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Finding Your Best Self Revised Edition

Author : Lisa M. Najavits
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Addiction and trauma are two of the most common and difficult issues that people face. In this motivating book, leading expert Lisa Najavits explains the link between addiction and trauma and presents science-based self-help strategies that you can use no matter where you are in your recovery. Every chapter features inspiring words from people who have "been there," plus carefully designed reflection questions, exercises, and other practical tools. Learn how you can: *Build coping skills so that the future is better than the past. *Keep yourself safe and find support. *Set your own goals and make a plan to achieve them at your own pace. *Choose compassion over self-blame and shame. *Move toward your best self--the person you want to be. If you are a family member or friend seeking to support a loved one--or a helping professional--this book is also for you. Now in a convenient large-size format, the revised edition features added materials for professional and peer counselors. First edition title: Recovery from Trauma, Addiction, or Both. Mental health professionals, see also the author's Seeking Safety: A Treatment Manual for PTSD and Substance Abuse, which presents an evidence-based treatment approach developed specifically for PTSD and substance abuse.

7 Divine Laws to Awaken Your Best Self

Author : Swami Mukundananda
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'Just as heat is inherent in fire, so is our desire to become better.' Why are personal growth and life transformation so difficult? Does Creation wish that we fail? Of course not! The purpose behind the Universe's grand design is to make us succeed. Our own unawareness of the laws of the Universe creates the impediment. Just as physical phenomena are regulated by laws, there are spiritual principles governing the journey of life as well. Knowledge of them helps us understand why success comes so easily to some but remains a struggle for others; why some are still putting on their shoes, while others have finished the race. The beauty is that, like the physical laws of nature, the divine principles governing happiness and fulfilment in life are also eternally valid. In this book, Swami Mukundananda explains the 7 divine laws in an easily graspable manner. With knowledge of the Vedic scriptures and witty anecdotes that everyone can relate to, this book will empower you to become the best version of yourself.

Seven Soulful Secrets for Finding Your Purpose and Minding Your Mission

Author : Stephanie Stokes Oliver
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From the author of Daily Cornbread, Seven Soulful Secrets will motivate women to become not just better than they are but the best they can be. In a tone that is as encouraging and comforting as your favorite quilt, veteran journalist and NiaOnline editor in chief Stephanie Stokes Oliver shows women of all ages how to get the most out of life by finding their purpose and minding their mission. In seven wonderfully crafted chapters, Stokes Oliver reveals her soulful secrets in a simple but potent acronym that spells PURPOSE. Purpose: plan, persevere, and follow your own personal mission Ultimacy: release your best, “ultimate” self Relaxation: reduce stress and incorporate daily self-care into your routine Positivity: claim the joy in your life and celebrate yourself Optimum health: make the commitment to self-improvement, health, and fitness Spirituality: develop and maintain a connection to God/Spirit Esteem: boost your self-esteem and create healthy relationships At once a practical how-to book and a spiritual guide, Seven Soulful Secrets speaks directly to the African American women who embraced Daily Cornbread and to all women eager to live a life that is authentic, vibrant, and fulfilling.

Leading from Your Best Self Develop Executive Poise Presence and Influence to Maximize Your Potential

Author : Rob Salafia
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Proven techniques for building self-confidence, making personal connections, and developing a professional presence that’s powerful, authentic, and effective. Increase your poise, presence, and influence for more dynamic leadership Are you showing up as the best version of yourself? Are you aware of how others experience you? By cultivating executive poise and presence, we not only improve how others see us but enhance our capacity to lead a life of our choosing. While leadership styles may vary, all great leaders are able to connect with others while staying true to themselves. By remaining true to the best aspects of your personality, you too, will be able to lead effectively in every situation. Leading from Your Best Self delivers a roadmap for developing the poise, presence, and influence needed to succeed at work and in life. As a theater professional, Rob Salafia cultivated a mindset of excellence and learned how to truly connect with his audiences by tapping into and developing his own intrinsic gifts as a performer. He realized that these skills could be put to great use in the business world where it is just as important to build authentic connections with key stakeholders—in this case, employees, bosses, and customers. Now, he shares his insights with you, making this book the next best thing to having your own personal executive coach. Through specific techniques, activities, and personal stories, Salafia illustrates how to tap into your own inner resources and experiences, show up with greater self-confidence, and make the shift to more inclusive modes of leading. He shares exercises and narratives from real-life clients who have struggled and succeeded to break past their self-imposed limitations. Leading from Your Best Self shows you how to: •Be present and open•Discover your Signature Stance•Maintain poise under the most stressful of situations•Create a solid foundation of self-confidence and your own genuine leadership style•Develop a System for Learning, a Platform for Failure, and a Mindset of Excellence•Connect authentically with others and build lasting relationships based on trust•Use storytelling and metaphor to make your messages meaningful and memorable•Understand the sources of influence and power within organizations•Create a culture of learning within your own team and organization Everyone has the capacity to be extraordinary by appreciating and nurturing their best qualities and gifts. This book will help you uncover yours and reach your true potential as a leader and communicator.

The Cornhill Magazine

Author : William Makepeace Thackeray
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Fast This Way Burn Fat Heal Inflammation and Eat Like the High Performing Human You Were Meant to Be

Author : Dave Asprey
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Break the rules, not the fast with world-renowned biohacker and New York Times bestselling author Dave Asprey.

Culture and Anarchy

Author : Matthew Arnold
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Finding Your Best Self

Author : Rhonda Robinson
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My prayer is that this book will cause YOU to reach deeper inside yourself, your soul into FINDING YOUR BEST SELF. In this season you are called to increase the characteristics that you have not tapped into. Now is the time to manifest your full potential. I am here to remind you that your life has a major purpose here on earth. As you read this book, my hope is that you will learn that your soul requires feeding and nourishment in order to blossom. Read and be blessed.

Every Saturday

Author :
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Happy Healthy Strong

Author : Rachael Finch
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An inspirational, life-affirming and beautiful health/wellness & recipe book from Rachael Finch. Rachael Finch is the poster girl for living a wholesome, holistic life. As a result, she is addicted to feeling amazing - and wants everyone else to feel amazing too. As a health coach, television host, model, social-media star and mum, she knows what it is to lead a busy life, and she also knows how easy it is to take shortcuts with your health when you're under pressure. But Rachael passionately believes life is too short to feel unhappy about yourself, and it's her goal to help transform the lives of other women to encourage them to live happy, healthy and strong. An inspiring, affirming and beautiful guide to looking and feeling great, inside and out, Happy Healthy Strong contains 85+ delicious clean wholefood recipes as well as a two-week vitality plan to kickstart your new self. Full of inspiring health and wellness principles, advice on mindfulness and work/life balance, as well as confidence-boosting tips, affirmations and goal setting, Happy Healthy Strong is all about loving your body, loving yourself, and achieving your best, happiest and healthiest self.