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Finding Love Again

Author : Terri Orbuch
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Based on a groundbreaking 25-year study of marriage, divorce, and new love-finding the right one just became 100% possible. Whether you're divorced or separated, out of a long-term relationship, or newly dating after a long break, Finding Love Again will help you prepare for a healthy and fulfilling new relationship. Brimming with stunning original findings, first-person stories, and eye-opening advice, Finding Love Again shows you simple, practical strategies that have been shown time and again to help singles find someone special. Dr. Terri L. Orbuch, renowned relationship expert and director of a pioneering relationship study, shows you: • Eight relationship myths that are sabotaging your love life. • Why singles who have little or no contact with an ex's family find love at significantly higher rates than singles who keep in close contact with their ex-in-laws. • How singles who make one change to their daily routine-and stick with it for at least 21 days-are twice as likely to find new love. • Why the happiest couples in new relationships are the ones who don't share bank accounts. Finding Love Again shows proven strategies that can help anyone find love again.

Finding Love Again

Author : Connie Merritt
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Offers advice on where to meet men, how to handle blind dates, how to know which men to avoid, and how to develop a lasting relationship

Mars And Venus Starting Over

Author : John Gray
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Everybody wants a love that will last forever. . . but for many reasons relationships end. Each year millions of people are widowed, break up with their long-term partner or get divorced. The healing period after such a loss can be difficult, but getting over the grief, anger and pain can be much easier with expert help. In this book, relationship expert and dynamo John Gray offers comfort and empowering advice on how to overcome loss and gain the confidence to meet new people and engage in new relationships. There is hope. For the millions of newly single people in the UK, Mars and Venus Single Again is like a lifeguard at the dating pool.

Learning to Love Again

Author : Mel Krantzler
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From Mel Krantzler, a licensed marriage and family counselor, the nationally acclaimed, bestselling author of Creative Divorce, and director of the Creative Divorce/Learning to Love Again Counseling Centers, comes another insightful, helpful, and energizing book that brings hope to those emotionally devastated by the loss of a love. What happens next? Just when you thought it would never happen again, love comes back into your life. You can survive the explosive realities that losing love brings, but how do you know when, and if, you are ready for love again? Are you having trouble finding the “right” man or woman? Are you afraid of making another “mistake”? Do you keep getting involved in short-term relationships? Are you beginning to think that finding love is a matter of luck? Mel Krantzler has led ongoing seminars on the subject of finding love, and Learning to Love Again provides clear guidelines and challenging steps that lead from loneliness to love: The Remembered-Pain Stage—absorbing a blow from the past The Questing-Experimental Stage—surveying the possibilities The Selective-Distancing Stage—a cautious step forward The Creative-Commitment Stage—where enduring love begins Mel Krantzler draws on the real stories of real people who are learning to love again, to live together, to marry, to be step-parents, and to build satisfying new lives. He shares his experiences in applying the principles of creative commitment to his own remarriage. Learning to Love Again is the best guide for married, single, or divorced men and women. Here is how you can create a new beginning by learning to love again today!

Finding Love After Loss

Author : Marti Benedetti
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Finding Love After Loss is a friendly guide to dating after the death of a spouse. Through interviews with widows and advice from experts in the field, this book details the singular challenges of women who are looking for love again after the loss of a partner--and the unexpected ways they are shaping their new lives.

Falling in Love Again

Author : Ruskin Bond
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Once I saw her, leaning over the balcony railing. I stopped the taxi and waved to her. She waved back, smiling like the sun breaking through clouds. Suffused with warmth and passion, the stories in Falling in Love Again showcase the myriad variations of romantic love-fleeting, intimate, joyous, heartbreaking. Featuring classic stories by Ruskin Bond, such as 'The Eyes Have It' and 'The Girl from Copenhagen', this stirring collection captures the range of feelings that are indubitably part of the infinite spectrum of love.

Falling in Love Again

Author : Monica B. Morris
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This empowering resource for mature women who are looking for romance and companionship has been written by a relationship expert who found herself in this same situation later in life.

Finding Love Again A Gay Love Story M M Romance

Author : Topher James
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William knew he’d never walk again. He’d lost that part of his life… but he never thought he’d lose more. Lose his wife. Lose his life. The injury changed everything. They injury stole everything. He was ready to give up hope. The only thing he still lived for was his physical therapy sessions. The only thing he still lived for was his budding friendship with his therapist, Lucius. The man was kind and gentle, listened and helped. He was the only support William had. And to William’s surprise, he realized that he was beginning to fall in love with his physical therapist. Now… now an ex-wife and ex-life later, he’s finding a reason to hope again. To live again. And… to love again. Finding Love Again is an emotional and sensitive gay romance novella that sees the main character, William, lose everything he ever held dear in his life. But he perseveres, and with the help of his physical therapist Lucius, finds hope, life, and love again. This gay M/M romance contains steamy, passionate scenes of an explicit nature.

Finding Love Everywhere

Author : Robert Holden
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"May Robert's wonderful life and work and heart keep helping others to know that inherent in life . . . is Love." - from the foreword by Daniel Ladinsky "I didn't have much time for poetry when I was young," Robert Holden writes in the introduction to this elegant and inspiring book. "Maybe I was in too much of a hurry. . . . Fortunately for me, one poem after another found their way through my defenses and came to my rescue. Slowly, but surely, I began to see that inside each poem there was a gift waiting for me. A gift to help open up something inside of me-a new awareness, an epiphany, a cure for loneliness, renewed courage, and a call to action." Finding Love Everywhere offers that same gift to you. A luminous collection of original poetry set within a framework of deep wisdom from an acclaimed teacher, it invites you on a journey that will move you and transform you as you awaken to the awareness of love's presence all around you. The 66½ poems in these pages "are meditations with lyrics," Robert explains. "They invite you to be wise, to choose love, and to live your most authentic life."

You Can Love Again

Author : Jan Haldane
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"This book is for women who have been badly burnt by relationships. Very often it is much safer to stay home with a good book, the cat and a glass of wine than taking the risk of trying to find love again. Believe it or not, there are good men out there looking for love. Finding them may necessitate kissing a few frogs, but the result is worth it. There is lasting love out there waiting for you if you are willing to do the inner work necessary to attract love to you. This book will show you how to release the thoughts that may have served to protect you in the past, but now hold you back from the true love you deserve. You will learn what you need to be happy in a relationship and what type of relationship suits your current life stage. I can promise you that this book will change the way you think about relationships including your relationship with yourself"--Back cover.

Finding Love from 9 to 5

Author : Jane Merrill
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Employees of both sexes share the work environment, and a mishandled office romance can be disastrous for love, a life partnership, or a career. Avoid the pitfalls of love-at-work—from the corner office to the online "friend"—with this 21st-century guide. * Reveals original data from 774 adults who completed an online survey and interviews with 70 people who have experienced an office romance * Provides a roadmap for navigating the brave new world of office romance that specifies the etiquette of workplace relationships and addresses issues involving email, text messages, Facebook, MySpace, and Twitter * Contains chapters with compelling content such as "What HE is Thinking," "When the Office Romance Becomes Sexual," "Dating up and Down the Ranks," and "Marry Your Office Love?" * Describes office policies, including love contracts

3 Mistakes

Author : Regina Rogers-Ellison
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It is possible to find love again! Imagine if you could find love again and start looking forward to your new life. Over a period of time, people change and their energy shifts. Because the excitement has passed and couples become comfortable. Besides that, when people experience a break-down in communication or the relationship severed from a divorce or a separation, break-downs and break-ups leave each person with feelings of loss. Therefore, they give up, making it hard to believe or even imagine being in a fulfilling relationship again.Even if you're single, married, separated, divorced, or currently in a committed relationship, you can attract love and be in a fulfilling relationship. 3 Mistakes That Stop You from Finding Love Again will help you discover how to...- Let go of the disappointment or pain from your past- Stop experiencing unfulfilling relationships- Experience love againIf you're ready to STOP making these three crucial mistakes and experience a fulfilling relationship, this book is for you!

The Courage to Love Again

Author : Sheila Ellison
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For many divorced women, the prospect of reentering the dating game is a daunting one. Too often they are afraid of another failure and of not being able to get past their own feelings of inadequacy. This fear of intimacy with another man keeps many single mothers from sticking their toes back in the relationship waters. The challenges of raising children, supporting a family, managing household chores, and money concerns only make moving on with life that much harder. Now, Sheila Ellison uses her warmth, wisdom, and personal experience to provide women with the tools they need to overcome the inner and outer obstacles to finding healthy, happy love. This book will show you how to find the courage to look at your mistakes, accept your choices, forgive yourself, and go on to a place of self-acceptance and love. Part One explores the inward journey-how we learn to love and to accept who we are, and how to gain the courage to get rid of the old patterns and make room for new ideas and dreams. Part Two is about the outward journey toward a healthy new relationship. This is the exciting part, where you put your newfound self-knowledge into action. Miracles do happen! says Sheila Ellison. You do deserve it all, and you can have it all if you follow the steps presented here. The Courage to Love Again is your blueprint to finding an enduring, loving relationship.

Finding Love at Home

Author : Jerry S. Eicher
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From bestselling Amish fiction author Jerry Eicher, here's another charming book about life among the Plain People. All Debbie Watson wanted to do was join the Amish and live a simpler life. But when she moved in with her Amish neighbors, the Beiler family, she had no idea the turmoil that lay ahead. As this final book in The Beiler Sisters series opens, Debbie is poised to marry Alvin Knepp, the Amish farmer she's loved all along. Ida Beiler is recovering from the tragic loss of her husband-to-be in a farming accident, while her younger sister, Lois, is still running away from her faith. Debbie takes it all in stride as she brings calm to the sorrowing Beiler family while finding happiness with the young man of her dreams. Book 3 in The Beiler Sisters series

Secrets of Dating After Fifty

Author : Karen Haddigan
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Secrets of Dating After Fifty: The Insider's Guide to Finding Love Again was created to throw a life raft to people over 50 who find themselves single again after being in a marriage or relationship for decades.Two women, one in her fifties, the other in her sixties, take us on a wild ride through their screw-ups and successes as they learn to navigate the waters of dating later in life.

Love Again After Heartbreak

Author : Alan Fiorelli
File Size : 52.35 MB
Format : PDF, ePub, Mobi
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Finding happiness after heartbreak begins here! You may think your pain might never go away, but in this Love Again After Heartbreak book, you'll discover how to feel at peace starting today. This Love Again After Heartbreak book will help you answer these questions: - How to recover from and move past your heartbreak - How to rebuild your confidence and increase your self-worth - How to trust even if you've previously suffered betrayal - How to get over past and present rejection - How to open your heart, flip your beliefs about love and love again - How to find your life partner when you don't have hope - Where to find your partner when you've searched everywhere - Where to find emotionally available partners when they don't seem to exist - How to know when you've found the needle in the haystack - The one best thing you can do today to find love

Finding Love Again

Author : Sam Heartland
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A pure romance, between a woman called Maria, who has lost her mother and a charming young gentleman called John, who has lost his father. Both have been blamed for their parents death, but, during the course of this romantic short story, sweet love will ensue. A great addition to any collection of romantic stories. Finding Love Again will give hope to all who have lost love.

From Suddenly Single to Finding Love Again The Only Proven Dating Guide You ll Ever Need

Author : Darren Joseph
File Size : 44.40 MB
Format : PDF, Docs
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If you find yourself single again, then this is the only dating book you'll ever need. I know, that is a BIG statement. But this book has come from real life encounters from the author who has f**ked it up more times that he cares to remember. Through his real life experiences, you get to fast track yourself through being successfully single and ultimately finding love again. You will be taken on a journey from being comfortable with who you are, to exploring what dating options are out there, understanding what has changed from when you were younger and of course, what to do on your first and second dates. Other really important tips you will learn, are: What is your Elevator Pitch? How should you compile your online profile when dating? Where to look for LOVE? What to talk about on your first date? Do you have a list of qualities you are seeking from your future love? All these... and more are covered in this book.

Finding Love Next Door

Author : Riya Agarwal
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Format : PDF, ePub
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When a naughty girl is thrown out of the school, then her parents are forced to take some action. Life plays a game with her, game of love. Who will win this game? Rabia or Destiny?

Falling in Love Again

Author : Monica Morris
File Size : 55.43 MB
Format : PDF, Docs
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