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The First 16 Secrets of Chi

Author : Luk Chun Bond
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The First Sixteen Secrets of Chi offers a series of vitalizing and healing exercises that are at once astonishing in their simplicity and profound in their effects. Moreover, the exercises are prescriptive, acting like a "medicine of movement." Master Bond has developed a keen understanding of the similarities between the way chi moves in our external world and through our internal system.

American Book Publishing Record

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Colossus Bletchley Park s Last Secret

Author : Paul Gannon
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This is the last untold story of Bletchley Park. Using declassified information, Paul Gannon gives us a gripping account of the invention of the world's first true computer, Colossus. Uncover the secrets of Bletchley Park's code-breaking computers. In 1940, almost a year after the outbreak of the Second World war, Allied radio operators at an interception station in South London began picking up messages in a strange new code. Using science, maths, innovation and improvisation Bletchley Park codebreakers worked furiously to invent a machine to decipher what turned out to be the secrets of Nazi high command. It was called Colossus. What these codebreakers didn't realize was that they had to fashion the world's first true computer. When the war ended, this incredible invention was dismantled and hidden away for almost 50 years. Paul Gannon has pieced together the tremendous story of what is now recognized as the greatest secret of Bletchley Park. 'Gannon's book contains a mass of utterly fascinating and largely unknown material about an immensely important wartime project, and is very welcome indeed.' - Brian Rendell, TES

The Weaving of Mantra

Author : Ryûichi Abé
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The great Buddhist priest Kûkai (774-835) is credited with the introduction and establishment of tantric -or esoteric -Buddhism in early ninth-century Japan. In Ryûichi Abé examines this important religious figure -neglected in modern academic literatu

T ai Chi Classics

Author : Waysun Liao
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According to Master Liao, the great power of T'ai Chi cannot be realized without knowing its inner meaning. T'ai Chi Classics presents the inner meaning and techniques of T'ai Chi movements through translations of three core classics of T'ai Chi, often considered the "T'ai Chi Bible." The texts are introduced by three chapters explaining how to increase inner energy (ch'i), transform it into inner power (jing), and project this inner power outward to repel an opponent without physical contact. Master Liao also provides a description of the entire sequence of T'ai Chi movements, illustrated by his own line drawings.

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Thian Ti Hwui the Hung League or Heaven Earth League A secret society with the Chinese in China and India With an introduction and numerous cuts and illustrations

Author : Gustave SCHLEGEL
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The Secret Chamber

Author : V. T. Induchudan
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Forthcoming Books

Author : R.R. Bowker Company. Department of Bibliography
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Sweet Secrets

Author : Kathleen O'Grady
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A collection of personal experiences and factual information about menstruation covers the emotional, as well as physical, aspects of getting one's period

Middlebury College Magazine

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Secrets The Best in Women s Sensual Fiction

Author : Red Sage Publishing Staff
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Secrets of the Viet Cong

Author : James W. McCoy
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"In this thorough examination of the tactical war waged in Vietnam, former paratroop officer J.W. McCoy explains how the Viet Cong won the war, and why the strategies they used were effective against the U.S. forces." "Shaping their thought with the ideas of Sun Tzu, the Viet Cong became adept at maneuver war. That skill enabled them to secure and hold the initiative in the Vietnam war." "Interestingly enough, the Viet Cong war doctrine also paralleled Liddell Hart's theories; unfortunately, few American generals ever read his work." "Discussions of organization and control, battle art, order of battle, and operations meticulously detailed in hundreds of charts, tables and illustrations help the reader understand the strategic mistakes made by the South Vietnamese and the United States, and how the Viet Cong maneuvered their way to victory."--BOOK JACKET.Title Summary field provided by Blackwell North America, Inc. All Rights Reserved

The Kappa Alpha Journal

Author : Kappa Alpha Order
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The Secret of the Incas

Author : Francis Sullivan
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Critically analyzes Inca mythology in light of the historical events that transformed their world at the time of the arrival of Spanish conquistadors, explaining how the Incas used war and human sacrifice in an attempt to forestall the cataclysm that would destroy their world. 12,500 first printing.

Secret Doctrines of the Tibetan Books of the Dead

Author : Detlef Ingo Lauf
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Using traditional texts from both the Buddhist and pre-Buddhist Tibetan religious traditions, this is an insight into the psychology of death and dying. Provides a detailed portrayal of the teachings and iconography that play a major role in the Tibetan understanding of death. Photos and line drawings.

Magazine of Sigma Chi

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Vol. 31, no. 2 (p. [273]-329) includes, as supple., Minutes of the Inter-Fraternity Conference for 1911.

The Lyre of Alpha Chi Omega

Author : Alpha Chi Omega
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The Power of Ch i

Author : Geoff Pike
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Chambers s Encyclop dia BEL to CHI

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