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Ferns and Allied Plants

Author : R.M. Tryon
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This systematic treatment of the ferns and allied plants provides a modern classification of the Pteridophyta based on an assess ment of the wealth of new data published during the last few decades as well as on our own research. The accounts of the gen era include systematics, ecology, geography, spores and cytology and often other aspects of their biology. The scope of the work has involved all genera and the Old World species of those gen era represented in America. For a few American genera, that are especially complex in the Old World, it has been necessary to limit their treatment to the American representatives and this is specifically indicated in those cases. The eight American genera that do not occur in the tropics are treated in less detail. They are Camptosorus, Gymnocarpium, Matteuccia and Onoclea of North America, Arthropteris and Thyrsopteris of the Juan Fernandez Islands, Pleurosorus of southern South America, and the amphi tropical Cryptogramma. The complete generic nomenclature is included, except in a few specified cases where taxonomic complexities of the Old World elements have not been resolved. The synonyms and ac cepted names of subgeneric and sectional taxa are included only when pertinent to the generic nomenclature or to an infrageneric classification. Only the name of a publishing author is cited. There is no bibliographic purpose served by including the name of a person who was the source of, but did not validly publish, a name or epithet.

A History of British Ferns and Allied Plants

Author : Edward Newman
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New Zealand Ferns and Allied Plants

Author : P. J. Brownsey
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This essential reference is the only book that covers all ferns and allied plants which can be found in New Zealand. It is highly illustrated and contains botannical, English and Maori names.

The Ferns and Allied Plants of New England

Author : Alice F. Tryon
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Ferns and Allied Plants

Author : Rolla Milton Tryon
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Fern Ecology

Author : Klaus Mehltreter
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Ferns are an integral part of the world's flora, appreciated for their beauty as ornamentals, problematic as invaders and endangered by human interference. They often dominate forest understories but also colonize open areas, invade waterways and survive in nutrient-poor wastelands and eroded pastures. Presented here is the first comprehensive summary of fern ecology, with worldwide examples from Siberia to the islands of Hawaii. Topics include a brief history of the ecological study of ferns, a global survey of fern biogeography, fern population dynamics, the role of ferns in ecosystem nutrient cycles, their adaptations to xeric environments and future directions in fern ecology. Fully illustrated concepts and processes provide a framework for future research and utilization of ferns for graduate students and professionals in ecology, conservation and land management.

A Popular History of the British Ferns and the Allied Plants

Author : Thomas Moore
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Flora of Victoria

Author :
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The Ferns and Allied Plants of Pennsylvania

Author : Thomas R. Lord
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Three hundred million years ago, ferns dominated the earth's surface, forming extensive marshes and forests with heights of over twenty-five meters. Today, ferns and their allies are still abundantly represented in the plant world, with somewhere between 10,000 and 12,000 species identified and recognized. These nonflowering, nonseeding, highly vascular plants make up a major and ancient division in the plant kingdom called Pteridophytes. In the state of Pennsylvania, one can find more than 100 species of these highly specialized plants. While ferns are by far the largest division of the Pteridophyte group in the state, horsetails, clubmosses, spikemosses, and quillworts are the lesser-known members, frequently misidentified as relatives of more modern flowering plants. With more than 190 color photographs and descriptions of 96 different plants, recognizing each Pteridophyte is a relatively easy matter. The photos of the plants show them growing in their natural settings, which helps to establish a clearer picture of the common characteristics of the families and their likely habitats. Maps illustrate the distribution of the various species throughout the counties of Pennsylvania and across the United States. Taxonomic keys are also included for each of the groups to assist in identifying the plants based on their biology. Finally, the book provides the most common local names for the plants, making it useful for both the amateur naturalist and the professional botanist.

Illustrated Field Guide to Ferns and Allied Plants of the British Isles

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