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Finsta Graphics

Author : Finsta
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Finsta is one of the most eye-catching illustrators and designers of the European graffiti scene, whose work has, over the past few years, spread far beyond his native Sweden. His paintings, comic strips, street art, graffiti styles and commercial work all share the same, unique style. Influenced by comic artists such as Robert Crumb and Jim Phillips, Finsta's work is always full of the unexpected and humour.

Tools and Algorithms for the Construction and Analysis of Systems

Author : Kurt Jensen
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This volume contains the proceedings of the 10th International Conference on Tools and Algorithms for the Construction and Analysis of Systems (TACAS 2004). TACAS 2004 took place in Barcelona, Spain, from March 29th to April 2nd, as part of the 7th European Joint Conferences on Theory and Practice of Software (ETAPS 2004), whose aims, organization, and history are detailed in a foreword by the ETAPS Steering Committee Chair, Jos ́ e Luiz Fiadeiro. TACAS is a forum for researchers, developers, and users interested in ri- rously based tools for the construction and analysis of systems. The conference serves to bridge the gaps between di?erent communities including, but not - mited to, those devoted to formal methods, software and hardware veri?cation, static analysis, programming languages, software engineering, real-time systems, and communication protocols that share common interests in, and techniques for, tool development. In particular, by providing a venue for the discussion of common problems, heuristics, algorithms, data structures, and methodologies, TACAS aims to support researchers in their quest to improve the utility, rel- bility, ?exibility, and e?ciency of tools for building systems. TACASseekstheoreticalpaperswithaclearlinktotoolconstruction,papers describingrelevantalgorithmsandpracticalaspectsoftheirimplementation,- pers giving descriptions of tools and associated methodologies, and case studies with a conceptual message.

The Creative Critic

Author : Katja Hilevaara
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As practitioner-researchers, how do we discuss and analyse our work without losing the creative drive that inspired us in the first place? Built around a diverse selection of writings from leading researcher-practitioners and emerging artists in a variety of fields, The Creative Critic: Writing as/about Practice celebrates the extraordinary range of possibilities available when writing about one’s own work and the work one is inspired by. It re-thinks the conventions of the scholarly output to propose that critical writing be understood as an integral part of the artistic process, and even as artwork in its own right. Finding ways to make the intangible nature of much of our work ‘count’ under assessment has become increasingly important in the Academy and beyond. The Creative Critic offers an inspiring and useful sourcebook for students and practitioner-researchers navigating this area. Please see the companion site to the book,, where some of the chapters have become unfixed from the page.

Deutsche Nationalbibliografie

Author : Die deutsche Nationalbibliothek
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Business America

Author :
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Media Literacy

Author : W. James Potter
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Media Literacy teaches students how to navigate through the overwhelming flood of information found in today’s media-saturated world. Drawing from thousands of media research studies, author W. James Potter explores key components to understanding the fascinating world of mass media. Potter presents examples and facts to help students understand how the media operate, how they attract attention, and how they influence the public. Chapters conclude with exercises to help readers apply the material to everyday life and improve their media literacy. The Tenth Edition integrates a stronger focus on digital media, features a streamlined organization, and updates facts to keep readers informed on the rapidly changing media phenomenon. Also of Interest Seven Skills of Media Literacy, also by Potter, provides readers with the practical guidance they need to make substantial improvements on seven major skills. Bundle the supplement with Media Literacy, Tenth Edition for even more savings.

Iconography 2

Author : Bill Cranfield
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You see them every day, they are part of all our lives, but have you every stopped to consider how they were created and what makes them ICONS? For a designer, icons are indepensable. In this book we take a close-up look at the world of icons through the eyes of some of today's foremost graphic artists.

Encyclopedia of Information Systems and Services

Author :
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Author : Ric Blackshaw
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Like no other musical form, dance culture has produced a staggering amount of visual, stylistic, and graphic creativity. Scrawl explores the startling images that have come out of this culture over the past ten years. Images from sources as diverse as graffiti tagging and ancient religions are collated here via colour copiers, cheap scanners, Apple Macs, the spray can, and the indelible marker creating a truly contemporary expression.

Colour Me Pictoplasma

Author : Alex Fuchs
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This limited edition, Colour Me, Pictoplasma! Character Colouring and Activity Book, allows you to join forces with the international masters of cute and cool: its 80 pages of illustration outlines are hungry for color, its connect-the-dots mysteries and spot-the-difference games cry out for your pencil, and its character puzzles and labyrinths are printed on rough 'n' tough coloring paper covered in a high-gloss dust jacket and packed in a lovingly customized bag with a surprise poster and other mouth-watering goodies. Includes illustrated double spreads by the global superstars of contemporary graphics, illustration, character design and urban art, including Genevieve Gauckler of France, The London Police of the Netherlands, Gary Baseman and Dalek of the U.S., Jon Burgerman of the U.K., Nathan Jurevicius of Australia, and many, many more. Rainy-day fun for your inner child.