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Classical Guitar Solos Favorite Sonatinas

Author : David Grimes
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In this book, guitarist and music historian David Grimes presents 20 “small sonatas” or sonatinas, complete with detailed performance notes and bio sketches of each of the contributing composers: Leonhard von Call, Matteo Carcassi, Ferdinando Carulli, Mauro Giuliani, Francesco Molino, and Antonio Nava. While flexible, the early 19th-century sonatina form usually consists of 2 - 4 contrasting movements, here in guitar-friendly keys, making these pieces ideal for performance by intermediate-level students. In all but the most challenging passages, Grimes has intentionally kept fingering to a minimum to allow students to form their own concept of this critical skill. Then, as many bass notes in these pieces are played on open strings, the player must develop a sense of when to selectively damp dissonant tones or observe a rest— exposing and overcoming yet another shortcoming in the education of many guitarists. Most classic guitar teachers are familiar with the easy didactic studies by Carcassi, Carulli and Giuliani; Favorite Sonatinas offers more highly developed, but not yet virtuoso pieces by the same Italian triumvirate— plus three more composers in a similar vein— promoting confident, enjoyable sight-reading by guitarists of all levels.

World s favourite solos for classic guitar

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Anthology of works written for the classical guitar dating from 16th century to 19th century. Includes proper fingering and dynamic and tempo indications.

Classical Guitar Tunes Fun Solos to Play

Author : Keith Calmes
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This collection of 47 favorite guitar picking tunes includes reels, jigs, waltzes, fiddle tunes and more, each arranged for classical guitar in standard notation. As these melodies lend themselves well to jamming, this collection is sure to bring any guitarist many hours of picking pleasure. Includes access to an online audio recording of the arranger performing each piece on classical guitar.

10 Brazilian Choros Arranged for Classical Guitar Solo

Author : Stephen Guerra
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Choro is a popular instrumental-music tradition flourishing in Brazil and around the world. It preceded, influenced, and in turn was influenced by samba and bossa nova. Its repertory is vast, including thousands of choros composed by all manner of string, wind, keyboard, and percussion players—in addition to the guitar classics by João Pernambuco and Heitor Villa-Lobos. This landmark publication gives guitarists access to this seemingly endless repertory, empowering its readers to turn a choro written for any instrument into a convincing and idiomatic solo guitar arrangement. This process is taught through examples provided by Dr. Stephen Guerra, a versatile guitarist/composer intimately familiar with both classical and Brazilian guitar (violão brasileiro) as well as the choro idiom. This book is intended for both students of Brazilian guitar and classical guitarists seeking to add choros to their repertory and play them authentically. It includes: • Original solo arrangements plus lead sheets and online recordings of 10 choros for the intermediate to advanced classic guitarist. • Biographical and performance notes regarding the selected composers and compositions. • Insightful suggestions for further reading, listening, and study. • Extensive endnotes explaining arrangement choices, notation practice and influences. Dr. Guerra focuses on classics from the pioneering generation of choro composers culminating in the artistry of João Pernambuco, Pixinguinha, and Heitor Villa-Lobos; among others, these include compositions by choro pianists Chiquinha Gonzaga and Ernesto Nazareth, samba singer-composer Noel Rosa, choro bandleaders Joaquim Calado and Anacleto de Medeiros, and Brazil’s early flute virtuoso, Patápio Silva. Includes access to online audio.

O Carolan Favorites for Classical Guitar

Author : Guido Bolger
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In this edition, Guido Böger provides 72 further compositions by the legendary Irish harpist Turlough O’Carolan, arranged for classical guitar. These solo pieces are generally of intermediate difficulty, and convey the beautiful, lyrical qualities of the original tunes. This expanded selection of the melodies has not been organized into any set of themes or forms; however, along with his Turlough O’Carolan Irish Harp Pieces for Classical Guitar, O’Carolan’s Laments have now been arranged in their entirety. These pieces will provide the guitarist with a wonderful collection of new and fascinating pieces for use in study, concerts, or for your musical pleasure.

Traditional Christmas Favorites for Classical Guitar

Author : Stephen Siktberg
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The author's intent while arranging these carols was to maintain their traditional flavor while making them idiomatic for the guitar. They are intended for guitarists with intermediate to advanced technique, and are ideal for performance at intimate gatherings as well as the concert stage. Standard classical guitar notation and symbols are used throughout. Includes access to online audio.

Classical Guitar Tunes Parlor Gems

Author : Joseph Mayes
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In the late eighteenth and nineteenth centuries, the parlor was a room set aside for particular functions. Before the advent of the radio, it was the place where formal presentations were staged, including amateur and semi-professional concerts. This classical guitar solo collection for the intermediate to advanced player offers nine engaging and lyrical European and North American favorites of this bygone era. All of the solos are presented in standard notation only and played on authentic reproductions of period instruments on the book’s online companion recording. Author Joseph Mayes plays works by well-known guitarist-composers Carulli, Coste and Giuliani as well as the lesser-known but deserving “Kathleen Mavoureen—Romanza” by Frederick N. Crouch arranged by Charles de Janon, and Felix Arndt’s “Nola,” one of the era’s most popular ragtime piano themes, here transcribed and arranged by William Foden and the author. Includes access to online audio.

50 Classical Guitar Solos in Tablature

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50 favorite classical guitar solos are presented in standard music notation and tablature(TAB). This popular collection has been revised and improved.

Intermediate Pieces for Classical Guitar

Author : Lily Afshar
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Intermediate-level guitarists will enjoy playing through this varied collection of pieces, all in one volume. A wide gamut of composers from the Renaissance to the nineteenth century is included, along with a few anonymous contributions. Continuing with the techniques and carefully thought-out fingerings and notation employed in Dr. Afshar’s previous publication (Beginning Pieces for Classical Guitar), selections like “Carcassi Study #3” and “Sor Studies Nos. 5 and 6” require the execution of rest stroke technique on their melodies in order to distinguish them clearly from the concurrent free-stroke accompaniment. In the same spirit, “Study No. 5” by Fernando Sor has been written out in a way that clearly shows the melody as it appears on beats one and three. The nine-movement suites by Gaspar Sanz and Robert de Visée introduce the student guitarist to Baroque dances and ornamentation.

Folk Songs and Dances of the Jewish People for Acoustic Guitar

Author : Douglas Back
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These selections represent one of the first collections of traditional Jewish music for solo guitar. It includes arrangements appropriate for parties, weddings, recitals, Bar or Bat Mitzvahs, B'rit Milah (Covenant of Circumcision), or just for personal enjoyment. These works range in difficulty from moderate to advanced. Fingerings are given along with correlating tablature to facilitate learning. An appendix is included with transliterated Hebrew or Yiddish words as well as chord symbols for accompaniment purposes. English translations are given when it is common to do so. Includes access to online audio that contains all of the pieces in the book recorded in stereo format. It serves as both an aid in learning as well as a very enjoyable solo recording. Level of difficulty - intermediate.