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Dyes and tannins

Author : P. C. M. Jansen
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Medicinal Plants

Author : Gabriella Harriet Schmelzer
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Medicinal and Aromatic Plants of the World Africa

Author : Mohamed Neffati
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This volume in the series is devoted to Africa, a continent that possesses a vast treasure of medicinal plants and has produced some exclusive materials for the world market. This volume is expected to strengthen the medicinal plant sector in African countries by making comprehensive information on medicinal and aromatic plants available to policy-makers and entrepreneurs. It can be used to frame effective policies and create an environment conducive to the growth of the plant-based medicine industry, bringing economic benefit to African nations. It will help health organizations to improve the health of their people by using their own resources and a less expensive system of medicine, which is accepted by African society. It could also lead scientific communities to increase R&D activities in the field.

Biodiversity of West African Forests

Author : Lourens Poorter
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The rain forests of West Africa have been designated as one of the world's hotspots of biodiversity. This book focuses on the biodiversity and ecology of these forests. It analyses the factors that give rise to biodiversity and the structure of tropical plant communities. It includes an atlas with ecological profiles of 280 rare plant species and 56 large timber species, each with a one page entry including a colour photograph and distribution map.

Cereals and pulses

Author :
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Auxiliary Plants

Author : I. Faridah Hanum
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Flowering Plants in West Africa

Author : Margaret Steentoft
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A study of the flowering plant flora of West Africa south of the Sahara with the emphasis upon species of ecological or economic importance.

Biodiversity Research in the Horn of Africa Region

Author : Ib Friis
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Author : Brink, M. & Achigan-Dako, E.G.
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Mistletoes of Africa

Author : R. M. Polhill
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This handsome, full-colour book provides a comprehensive account of the 280 species of Loranthaceae and Viscaceae in Africa.


Author :
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Timbers 2

Author : Lemmens, R.H.M.J., Louppe, D. & Oteng-Amoako, A.A.
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Medicinal Plants in Tropical West Africa

Author : Bep Oliver-Bever
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First published in 1986, this book describes the most important medicinal plants in tropical West Africa and similar humid tropical climates. After a short introduction about early traditional medicine, the bulk of the book gives an account of locally occurring plants, grouped by their medicinal actions. Plants that affect the cardiovascular and nervous systems are discussed, as are those with antibiotic, insecticidal and molluscicidal properties. Those which affect the hormonal systems of humans are catalogued and so are others that act as adrenal-cortex, sex and thyroid hormones. There is a full botanical index, which includes the commonly found synonyms for many of the plants and the work is illustrated by the author's own water colours. It may be of particular interest and use to pharmacists, biochemists, botanists and pharmacologists and of great value to those who exploit locally available resources in treating diseases in tropical areas.

Flora of the Gran Desierto and R o Colorado of Northwestern Mexico

Author : Richard Stephen Felger
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"While emphasizing scientific accuracy, the book is written in an accessible style. Felger's observations and knowledge of plant ecology, geographic distribution, evolution, ethnobotany, plant variation and special adaptations, and the history of the region provide botanists, naturalists, ecologists, conservationists, and anyone else celebrating the desert with readable, interesting, and important information."--BOOK JACKET.

Foraging and Farming

Author : David R. Harris
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This book is one of a series of more than 20 volumes resulting from the World Archaeological Congress, September 1986, attempting to bring together not only archaeologists and anthropologists from many parts of the world, as well as academics from contingent disciplines, but also non-academics from a wide range of cultural backgrounds. This volume develops a new approach to plant exploitation and early agriculture in a worldwide comparative context. It modifies the conceptual dichotomy between "hunter-gatherers" and "farmers", viewing human exploitation of plant resources as a global evolutionary process which incorporated the beginnings of cultivation and crop domestication. The studies throughout the book come from a worldwide range of geographical contexts, from the Andes to China and from Australia to the Upper Mid-West of North America. This work is of interest to anthropologists, archaeologists, botanists and geographers. Originally published 1989.


Author : Reginald Edemayibo Ugborogho
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The Grasses of North Eastern India

Author : U. Shukla
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The Vegetation of Yankari Game Reserve

Author : Chris Geerling
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Forest Climbing Plants of West Africa

Author : Frans Bongers
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Climbing plants, including lianas, represent a fascinating component of the ecology of tropical forests. This book focuses on the climbing plants of West African forests. Based on original research, it presents information on the flora (including a checklist), diversity (with overviews at several levels of integration), ecology (distribution, characteristics in relation to environment, their role in forest ecosystems) and ethnobotany. Forestry aspects, such as their impact on tree growth and development, and the effects of forestry interventions on climbers are also covered.

Plant Resources of Tropical Africa

Author : Dominique Louppe
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