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Flowers And Flowering Plants

Author : Wendy Zurbowich
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Each book in the Coloring Books for Grownups series contains 50 outline drawings ready for coloring, and is designed for older children and adults of all ages who are looking to escape the stresses of modern living and simply relax. This, the eleventh book in the series focuses on flowers, flowering plants and floral designs. Flowers form an important part of our lives and there is nothing that catches the eye more than a beautiful display of flowers, whether in a garden bed, as a table decoration or a flower bouquet. Floral or flower art, in which you create your own colorful pictures of flowers, is also a very therapeutic activity. Coloring for grown-ups is very popular today and there are many explanations for this interest. Some of the reasons for its popularity include... Coloring Relieves Stress And Anxiety Psychiatrists have long known that coloring relaxes the fear center of the brain and permits your mind to get some rest. Indeed, Carl Jung, the founder of analytical psychology, is known to have given his patients mandalas to color over one hundred years ago. In the hectic world we inhabit today the stress relieving properties of coloring are possibly more valuable than they have ever been. Coloring Trains Your Brain To Focus Keeping inside the lines as you color a simple black and white line drawing takes focus and, while you concentrate on this stress-free and relaxing activity, you can forget about your worries. Coloring is a mind exercise which allows you to set aside everything for the time you spend doing it, and this is extremely important in our busy world. Coloring Helps To Develop Fine Motor Skills And Vision Coloring forces the two hemispheres of the brain to work together and involves both the use of logic (necessary to color forms) and creativity (as we mix and match colors). This, in turn, brings those areas of the brain responsible for vision and fine motor skills into play, and helps to keep these active and develop them further. It is this aspect of coloring which is being seen more and more as especially valuable for older individuals, as many believe that it can delay, or even prevent, the onset of dementia. Coloring Allows You To Be Yourself There are no rules when it comes to coloring and your coloring book is just that - your coloring book. If you accidentally color the cat's rear leg green because you thought that it was part of the grass, who is going to care? Should you decide to make the sky pink, does it really matter? You can be as creative and experimental as you wish because this is your coloring book, and yours alone. When it comes to picking colors remember that the British-based, but American-born, artist James Whistler once said, "Mauve is just pink trying to be purple." You may already be a convert to adult coloring, in which case you will already know and appreciate its value. This may however be a new venture for you and one which you are looking at for any one of several different reasons. If this is something new for you then I urge you to try it out. There is a reason why so many people are fired up about the world of adult coloring, so jump on board and start to enjoy the benefits for yourself today.

Occupational Outlook Handbook

Author :
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Area Wage Survey

Author :
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The Princeton Guide to Evolution

Author : David A. Baum
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The Princeton Guide to Evolution is a comprehensive, concise, and authoritative reference to the major subjects and key concepts in evolutionary biology, from genes to mass extinctions. Edited by a distinguished team of evolutionary biologists, with contributions from leading researchers, the guide contains some 100 clear, accurate, and up-to-date articles on the most important topics in seven major areas: phylogenetics and the history of life; selection and adaptation; evolutionary processes; genes, genomes, and phenotypes; speciation and macroevolution; evolution of behavior, society, and humans; and evolution and modern society. Complete with more than 100 illustrations (including eight pages in color), glossaries of key terms, suggestions for further reading on each topic, and an index, this is an essential volume for undergraduate and graduate students, scientists in related fields, and anyone else with a serious interest in evolution. Explains key topics in some 100 concise and authoritative articles written by a team of leading evolutionary biologists Contains more than 100 illustrations, including eight pages in color Each article includes an outline, glossary, bibliography, and cross-references Covers phylogenetics and the history of life; selection and adaptation; evolutionary processes; genes, genomes, and phenotypes; speciation and macroevolution; evolution of behavior, society, and humans; and evolution and modern society

Deskgallery Animals and Plants

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Treasury of Decorative Floral Designs

Author : Dover
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DIVRich harvest of blossoms, vines, and other floral decorations has an unlimited variety of applications, allowing images to serve equally well as individual motifs or as running borders. Approximately 325 designs. /div

International Exhibition 1876

Author : United States Centennial Commission
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Official Catalogue

Author : United States Centennial Commission
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Preserving Flowers

Author : Diane Flowers
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Learn how easy pressing and preserving flowers can be and then create spectacular, one-of-a-king arrangements. More than 40 original designs for gorgeous wreaths, centerpieces, picture frames, and more, all featuring plants that you have dried, will showcase your talent and brighten your home.--COVER.


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5000 Flower Plant Motifs

Author : Graham Leslie McCallum
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"A stunning collection of over 5000 floral motifs, including a free accompanying CD for easy access and download. Original and hand-drawn flowers, leaves, trees, fruits and vegetables are showcased in a range of historical and cultural styles from Egyptian to Art Deco. Images can be copied, enlarged, traced or developed further for creative use in any field, from embroidery to woodwork."--P. [4] of cover.

Easy to do Flower Patterns for Woodcarvers

Author : Mack Sutter
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Twenty-one distinctive full-page floral patterns — perfect for carved wood boxes, decorative wall plaques, chair backs and more — featuring subjects from roses and violets to tropical waterlilies and birds of paradise. Suggestions on carving, selecting woods, applying finishes, more.

How to Photograph Flowers Plants Landscapes

Author : Derek Fell
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Indian Floral Patterns

Author : Victoria and Albert Museum
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Gathers thirty-two seventeenth-century Indian textile designs and discusses their historical background

American Florist

Author :
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Bulletin of the Ohio State Fair

Author : Ohio State Board of Agriculture
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Treasury of Flower Designs for Artists Embroiderers and Craftsmen

Author : Susan Gaber
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A hundred garden favorites rendered in black-and-white line illustrations will suggest numerous design and artistic uses. Amaryllis, anemone, begonia, cinquefoil, peony, snapdragon flow and weave, many forming borders and frames.

Floral Design and Marketing

Author : Gary A. Anderson
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This book is designed to survey the area of retail floriculture and make a current statement of the industry. The subject matter includes a blend of art, science, and business. It can be used in the following ways: by students pursuing individualized study; in a classroom where the instructor will reinforce, demonstrate, and expand upon the ideas; or by former students or flower shop employees who need a refresher tool and reference. The book is intended to be motivational while presenting a realistic picture of arranging and selling flowers and plants. Suggested activities are located in each chapter as hands-on exercises to provide the experience and practice necessary to master the concepts presented. Thirty-two chapters cover the following topics: introduction; elements of design; principles of design; fresh cut flowers and foliage; mechanics, supplies, and safety; corsages and boutonnieres; bud vases and rose bowls; decorating potted plants; mass arrangements; accessories, bases, and backgrounds; dried flowers; silk flowers; table settings; wedding floral design; sympathy flowers; living plant groupings; novelty arrangements; special occasions and holidays; period arrangements; contemporary arrangements; retail floriculture industry; sales and service; wrapping and packaging; pricing; organization and efficiency; store displays; conditioning and storing cut flowers; care of living plants; delivery; advertising and promotion; and keeping current. A subject index is provided. (YLB)

A New World of Flower Arrangement

Author : Patricia Kroh
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Flower Garden Designs

Author : Penelope Hobhouse
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Presents a catalog of more than 500 flowers and their cultivation in different garden stifes throughout the season.