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Investigation and Prevention of Financial Crime

Author : Petter Gottschalk
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So long as there are weaknesses that can be exploited for gain, companies, other organizations and private individuals will be taken advantage of. This theoretically-based but hugely practical book focuses on what is generally seen as financial or economic crime: theft, fraud, manipulation, and corruption. Petter Gottschalk considers how, in some competitive environments, goals can 'legitimise' all kinds of means, and how culture can exert a role in relation to what is seen as acceptable or unacceptable behaviour by individuals. In Investigation and Prevention of Financial Crime he addresses important topics including organized crime, money laundering, cyber crime, corruption in law enforcement agencies, and whistleblowing, and provides expert advice about strategies for the use of intelligence to combat financial crime. The uniqueness of his approach to the subject lies in the way he is able to explain intelligence and intelligence processes in the wider context of knowledge and knowledge management. The numerous case studies throughout the book illustrate the 'policing' of financial crime from an intelligence, knowledge management and systems perspective. Law enforcers, lawyers, security personnel, consultants and investigators, as well as those in auditing and accountancy and with responsibilities for containing risk in banks, other financial institutions and in businesses generally, will find this an invaluable source of practical guidance. The book will also be of interest to advanced students and researchers in criminology and police science.

Corporate Responses to Financial Crime

Author : Petter Gottschalk
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Economic and Financial Crime

Author : Monica Violeta Achim
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This book deals with the widespread economic and financial crime issues of corruption, the shadow economy and money laundering. It investigates both the theoretical and practical aspects of these crimes, identifying their effects on economic, social and political life. This book presents these causes and effects with a state of the art review and with recent empirical research. It compares the international and transnational aspects of these economic and financial crimes through discussion and critical analysis. This volume will be of interest to researchers and policy makers working to study and prevent economic and financial crime, white collar crime, and organized crime.

Financial Crimes Psychological Technological and Ethical Issues

Author : Michel Dion
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This book on the psychology of white collar criminals discusses various cases of financial crime, while also attempting to delve into the minds of the criminals in question. The literature on this topic is growing as it gains momentum in the scientific field, as a result of the extremely negative impact white collar crime has on its victims. Because there is considerable damage and vulnerability from these crimes, it is important to begin to classify them, and to understand the minds of those that commit these offenses. While the current literature is not extensive, this work provides a closer look into the various ethical and legal facets of financial crime, and helps to uncover the social, psychological and neurobiological factors that intersect in the minds of those criminals.

Bulletin on Economic Crime Enforcement

Author :
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Policing Financial Crime

Author : Petter Gottschalk
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Policing Financial Crime presents theories of financial crime, stages of financial crime, and criminal entrepreneurship. Response, regulation, and prevention of financial crime are described in terms of police intelligence strategy, intelligence information sources, and information systems. By combining insights into the broad variety of financial crime types and behaviors and alternative law enforcement approaches, this book provides a unique insight into the growing local and global phenomena of financial crime.

Banks and Financial Crime

Author : William Blair
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This book examines the problems banks face in regard to money laundering and its links with terrorist organisations, and considers the legal solutions required to remedy them.

The Law Relating to Financial Crime in the United Kingdom

Author : Karen Harrison
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Outlining the different types of financial crime and its impact, this book is a user-friendly, up-to-date guide to the regulatory processes, systems and legislation which exist in the UK. Each chapter has a similar structure and covers individual financial crimes such as money laundering, terrorist financing, fraud, insider dealing, market abuse and bribery and corruption. Offences are summarized and their extent is evaluated using national and international documents. Detailed assessments of financial institutions and regulatory bodies are made and the achievements of these institutions are analysed. Sentencing and policy options for different financial crimes are included and suggestions are made as to how criminal proceeds might be recovered. Drawing the different themes of the book together, the final chapter makes recommendations for the future and will provoke further thought and discussion on this topical subject. Each chapter also has a section on Recommending Reading. It will be a valuable resource for students studying vocational courses and will be a key text for undergraduate and post-graduate students in law schools, departments of criminal justice and business schools.

Financial Crime in the EU

Author : Helen Xhanthaki
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In eighteen incisive essays, leading European authorities in the field provide in-depth discussion of such elements of the subject as methodologies for collecting criminal records, the authorities maintaining such records, the contents of such records and who has access to them, and conflicts with human rights and privacy legislation. The authors show that these factors and others vary enormously from country to country.

Financial Crimes

Author : Maximilian Edelbacher
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Financial market reform has focused chiefly on the threats to stability arising from the risky, uncontrolled activity of the leaders of financial institutions. Nevertheless, organized crime, white-collar crime, and corruption have a huge impact on financial systems worldwide and must also be confronted if true reform is to be achieved. A collection

Financial Crime Investigation and Control

Author : K. H. Spencer Pickett
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The indispensable guide to detecting and solving financial crime inthe office Low-level financial crimes are a fact of life in the modernworkplace. Individually these crimes are rarely significant enoughto warrant the hiring of professional investigators, but if leftunchecked, small crimes add up to big losses. In companies withoutdedicated fraud investigators, detecting and solving low-levelcrimes generally falls to managers and internal auditors. FinancialCrime Investigation and Control offers tips, tools, and techniquesto help professionals who lack investigative experience stem thetide of small financial crimes before it becomes a tsunami. Inside you'll find expert guidance on investigating and uncoveringcommon types of fraud, including: * Credit card fraud * Consumer fraud * Kickbacks * Bid rigging * Inflated invoices * Inventory theft * Theft of cash * Travel and subsistence claims * Check fraud * ID fraud * Ghost employees * Misappropriation schemes * Computer-related crime * Financial statement fraud

Handbook of Research on Theory and Practice of Financial Crimes

Author : Rafay, Abdul
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Black money and financial crime are emerging global phenomena. During the last few decades, corrupt financial practices were increasingly being monitored in many countries around the globe. Among a large number of problems is a lack of general awareness about all these issues among various stakeholders including researchers and practitioners. The Handbook of Research on Theory and Practice of Financial Crimes is a critical scholarly research publication that provides comprehensive research on all aspects of black money and financial crime in individual, organizational, and societal experiences. The book further examines the implications of white-collar crime and practices to enhance forensic audits on financial fraud and the effects on tax enforcement. Featuring a wide range of topics such as ethical leadership, cybercrime, and blockchain, this book is ideal for policymakers, academicians, business professionals, managers, IT specialists, researchers, and students.

Trade Based Financial Crime Compliance

Author : James E. Byrne
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Effectiveness of Law Enforcement Against Financial Crime

Author : United States. Congress. House. Committee on Banking, Finance, and Urban Affairs
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Fighting Financial Crime in the Global Economic Crisis

Author : Nicholas Ryder
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Many commentators, regulatory agencies and politicians have blamed the risky behaviour of both financial institutions and their actors for the collapse of the United States sub-prime mortgage market which in turn precipitated the global 'Credit Crunch'. This edited volume explores how financial crime played a significant role in the global economic crisis. The volume features contributions from internationally renowned academic and practitioner experts in the field who pinpoint some of the most important facets of financial crime which have emerged over recent years. Key subjects include: the possibility of criminalising reckless risk-taking on the financial markets; the duty of banks to prevent money-laundering and corruption; the growth of the Shadow Banking System; and the manipulation of LIBOR by banks. The book illustrates the global nature of financial crime, and highlights the complex relationships between regulatory bodies, law enforcement agencies and private actors in the attempt to limit the harmful effect of white collar crime on the stability of the financial sector. This book will be of great use and interest to scholars, practitioners and students within the field of financial crime, banking and finance law, and international political economy.

Corporate Ethics and Financial Crime in Banks

Author : Shah Md. Ahsan Habib
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Fraud Financial Crime and Money Laundering

Author : Hugh McDermott
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Research Handbook on International Financial Crime

Author : Barry Rider
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A significant proportion of serious crime is economically motivated. Almost all financial crimes will be either motivated by greed, or the desire to cover up misconduct. This Handbook addresses financial crimes such as fraud, corruption and money laundering, and highlights both the risks presented by these crimes, as well as their impact on the economy. The contributors cover the practical issues on the topic on a transnational level, both in terms of the crimes and the steps taken to control them. They place an emphasis on the prevention, disruption and control of financial crime. They discuss, in eight parts, the nature and characteristics of economic and financial crime, The enterprise of crime, business crime, the financial sector at risk, fraud, corruption, The proceeds of financial and economic crime, and enforcement and control. Academics interested in criminology, law, as well as business and legal studies students will find this book to be an invaluable resource. Practitioners, including lawyers, compliance and risk managements, law enforcement officers, and policy makers will also find the points raised to be of use.

Virtual Economies and Financial Crime

Author : Clare Chambers-Jones
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Virtual economies and financial crime are ever-growing, increasingly significant facets to banking, finance and anti-money laundering regulations on an international scale. In this pathbreaking and timely book, these two important issues are explored together for the first time in the same place. Clare Chambers-Jones examines the jurisprudential elements of cyber law in the context of virtual economic crime and explains how virtual economic crime can take place in virtual worlds. She looks at the multi-layered and interconnected issues association with the increasing trend of global and virtual banking via the 'Second Life' MMOG (Massively Multiplayer Online Game). Through this fascinating case study, the author illustrates how virtual worlds have created a second virtual economy which transgresses into the real, creating economic, political and social issues. Loopholes used by criminals to launder money through virtual worlds (given the lack of jurisdictional consensus on detection and prosecution) are also highlighted. The importance of providing legal clarity over jurisdictional matters in cyberspace is an increasing concern for policymakers and regulators, and this book provides a wealth of information on new aspects of cyber law and virtual economics. As such, it will prove essential reading for academics, students, researchers and policymakers across the fields of law generally, and more specifically, financial law and regulation, finance, money and banking, and economic crime.

Financial System Abuse Financial Crime and Money Laundering Background Paper

Author : International Monetary Fund. Policy Development and Review Dept.
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