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Miscellanies of Divinitie Divided Into Three Books

Author : Edward Kellett
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The Theological Eclectic

Author :
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A Cyclop dia of Biblical Literature

Author : John Kitto
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Proceedings of the 1979 Academy of Marketing Science AMS Annual Conference

Author : Howard S. Gitlow
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This volume includes the full proceedings from the 1979 Academy of Marketing Science (AMS) Annual Conference held in Miami, Florida. It provides a variety of quality research in the fields of marketing theory and practice in areas such as consumer behaviour, marketing management, marketing education and international marketing, among others. Founded in 1971, the Academy of Marketing Science is an international organization dedicated to promoting timely explorations of phenomena related to the science of marketing in theory, research, and practice. Among its services to members and the community at large, the Academy offers conferences, congresses and symposia that attract delegates from around the world. Presentations from these events are published in this Proceedings series, which offers a comprehensive archive of volumes reflecting the evolution of the field. Volumes deliver cutting-edge research and insights, complimenting the Academy’s flagship journals, the Journal of the Academy of Marketing Science (JAMS) and AMS Review. Volumes are edited by leading scholars and practitioners across a wide range of subject areas in marketing science.

Deliverance Prayer for Middle Born

Author : Tella Olayeri
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Middle born children are great. They are children that can’t be pushed over or push aside. This alone makes them be in the eyes of everybody. One middle born can change the history of a nation, in the like of Judah in the bible. He affects the history of Israel and the world at large this day. As our Lord Savior, Jesus Christ is referred to as the Lion of the tribe of Judah! This book exposes details of how you can excel and silence enemies of your soul. This book is also loaded with acidic prayer points that will pave way for you and route out every enemy that stands on your way. The fact that you are equated to the Sea of Galilee in this book makes you acceptable wherever you go. Heaven is your limit, not sky. With prayers and counsels in this book, good doors shall open to you, lost glories shall come back, while you shall be envied of great things God shall do in your life. Just march on, you are a champion.

Developing Metrics for Equity Diversity and Competition

Author : Anthony Kelly
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Developing Metrics for Equity, Diversity and Competition is a groundbreaking book in the field of educational research. Equity, diversity and competition are critical to our understanding of social justice and the provision of effective education for everyone, and this book develops a new coherent scientific approach to measuring them. New theory and methodologies based on previous research by the author are introduced in school and university settings. They are mathematical in nature, but have a wide range of applications within mixed-methods approaches and include: warranted weighting systems for constructing league tables game theoretic approaches to analysing power and influence indices for measuring equity in student attainment indices for measuring competition modelling the educational awards market calculating the optimal size of research groups measuring diversity. The book is an ideal resource for educational researchers, policy-makers and high-level practitioners, and those who want to explore the possibilities of using novel approaches to address the problems faced by schools, colleges and universities in the new education landscape.

Select Treatises of S Athanasius in Controversy with the Arians

Author : Saint Athanasius (Patriarch of Alexandria)
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Calmet s Great Dictionary of the Holy Bible

Author : Augustin Calmet
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The Desire of Ages

Author : Ellen Gould White
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Another book in the series of theological interpretations of the Seventh Day Adventists, this book cover the life and ministry of Jesus and she tells quite a different story about Jesus compared to the rest of her contemporaries since she heavily relies on mystical experience in order to make her theological conclusions. Like her other books this one has been fought against by theologians in all times but helps to make us realize what is God's truth.

Know You Know Your Horse

Author : Eunice Rush
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Wouldn't it be wonderful to understand how horses think and will react to certain situations in advance? As a matter of fact, wouldn't it be wonderful to know that about the people in your life, too? Now you can. This book delves deeply into the sections of the horse and the human brain to describe core personalities. Understanding these personalities allows the reader to determine what horse will work best for which person. This works for selecting, rehabbing, training methods, as well as matching a horse to a particular discipline. A bounty of tests and charts to enable each reader to more accurately select horse to human personalities. Any horse owner (seasoned or new) or trainer (amateur or professional) will gain a more complete understanding of what makes their equine partner tick by reading Know You, Know Your Horse.