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Multinationals as Flagship Firms

Author : Alan Rugman
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The international dimension of business networks has remained relatively unexplored, mainly because international business writers focus upon multinational enterprises and network writers ignore international issues. In this book Professors Alan Rugman and Joseph D'Cruz bridge the literature on networks and multinationals by introducing the new concept of the flagship firm. In each business network strategic leadership is provided by the flagship firm, which is defined as a multinational enterprise. It has other partners: key suppliers; key customers; key competitors; and key partners in the non-business infrastructure. These business networks are usually located in the 'triad' regions of the European Union, North America, and Japan. There are strong cross-border network linkages within these regions, but less 'globalization' than regional economic integration. The theory of the flagship firm/five partners model is applied to the telecommunications, chemicals, automotive, and electronics sectors, amongst others, and the book reports on both empirical studies and field research of the international competitiveness of these sectors. The book will be of interest to academics, students, and professionals in the areas of international business, strategic management, political science, law, and sociology.


Author : Mike Carlton
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"The cruiser HMAS Australia II and the Pacific War on Japan In 1924 the grand old battle cruiser HMAS Australia I, once the pride of the nation, was sunk off Sydney Heads. She had saved Australia from a German attack in the Pacific in World War I, but after the war she was a victim in the race to disarm. There was a day of national mourning when they blew the bottom out of her. In 1928 the RAN acquired a new ship of the same name, the fast, heavy cruiser HMAS Australia II, and she finally saw action when World War II began, patrolling the North Atlantic on the lookout for German battleships. By March 1942 Australia had returned home, where the ship was stunned by a murder. One night one of her sailors, Stoker Riley, was found stabbed and bleeding to death. Before he died, he named his two attackers, who'd tried to kill him because, he said, he'd threatened to expose their homosexual activities. At a hastily arranged court martial, the two men were found guilty and sentenced to death under British Admiralty law. Only weeks later Australia fought in the Battle of the Coral Sea near Papua New Guinea, the first sea battle to stop the Japanese advance in the Pacific. She was heavily attacked and bombed from the air but, with brilliant ship-handling, escaped unscathed. In 1944 she took part in the greatest sea fight of all time, the Battle of Leyte Gulf, which returned the American General Douglas MacArthur to the Philippines. She was struck by a kamikaze bomber, killing her captain and 28 other men. The next year, she was hit by no fewer than four kamikaze planes on four successive days. She was, in fact, attacked by more kamikaze aircraft than any other Allied ship in the war, and in the end this finished her war. She retired gracefully, laden with battle honours, and was scrapped in 1956 u the last of her name, for the navy no longer uses Australia for its ships. In this riveting book, with his inimitable panache and flawless research Mike Carlton tells the story of Australia, which encompasses the era's fascinating naval and social history."

Flagship Marketing

Author : Tony Kent
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Flagships are the physical apogee of consumerism, places where brand experiences are most defined and interactions with consumers are highly refined. This book marks the first comprehensive study of the concept of the flagship, bringing together a range of scholarly insights from the field, covering issues such as consumerism, areas of consumption and experimental marketing theory and practise. The ways in which flagship projects communicate brand values, both externally and internally, form an important part of this book, and provide new perspectives on late twentieth century commercial and cultural policy and practice. Kent and Brown offer a truly interdisciplinary approach to the concept, offering a variety of perspectives on the debates surrounding flagship function and its role as a place of consumption. Chapters focus on the development of prestigious stores, hotels and arts and cultural centres, as showcases for branded experiences and products and as demonstrations of commercial and public policy. Cases and examples include The Eden Project in the UK, automotive showrooms in Germany, hotels in Dubai and Las Vegas, and Vienna's cultural quarter. Theoretical discussion explores the tensions between costs and profitability, conspicuous consumption and the sustainability of iconic forms. The book enables readers to explore the flagship concept from different perspectives, and while a marketing approach predominates, it provides a disciplinary challenge which will open up new ways of understanding the concept.

Exploring the US Language Flagship Program

Author : Dianna Murphy
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A number of reports in the US have highlighted the country’s need for improved second language skills for both national security and economic competitiveness. The Language Flagship program, launched in 2002, aims to raise expectations regarding language proficiency levels at the post-secondary level and to address structural gaps in the curricula of many L2 programs. This federally funded program provides opportunities for US undergraduate students in any specialization to reach a professional level of competence in a targeted second language by graduation. This volume highlights innovative practices that enable students to achieve this goal – even those with no exposure to the second language prior to university. This book explores the rationale and history of the federal program and showcases models and strategies of existing Flagship programs.

Shop Window Flagship Common Ground

Author : Judith A. Muskett
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How are cathedrals and churches understood? Are they shop windows, through which to gaze at the riches on offer within the Christian life? Are they flagships of the Spirit? Are they both sacred spaces and community utilities? ‘Shop-window, flagship, common ground’ views the rich ministry and innovative mission of cathedrals through the novel lens of metaphor; and it offers comparative insights on cathedrals and cathedral-like churches. Located in the emerging international field of cathedral studies, the book explores the usage and inferences of a range of metaphors, including ‘shop-windows of the Church of England’, ‘flagships of the Spirit’, ‘beacons of the Christian faith’, ‘magnets’, and ‘sacred space, common ground’. This volume also shows how such metaphors can stimulate different types of research about the function of cathedral and church buildings. With a Foreword by Professor Grace Davie, the book suggests that cathedrals and cathedral-like churches may play a role within 'vicarious religion' theory. It will provide a thought-provoking critique for practitioners and a valuable contribution for scholars of cathedral studies, congregational studies and ecclesiology.

Murdoch s Flagship

Author : Denis Cryle
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Murdoch's Flagship provides the first in-depth overview of the Australian, mapping its uneven and uncharted progress across its first three decades. While the Fairfax and Packer media groups have received detailed historical coverage over the years, Rupert Murdoch's News Limited and the Australian have not been given the same systematic attention by historians. Denis Cryle draws on a vast amount of secondary print material, his own extensive interviews with past and present staff and a detailed reading of the Australian's newspaper files to capture the vitality of the newspaper over three seminal decades.


Author : Isaac Hooke
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Captain Jonathan Dallas, commodore of Battle Unit 72, investigates the disappearance of a military research vessel on the fringes of known space. When the unit is ambushed by a threat that endangers not only the fleet but also all of humanity itself, Jonathan must somehow find the resources to fight back. Cut off from Central Command and faced with impossible odds, can Jonathan overcome his demons to save humanity and, more importantly, can he save himself? Flagship: where captains are made. Or broken.

Flagship A

Author :
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Retail Product Management

Author : Rosemary Varley
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This text represents a specialist text resource for students of retail management or marketing courses and modules, providing the reader with the opportunity to acquire a deeper knowledge of a key area of retailing management.

Flagship Stores

Author : Marta Serrats
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Flagship stores can define a brand. This book features a collection of the best flagship stores from around the world by well-known designers such as Massimiliano Fuksas and Wonderwall, as well as up-and-comers such as Torafu Architects and Ab Rogers. Divided into three sections (Fashion & Accessories, Communication & Services and Furniture & Accessories) each project profile includes architectural drawings, photography and explanatory text.

Project Flagship

Author :
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Baseball America 2007 Directory

Author : Baseball America (Firm)
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An annual reference for the forthcoming season provides a wealth of information for fans who are planning game-focused road trips and outings, in a guide that lists complete major-, minor-, and independent-league schedules; ballpark directions; and detailed contact information. Original.

Best Designed Flagship Stores

Author : Jons Messedat
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In recent times, global players and international brands from almost all industries have chosen excellent architecture at first-class addresses as a way of concentrating their presence in a distinctive location. In most cases, innovative and avantgarde flagship stores lend a unique architectural frame to the whole product range of a single manufacturer. Dramaturgically designed rooms and backdrops set the scene for the brand in relation to lifestyle, creating an emotional bond between the manufacturer and customer. On 168 pages, the author Jons Messedat, doctor of architecture and management consultant, shows fascinating international developments and concepts for this new construction challenge which has quickly developed into a driver of contemporary architecture.

Nelson s Flagship

Author : Geoffrey Callender
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The Flagship

Author : Trevor Blakemore
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The Passing of the Flagship and Other Stories

Author : William Price Drury
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British Warships in the Age of Sail 1714 1792

Author : Rif Winfield
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The new Hanoverian dynasty that came to power with the accession of George I in 1714 inherited the largest navy in the world. In the course of the century, this force would see a vast amount of action against nearly every major navy, reaching a pinnacle of success in the Seven Years War only to taste defeat in the American Revolutionary struggle, when it faced the combined navies of France, Spain, the Netherlands, and the rebellious colonies themselves. Considering the contribution to history of these ships, there is surprisingly little readily available on their careers. Now this gap is comprehensively filled by this superb reference book, outlining the service history of every ship, built, purchased or captured, that fought for the Royal Navy in the great wars of the eighteenth century—well over 2000 vessels.The book is organized by Rate, classification and class, with outline technical and building data, but followed by a concise summary of the careers of each ship in every class. This includes commissioning dates, refit periods, changes of captain, the stations where they served (and when), as well as details of any noteworthy actions in which they took part.It will enable anyone to follow up a casual reference to any warship, and will provide the researcher with a solid core of information on which to base further study. With nothing remotely like it in print, this is a work of the utmost importance to every naval historian and general reader interested in the navy of the sailing era.

In the Wake of a Flagship

Author : Danmark. DANIDA
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Cooperative Strategy Economic Business and Organizational Issues

Author : David Faulkner
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This book brings together some of the latest thinking and research on cooperative strategy. Work in this area has grown rapidly over the last decade, but no single thematic approach has dominated and become the ascendant theoryDSresource dependency, transaction cost analysis, market power, and game theory have all made significant contributions to the growing literature on strategic cooperation. This book presents chapters from many of these theoretical perspectives and some of the key issues through a number of different lenses.

Irish Flagship

Author : Geoffrey Haskins
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HMS Emeraid was a 7,500 ton Royal Navy cruiser originally laid down in 1918, but due to conditions prevailing after the end of WW1, was not completed and commissioned until 1925. She was soon nicknamed, for obvious reasons, The Irish Flagship. A great deal of her pre-WW2 service was spent on the East Indies and China Stations, helping to maintain some semblance of law and order in a China then rapidly declining into chaos and civil war. The Second World War saw her on convey duty In the Atlantic Ocean and later, because of her speed, she spent some time terrying gold and other valuables to Canada and the United States, both for salekeeping and in order to pay for arms and equipment being sent from there to the United Kingdom. These highly important but nevertheless rather prosaic duties culminated in her selection to be one of the huge fleet which on 6th June 1944 fired the heaviest bombardment in naval history, in order to neutralise the German defences on the Normandy coast, thus paving the way for the Allied troop landings on that same day. Sadly, her age and lack of modern armament prevented her from taking any more significant part in the war, and she was laid up at Rosyth on