Pocket Reference as your constant companion, you've got it! In this unparalleled resource you'll find clear, concise coverage of the complete range of essential business topics in a format designed especially for people in a hurry. You'll also find cutting-edge business ideas from highly regarded thinkers and doers and an exhaustive list of sources for up-to-the-minute info that you can use every day. In this indispensable guide you'll find: * A comprehensive reference of essential business issues-key terms, tools, and topics from management, economics, strategy, accounting, finance, manufacturing, marketing, and international business * The latest methods and suggestions for solving your toughest business problems * Complete coverage of the business and technological innovations of the past decade * A convenient format with short, lively entries that tell you what you need to know without getting bogged down in theory Whether you're a hard-driving entrepreneur or professional, a busy executive or manager, or a student eager to make your way in the business world, The Fast Forward MBA Pocket Reference puts the knowledge you need where you need it most-right in the palm of your hand.

GameChanger Investing

Author : Hilary Kramer
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Wall Street seems short on vision these days. Investors are living day to day, planning no further than the next quarterly earnings reports. That’s no way to invest. Former investment banker and hedge fund manager Hilary Kramer advocates a different approach: GameChanger Investing. Based on her thirty-plus years managing billions of investment dollars, Kramer—a globally recognized futurist—shows you how to make money and stay ahead of the wave in a constantly changing world. As long as people keep innovating, dreaming, and executing, great companies will grow and create wealth. But not all growth companies are created equal. From fintech to food-tech, information warfare to the Internet of Things, Kramer identifies the specific technologies, trends, and companies that are both changing the world and poised for significant stock appreciation. GameChanger Investing is visionary investing, but it’s not speculation. Kramer identifies companies with rock-solid fundamentals ready for catalysts that will turn them into major disruptors. Instead of fighting economic disruption or pretending it doesn’t exist, she helps you put disruption to work for your portfolio. Embrace the future and invest in tomorrow’s GameChanging billion-dollar trends. The secrets are in the pages of this book.

ChangeWave Investing

Author : Tobin Smith
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Presents an investment strategy and stock-picking model to achieve financial success.

The Fast Forward MBA in Finance

Author : John A. Tracy
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The author is well-renowned and highly successful. Figures and examples are revised and spreadsheet readytemplates are provided. Offers quick tips and cutting-edge ideas. Totally revised new edition of a highly successful book.

Bond Investing For Dummies

Author : Russell Wild
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Your friendly guide to trading the bond and bond fund market Bonds and bond funds are among the safest and most reliableinvestments you can make to ensure an ample and dependableretirement income—if you do it right! Bond Investing ForDummies helps you do just that, with clear explanations ofeverything you need to know to build a diversified bond portfoliothat will be there when you need it no matter what happens in thestock market. This plain-English guide clearly explains the pros and cons ofinvesting in bonds, how they differ from stocks, and the best (andworst!) ways to select and purchase bonds for your needs. You'llget up to speed on the different bond varieties and see how to getthe best prices when you sell. Covers the ups and downs of today's market, which reinforcesthe importance of bonds in a portfolio Explains how a radical fall in interest rates make bondinvesting trickier than ever Explores the historic downgrade of U.S. Treasuries and itspossible effects on government bonds If you're an investor looking for a resource that helps youunderstand, evaluate, and incorporate bonds into your portfolio,Bond Investing For Dummies has you covered.

Dow Theory Redux

Author : Michael D. Sheimo
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Reviews the original theory, presents an update for use in current markets, and shows how it can be used to invest in the economic climate of the 1990s

Sound Mind Investing

Author : Austin Pryor
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Many excellent books teach God's principles of finance. Perhaps they have helped you lay a strong biblical foundation for carrying out your money management responsibilities. But as you try to apply those principles to real-life investing decisions, it's easy to feel overwhelmed by jargon and the sheer number of possibilities.Sound Mind Investing is a next step guide that helps you put Godly principles of finance in motion. Whether you're a beginner or an experienced investor, you'll benefit from stepping across this bridge between theory and action. Each lesson is written in everyday English and filled with helpful visual aids. This book can help you chart your financial future by using the same concepts that have made Austin's newsletter America's best-selling investment newsletter written from a biblical perspective. Whether you invest a little or a lot, these biblical principles apply to you.

The Journal of the American Chamber of Commerce in Japan

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Debt Free Investing

Author : Austin Pryor
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Pryor examines the danger that exists for those who plan to invest while paying off credit cards, local charge accounts, auto loans, and home equity loans. He explains why it is a bad idea to invest at that time and why it will cost them money.

A Buyer s Guide to Choosing 401 k Products and Services

Author :
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The Inner Game of Investing

Author : Derrick Niederman
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Format : PDF, ePub, Mobi
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Unlike other investment books that dole out one brand of advice to a potentially diverse readership, this unique book guides you to your own best personal strategy by showing you what types of stocks fit your individual style. Written in a witty and engaging style by securities analyst and long-time financial columnist Derrick Niederman, The Inner Game of Investing reveals the Seven Stock Market Personalities: The Bargain Hunter, The Visionary, The Contrarian, The Sentimentalist, The Skeptic, The Trader, and The Adventurist. You will be amazed to see how your own psychological attributes and predispositions interact with the market and how they may be blinding you to both habitual mistakes and golden opportunities. Niederman's invaluable insights extend into other aspects of investing, including widely held, but often misguided beliefs about the irrationality and efficiency of the market, the psychological nuances of dealing with market professionals, and the general psychology of analyzing stocks. The Inner Game of Investing shines a light into areas of your personal investment process. This is one book that could change the way you invest and raise your stock market skills to a level you never thought possible.

Crisis Investing for the Year 2000

Author : L. Jay Kuo
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Describes ways the Y2K problem may affect businesses and the stock market, and suggests an investment strategy

Working Woman

Author :
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Fast Forward

Author : Richard C. Carlson
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Discusses the global economy, population growth, technological developments, political problems, health care, the environment, energy, housing, and education

Cashing in on the Dow

Author : Sheimo
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Created over a hundred years ago by Wall Street Journal founder Charles H. Dow, the Dow Theory is the grandfather and foundation of all technical stock market analyses. The Theory operates on the premise that the market itself is the best predictor of future performance. By using Dow averages to explain the current condition of the market, forecast future trends, and determine investment strategy, the Dow Theory continues to be a sound technique for successful stock investing. Cashing in on the Dow takes a contemporary look at the Dow Theory and shows investors how they can effectively --and profitably--apply the theory to today's rapidly changing market. With discussion s on origin, evolution, and core influence on other market indicators, this invaluable reference offers insights into how to understand the signals generated by stock market indicators, leading to better stock selection timing, and higher returns.