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Author : John C. Whittaker
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Flintknapping is an ancient craft enjoying a resurgence of interest among both amateur and professional students of prehistoric cultures. In this new guide, John C. Whittaker offers the most detailed handbook on flintknapping currently available and the only one written from the archaeological perspective of interpreting stone tools as well as making them. Flintknapping contains detailed, practical information on making stone tools. Whittaker starts at the beginner level and progresses to discussion of a wide range of techniques. He includes information on necessary tools and materials, as well as step-by-step instructions for making several basic stone tool types. Numerous diagrams allow the reader to visualize the flintknapping process, and drawings of many stone tools illustrate the discussions and serve as models for beginning knappers. Written for a wide amateur and professional audience, Flintknapping will be essential for practicing knappers as well as for teachers of the history of technology, experimental archaeology, and stone tool analysis.


Author : Paul Hellweg
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Old Tools New Eyes

Author : Bob Patten
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You need not take up flintknapping to find this book a valuable resource. Old Tools - New Eyes has something for everyone. Archaeologists - Every stone tool and chip of debitage tells a story of how it came to be. By analyzing the distinctive attributes of flakes and their scars, we can decipher their often-hidden messages and the circumstances behind their creation. Collectors - Artifact typologies entail more than just shape. Explore the deeper, more subtle technological differences that make each point style special and unique. Flintknappers - Learn from a master knapper the physical basis for fracture and how to control it, through in-depth discussion and detailed illustrations of the knapping process. Students - By exploring the many attributes of chipped stone artifacts, we can learn intriguing and valuable secrets about the lifestyles and motivations of those who made them in ancient times. Through the use of archaeological evidence, computer modeling, and exhaustive experimentation, this book takes a forensic look at how ancient hunters of North America survived the catastrophic environmental changes at the end of the Ice Age and why those hardships led them to create some of the most elegant and intriguing of stone artifacts: Clovis and Folsom fluted spearpoints.

American Flintknappers

Author : John C. Whittaker
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Making arrowheads, blades, and other stone tools was once a survival skill and is still a craft practiced by thousands of flintknappers around the world. In the United States, knappers gather at regional "knap-ins" to socialize, exchange ideas and material, buy and sell both equipment and knapped art, and make stone tools in the company of others. In between these gatherings, the knapping community stays connected through newsletters and the Internet. In this book, avid knapper and professional anthropologist John Whittaker offers an insider's view of the knapping community. He explores why stone tools attract modern people and what making them means to those who pursue this art. He describes how new members are incorporated into the knapping community, how novices learn the techniques of knapping and find their roles within the group, how the community is structured, and how ethics, rules, and beliefs about knapping are developed and transmitted. He also explains how the practice of knapping relates to professional archaeology, the trade in modern replicas of stone tools, and the forgery of artifacts. Whittaker's book thus documents a fascinating subculture of American life and introduces the wider public to an ancient and still rewarding craft.

Early Hunting Tools

Author : Matt Gravelle
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Early hunters and gatherers produced their own tools for hunting and butchering animals. Knives and spearpoints were made from glassy rocks such as flint and obsidian. Stones were pounded and chipped away, leaving a tool with a very sharp edge. Learn about the materials, methods, and products involved in flintknapping. This handbook defines over 60 fundamental terms, with original cartoons on each page, based on the lithic technology classes conducted by anthropologist Dr. Lee Sappington. Index and short bibliography included. Written for a general audience, this book has a good showing in stone jewelry shops, history museums, and state parks.

Notes on Experiments in Flintknapping 3

Author : Don E. Crabtree
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Flintknapping and Arrowhead Manufacture at Tell Hadidi Syria

Author : Robert Miller
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Designing Experimental Research in Archaeology

Author : Jeffrey R. Ferguson
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Designing Experimental Research in Archaeology is a guide for the design of archaeological experiments for both students and scholars. Experimental archaeology provides a unique opportunity to corroborate conclusions with multiple trials of repeatable experiments and can provide data otherwise unavailable to archaeologists without damaging sites, remains, or artifacts. Each chapter addresses a particular classification of material culture-ceramics, stone tools, perishable materials, composite hunting technology, butchering practices and bone tools, and experimental zooarchaeology-detailing issues that must be considered in the development of experimental archaeology projects and discussing potential pitfalls. The experiments follow coherent and consistent research designs and procedures and are placed in a theoretical context, and contributors outline methods that will serve as a guide in future experiments. This degree of standardization is uncommon in traditional archaeological research but is essential to experimental archaeology. The field has long been in need of a guide that focuses on methodology and design. This book fills that need not only for undergraduate and graduate students but for any archaeologist looking to begin an experimental research project.

Flint Knapping

Author : Robert Turner
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Looks at how flint was used by early humans to make a variety of tools, and provides instructions for making a Stone Age toolkit that includes such items as an American point, arrowhead, and thin biface.


Author : William Andrefsky
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The first comprehensive manual on stone artifact analysis, for students and professional archaeologists.