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Card Making Techniques from A to Z

Author : Jeanette Robertson
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Learning paper-crafting techniques to make one-of-a-kind cards has never been simpler or more fun. Each letter of the alphabet represents a different technique, from Appliqués to Zigzags, that you can master while creating an orginal project. You'll be able to fashion the perfect card for every occasion and special person in your life.--From publisher description.

Greeting Card Making

Author : Deborah Hufford
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Format : PDF, ePub
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Shows how to create greeting cards for any season, including using pop-ups, decoupage, and mosaics.

All New Compendium of Card Making Techniques

Author : Various
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Each section of this inspiring book provides full information about the materials and techniques need for a particular cardmaking craft, followed by step-by-step demonstrations showing how to make beautiful greetings cards. The crafts covered include card and thread, quilling, watercolour, silk ribbon embroidery, beading and using glitter.

Card Making

Author : Sally Henry
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Kids will learn how to make birthday clowns and animal cutouts and many other fun projects in this creative book on card making.

A History of Playing Cards and a Bibliography of Cards and Gaming

Author : Catherine Perry Hargrave
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Format : PDF, ePub, Docs
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Intricate study based on research and card collections from around the world tells the story of playing cards and their manufacture, plus provides a fascinating overview of heraldry, geography, history, and the social and political activities of man over the past six centuries. "The most authoritative and complete treatment of its kind." -- The New York Times.

The Complete Photo Guide to Cardmaking

Author : Judi Watanabe
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Format : PDF, ePub, Docs
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Handmade cards are gifts, creative expressions, keepsakes, and relationship builders. Beneath the cardstock and embellishments is deep emotion from the card maker--encouragement, celebration, commemoration, and love. Unlike many store-bought cards that are thrown away, handmade cards are cherished and displayed. They spark connections, express feelings, evoke laughter, and warm the hearts of friends, relatives, and coworkers. There's joy in the process of creating, as well as in giving and receiving handmade cards. The Complete Photo Guide to Cardmaking is the ultimate resource on card making. All paper-crafting techniques that can be employed for card making are thoroughly covered, including a comprehensive description of paper types available, folding options and techniques, coloring and image transfer methods, and adding embellishments. Inside, you'll also find methods for using a computer to design and print cards. More than 80 projects give you lots of ideas and inspiration to create cards of your own, using the techniques you've learned. Unique envelope templates and a helpful source list are included. Expert paper crafter Judi Watanabe provides you with a one-stop reference for making cards for any occasion. This book includes step-by-step photographed instructions for a wide range of techniques, as well as projects to accompany each area of card making. Full of gorgeous cards, The Complete Photo Guide to Cardmaking explores a wide range of techniques and end products, making it a valuable reference for any crafter. So when the mood strikes, use the artistry you've learned to create personalized greetings for everyone you know!

The Annals of Kendal

Author : Cornelius Nicholson
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Design Research

Author : Brenda Laurel
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How the tools of design research can involve designers more directly with objects, products and services they design; from human-centered research methods to formal experimentation, process models, and application to real world design problems. The tools of design research, writes Brenda Laurel, will allow designers "to claim and direct the power of their profession." Often neglected in the various curricula of design schools, the new models of design research described in this book help designers to investigate people, form, and process in ways that can make their work more potent and more delightful. "At the very least," Peter Lunenfeld writes in the preface, "design research saves us from reinventing the wheel. At its best, a lively research methodology can reinvigorate the passion that so often fades after designers join the profession." The goal of the book is to introduce designers to the many research tools that can be used to inform design as well as to ideas about how and when to deploy them effectively. The chapter authors come from diverse institutions and enterprises, including Stanford University, MIT, Intel, Maxis, Studio Anybody, Sweden's HUMlab, and Big Blue Dot. Each has something to say about how designers make themselves better at what they do through research, and illustrates it with real world examples—case studies, anecdotes, and images. Topics of this multi-voice conversation include qualitative and quantitative methods, performance ethnography and design improvisation, trend research, cultural diversity, formal and structural research practice, tactical discussions of design research process, and case studies drawn from areas as unique as computer games, museum information systems, and movies. Interspersed throughout the book are one-page "demos," snapshots of the design research experience. Design Research charts the paths from research methods to research findings to design principles to design results and demonstrates the transformation of theory into a richly satisfying and more reliably successful practice.

Playthings in Early Modernity

Author : Allison Levy
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An innovative volume of fifteen interdisciplinary essays at the nexus of material culture, performance studies, and game theory, Playthings in Early Modernity emphasizes the rules of the game(s) as well as the breaking of those rules. Thus, the titular "plaything" is understood as both an object and a person, and play, in the early modern world, is treated not merely as a pastime, a leisurely pursuit, but as a pivotal part of daily life, a strategic psychosocial endeavor.

Only By True Repentance and Reform

Author : Donald P. Long
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In this book you will come to know my upbringing that details aspects of your son(s), brother(s) and nephew(s) life. An upbringing that maybe similar if not identical. This book tells the journey of a young teenager growing up on the eastside of Detroit. Poor, drug addicted Mother, an absent of a Father. Like so many of our Black youth today. An upbringing that pressured me into a life of drug selling. Then eventually an assault with intent to rob and assault with intent to murder. I was later captured and sent to the Michigan Department of Correction for 18.7 years of my life. This book will allow you into my 18.7 year journey as a prisoner. It will allow you to see the ups and downs and the good and bad that I had to struggle and cope with beginning at the age of 22. In the midst of a dark period in my life. I was able to find a life giving teaching that lead to my repentance from a criminal way of thinking. And the reformation of a criminal way of acting. The reader will see that there is an answer to the pain and struggles within our youth today. And that committing a crime, going in and out of prison, neither dying a premature death is not worth the value of their lives. If you are in prison then this book will let you see how I made it 18.7 years trouble free. I am one of those who was fortunate to make it out alive, well and with a sound mind. To let my young brothers and the world know. That it’s never too late to repent and reform, and to be a blessing to yourself, your Mother, your family and the world! --DONALD P. LONG