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Five minute Bedtime Stories

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10 Minute Bedtime Stories

Author : The Five Mile Press
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Share the magic of bed-time reading with the Story Time Treasury collection. These fully illustrated storybook collections are perfect for sharing at bedtime! Nursery Rhymes includes more than 60 of the most famous rhymes. 10 Minute Bedtime Stories is the ideal collection of bedtime tales for busy families. With a mix of fantasy, fable and humour, the original stories in this book are perfect for sharing at bedtime.

Five minute Bedtime Stories

Author : Gallagher BELINDA
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With each story taking about 5 minutes to read, Five-minute Bedtime Stories is ideal for parents to read with young children starting to recognise words. The easy-to-read text also allows independent readers or older children to read aloud with confidence. The book is split into sections including Trickery & Mischief, Royal Adventures, and Fantastic Journeys.

Five minute Bedtime Stories

Author : Sam Taplin
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A brand new collection of enchantingly illustrated original stories, perfect for sharing at bedtime. Ages: 2+ Beautiful, short stories that are a great bedtime read for you and you little one.

The Lion Book of Five Minute Bedtime Stories

Author : John Goodwin
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Here are 10 amusing stories with a theme suitable for bedtime - always goodhearted and morally uplifting, yet curiously mischievous as well! John Goodwin's warm and witty writing combines with Stephen Waterhouse's vibrantly detailed illustrations to bring these traditional folktales to life. A one-line introduction gives the point of each story, with thoughts and morals including gentle persuasion being better than rough force, families being stronger when working together, and the importance of sharing, wisdom and being kind.

Five Minute Classic Bedtime Stories for Kids

Author : Jaz Kiddies Books
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Enid Blyton s five minute bedtime tales

Author : Enid Blyton
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A compilation of magical stories for bedtime reading from the children's favourite author.

5 Minute Bedtime Stories

Author : Various Contributors
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A beautiful gift collection of ten favourite bedtime stories for 3 to 5 year olds. Children will love being able to choose their bedtime story and with each tale taking just five minutes you could squeeze in more than one before lights out. With bedtime stories from favourite children's authors Tim Warnes, Claire Freedman (author of Alien's Love Underpants!) and many more this is the ideal bedtime collection!

Five minute bedtime stories

Author : Nan Roloff
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Five Minute Stories

Author : Michelle Levy
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Prepare for stories so adventurous, that it will have you wanting to be in your own fairy tale! From magical unicorns who are the most noble, and beautiful of all the land, to the scary, mysterious dragons, lurking through the forests and causing trouble. Princesses and Princes have their own special roles as you will see different sides of them, and see that they take on challenges of their own and also a few plot twists in each story. Each story is a magical fairy tale come to life. There are different ways to create a fairytale, but these stories are a bit different from what you see in the movies. We have a Princess who becomes a knight to show others that girls can be strong and courageous too, Princesses who are not really princesses, princess spy, an everyday horse wanting to be a unicorn, an evil prince who wants to be accepted and to change into a good prince, unicorns whose powers are stolen, A dragon who is the only good one left and becomes a hero, mean princesses who need to learn their lesson on kindness, a servant who rescues a princess from slaying a dragon, and so much more. In these stories, you will see betrayal, defeat, sadness, injustice, but most of all, happy endings! They will make you feel a lot of emotions but also make you feel very inspired, magical, and happy! Stories to remember when you go to sleep at night, and to tell your friends. Even if you're a unicorn and your friend is a dragon! fairy tales are a wonderful way to get your imagination working and you'll be surprised when you read about a forbidden love between a unicorn and a dragon, magic apples that don't poison you but create a whole new world, A knight that tries to rescue a princess, but realizes she's not in danger, a magic carpet with a mind of its own, a princess that wants to belong in the ocean, and so much more! Not all fairy tales are the same and when you read these books, you will see anything is possible when you believe in yourselves, to be brave, to be kind, to try new things, and to never stop dreaming. All fairy tales have a lesson in them so keep your mind and your eyes open when you read these stories and keep your imagination running wild. You can dream, you are your own prince and princess! You can go on adventures and discover new things as long as you believe, stay kind, and help others. The characters in these stories all learned valuable lessons that will shine through to anyone who reads these stories. These characters also face challenges just like in real life. The prince, the princess, the unicorn, the dragon all have become who they are meant to be in each story. They all became brave and faced their fears through anything they thought was impossible. The message remains the same. Always believe in yourself and you will create your own fairytale.