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Fifty Shades of White

Author : Gary Edwards
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Lord Have Mercy

Author : Ellen Miller
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Just when you think you’ve got this wife and motherhood thing down . . . Your toddler expresses his inner Picasso on your freshly painted walls . . . In permanent marker. Your 14-year-old demonstrates her newly acquired modeling skills . . . via every social network known to man. Your husband pulls up in a new car that you can’t afford . . . and only has two seats. Lord, have mercy. What are they thinking? While motherhood is often a hysterical ride of pure joy, it can also hold some of the most mind-numbing, heartbreaking, and sacrificial moments of your life. In Lord, Have Mercy, popular author Ellen Miller writes to moms who could use a good laugh (and sometimes a good cry) as they live through the trials and triumphs of parenting in the 21st century. All-too-real, always honest, and often hilarious, each devotional is filled with personal stories to remind you that God is with you in both the big and small moments of motherhood—especially when you’re on your last nerve!

Yes Master Rise of the Witch

Author : Jason Kondrath
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Jeanie had long suffered her families, Mental, Emotional, Psychical, and Sexual abuse. She summoned the "Powers of Darkness" for help, and they did... for a price.They not only gave her protection, but vengeance. And no one was spared.In the aftermath, Jeanie met Mark, a man she loved more than life itself, and soon, she found herself pregnant. The two planned to wed, but Jeanie never told her fiancee about her past debts...

Decolonising the Literature Curriculum

Author : Charlotte B. Beyer
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This book explores pedagogical approaches to decolonising the literature curriculum through a range of practical and theoretically-informed case studies. Although decolonising the curriculum has been widely discussed in the academe and the media, sustained examinations of pedagogies involved in decolonising the literature at university level are still lacking in English and related subjects. This book makes a crucial contribution to these evolving discussions, presenting current and critically engaged pedagogical scholarship on decolonising the literature curriculum. Offering a broad spectrum of accessible chapters authored by experienced national and international academics, the book is structured into two parts, Texts and Contexts, presenting case studies on decolonising the literature curriculum which range from the undergraduate classroom, university writing centres, through to the literary doctorate. Charlotte Beyer is Senior Lecturer in English Studies at the University of Gloucestershire, UK.

Knocked Up by the Rockstar

Author : Christina Hovland
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Things just got serious... The only thing music publicist Courtney Lincoln dislikes more than knock-off sugary breakfast cereal is the hunky lead singer of her brother’s ridiculously popular band. A band on the rocks, again. Seems like this time it’ll take a miracle to save Dimefront. So when she discovers she’s pregnant following one teeny, tiny, mind-blowing morning with Brennan “Bax” Baxter, the timing is not great. Being a mom wasn’t part of her plan, but her plans just changed. Following the implosion of his engagement, Bax realizes he doesn’t want to lose Dimefront, too. But he’s finally let his guard down with Courtney in a steamy slip-up that ties them together as unlikely co-parents. The big problem? He broke the cardinal rule of music—don’t knock up the bass player’s little sister. Especially a little sister who sees straight through the façade he’s painstakingly curated. But he’s always wanted a family, and he’s being offered that chance. Plus, Courtney might just be exactly who he needs to keep him grounded. Even if the band can mend fences, there’s a baby on the way, and Courtney’s questioning everything she once thought. Bax is suddenly a dreamy boyfriend, but she isn’t convinced it’s authentic given all she knows about his rocker past. As the group heads out on what they hope is a reunion tour, Bax and Courtney have to figure out what’s real, what’s not, and if they can learn to finally trust each other…

The Routledge Research Companion to Popular Romance Fiction

Author : Jayashree Kamblé
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Popular romance fiction constitutes the largest segment of the global book market. Bringing together an international group of scholars, The Routledge Research Companion to Popular Romance Fiction offers a ground-breaking exploration of this global genre and its remarkable readership. In recognition of the diversity of the form, the Companion provides a history of the genre, an overview of disciplinary approaches to studying romance fiction, and critical analyses of important subgenres, themes, and topics. It also highlights new and understudied avenues of inquiry for future research in this vibrant and still-emerging field. The first systematic, comprehensive resource on romance fiction, this Companion will be invaluable to students and scholars, and accessible to romance readers.

21st Century Perspectives on Music Technology and Culture

Author : R. Purcell
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This collection presents a contemporary evaluation of the changing structures of music delivery and enjoyment. Exploring the confluence of music consumption, burgeoning technology, and contemporary culture; this volume focuses on issues of musical communities and the politics of media.

American Quaker Romances

Author : Carolina Fernández Rodríguez
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Quaker characters have peopled many an American literary work—most notably, "Uncle Tom’s Cabin"—as Quakerism has been historically associated with progressive attitudes and the advancement of social justice. With the rise in recent years of the Christian romance market, dominated by American Evangelical companies, there has been a renewed interest in fictional Quakers. In the historical Quaker romances analyzed in this book, Quaker heroines often devote time to spiritual considerations, advocate the sanctity of marriage and promote traditional family values. However, their concern with social justice also leads them to engage in subversive behavior and to question the status quo, as illustrated by heroines who are active on the Underground Railroad or are seen organizing the Seneca Falls convention. Though relatively liberal in terms of gender, Quaker romances are considerably less progressive when it comes to race relations. Thus, they reflect America’s conflicted relationship with its history of race and gender abuse, and the country’s tendency to both resist and advocate social change. Ultimately, Quaker romances reinforce the myth of America as a White and Christian nation, here embodied by the Quaker heroine, the all-powerful savior who rescues Native Americans, African Americans and Jews while conquering the hero’s heart.

Love Language Place and Identity in Popular Culture

Author : Ramos-Garcia Maria
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Business Vacation Interracial BWWM Workplace Romance

Author : Lolah Lace
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Millionaire businessman Grayson Peele of Grayson Enterprises finds himself in a bit of a jam. He is expected to bring a woman with him on an important business trip. The trip is designed for couples, a concept Grayson doesn’t believe in. Grayson has never been a relationship kind of guy. Although he is rich and handsome he has zero women on standby. With the clock ticking, a random sighting forces Grayson to pick a beautiful stranger. Can two people with nothing in common spend seven days in paradise without killing each other? Or will the intense heat spark a desire they both can’t seem to put out? Business Vacation is a standalone novel. BWWM, workplace romance, office romance, BWWM interracial, billionaire romance, interracial romance books, bwwm books, interracial romance, interracial drama romance, bwwm pregnancy romance, alpha male romance books, alpha male bwwm, bad boy romance books, interracial fiction, second chance romance, alpha male, steamy romance books, standalone romance, romantic fiction, contemporary romance books, hot romance books, love story, romance books, romantic fiction, romance fiction books, bwwm series, bwwm romance, bwwm interracial romance books, African American romance, black authors books, black women books