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How to Restore Classic Car Interiors

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Packed with restoration know-how on all kinds of interior fittings in your classic car: carpets, headlinings, seats, wood and synthetic material parts, instruments, steering wheels: even how to succeed in making your radio sound just like new! Includes reproduction of parts on a 3D printer.

Classic Car Expertise

Author : RD king
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Looking back and reading on classic cars is just like reliving the days when these cars were still roaming the streets and roads. It also gives a chance for the new generation to get to know the kind of cars and vehicles that used to own the highways in cities and countries. Classic Cars Focus 3 American Performance Cars A Brief History Of Porsches Antique Car Parts Classic Cars That Last Classic Cars: How to Choose the Perfect Color Helpful Car Buying Tips The History of Hubcaps

Classic Cars

Author : Jeffrey Zuehlke
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Examines the automobiles built from the end of World War II through the 1970s.

Geared Up Faith for Classic Car Buffs

Author : Ace Collins
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Sit back and enjoy the ride! Classic car aficionado Ace Collins cruises through automotive history with engaging stories that spotlight some of America's most admired vintage vehicles. Along with the interesting anecdotes, you'll find fascinating facts about sought-after cars, starting with the 1901 Oldsmobile Curved Dash and accelerating through the decades to the premiere of the Ford Mustang in 1964. Each featured model has an accompanying photograph showcasing cars such as the Ford Model T, Cord L-29, Cadillac Sixteen, Corvette, Thunderbird, and more. With high-octane biblical wisdom injected into each entry, your faith will be ignited, and your connection to God will grow. This is the perfect gift for the avid car collector, restorer, or hobbyist, or the vintage car fan who is seeking encouragement from God's Word.

Classic Car Restoration Tips

Author : Konstantin Busch
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Perhaps you feel an entire car restoration seems too daunting a task to even think about. This book, however, will teach you how to go about this project in easy steps. While restoring a car is not a simple project, it is not difficult if you take it in steps. This is the perfect book for you to learn which steps to take when restoring a classic car as well as practical tips on the restoration process. If you have always loved cars and dreamed of one day bringing an old car back to life by restoration, "Vintage Cars – Restoration Tips From A Classic Car Junkie," can teach you the right way to go about living that dream by getting you started and keeping you motivated in a car renovation project. If you want to learn what you will need to have, know and practical tips on restoring a classic car as well as valuable information as far as websites and clubs that you can join to have a venue for displaying your car as well as meeting others who can help you in your pursuits, you need to read this eBook. 1) Learn The Difference Between Repair and Restoration Repairing a car is quite different from restoring a classic car. Repairs are made all the time on cars, this is not a restoration. There is not only a difference in repairing and restoration, but there is also a vast difference in the types of restoration. Here you can discover the different types of restoration for cars as well as the difference between simply repairing a car and actually restoring it. In "Vintage Cars – Restoration Tips From A Classic Car Junkie," you will have all of the information you need to get started on a successful restoration project. 2) Learn How To Do It Vintage Cars – Restoration Tips From A Classic Car Junkie" will not only give you easy to understand details of what you need to restore your car, but also how to find he products and parts that you will need as well as step by step instructions on the process of class car restoration.

The Player Bookazine Issue 15

Author : The Player
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Author : University of Wisconsin-Stout
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The Reddex Review is published once each Fall and Spring academic semester by the Publication Production class, in the Cross-Media Graphics Management program, at the University of Wisconsin-Stout. The Reddex Review serves as a program newsletter, and provides CMGm, Graphic Design, Business Administration and other students with an opportunity to work on all aspects of production for a publication of this kind. This is a student produced class project and not an official publication of the University of Wisconsin-Stout.

The Health Logbook

Author : Dr. med. Jörg Hennig
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Classic car owners can lose track of all data and events related to the vehicle to be cared for. Maintenance, care, MOT ... fuels, oils and lubricants, tire pressure. A classic car logbook is different from one for a company car. Doctors know that not only the classic car should be taken care of, but also the health of the driver. This is why this logbook is dedicated to the "health" of classic cars and their drivers. Preventive examinations and medical treatments as well as the movement of the vehicle owner are therefore planned and documented in this log book as well. The Campaign (MOTIONisMEDICINE) supports this idea because"Resting is Rusting" applies to classic cars and their drivers.

Car Tourism

Author : Waldemar Cudny
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This book examines the role of cars and the space connected with their production and presentation in tourism development. It describes the role played by experiences and experience societies formed in the 20th c. in the development of contemporary tourism, including tourism related to cars. The book explores the influence of experiencing unusual events, such as car races, car fairs, visits to car industry museums or multifunctional spaces connected with producing and exhibiting cars (e.g. Autostadt or Audi Forum) on the development of a new type of tourism, i.e. car tourism. This kind of tourism is novel in two ways: firstly, it is a new phenomenon in science, as so far it has not been thoroughly studied or described, apart from various short articles. Secondly, this type of tourism has developed on a large scale only in recent years, mainly due to the huge investments made by powerful European car manufacturers (e.g. Autostadt, Audi Forums, Porsche Museum, Lamborghini Museum etc.). The book presents cars and the spaces related to them as tourist assets (sites, events) and as tourist products that satisfy tourists’ needs. Moreover, it connects the issue of car tourism to the marketing strategies of large car manufacturers and discusses the theory of tourism space, highlighting the main tourism spaces in which car tourism develops. It presents multifunctional spaces (factories, adventure centres – Autostadt in Wolfsburg), museums, car exhibitions, and race tracks. In the next chapter, following an introduction to the problem of events, the author describes events related to car tourism, including races, rallies, driving schools and car fairs. The book ends with a summarizing chapter, which includes a model of the function of car tourism as a separate type of tourism, as well as a discussion presenting the main features, advantages and disadvantages of car tourism in the context of the tourism space theory.

Art of the Classic Car

Author : Peter Bodensteiner
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DIVThe rarity and historical significance of prewar classic and antique cars make them hot commodities on the collector car market. These are the automobiles that populate the fairways and manicured lawns of the world’s greatest car shows in alluring locales like Pebble Beach, California, and Amelia Island, Florida. These are the cars that bring a hush to the hall when they roll across the blocks at auctions around the world. These are the cars that fill the world’s greatest collections, like those of Ralph Lauren, Mark Knopfler, and various members of royal families. These are the cars from history’s premiere automakers: hallowed names like Packard, Duesenberg, Stutz, Bugatti, Mercedes-Benz, Cord, and others—six-figure and million-dollar machines that thrill Barrett-Jackson audiences and drive bidders to frenzy. Art of the Classic Car features the stunning studio photography of Peter Harholdt (Art of the Hot Rod, Art of the Muscle Car), lavished on the most significant automobiles from the classic era: the 1910s to early 1940s. Every page contains framable-quality portraits of some of the most important cars ever made, with each car accompanied by a short essay from automotive expert Peter Bodensteiner that places the model contextually within automotive history. Complete with period ads and promotional art, Art of the Classic Car is the most beautiful pictorial history of classic cars ever produced./div