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Author : W. Hodding Carter
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An anecdotal history of plumbing from the Harappan of 3000 B.C. to the modern world is a tribute to such engineering achievements as the lead pipes of the Roman empire, the sewers of London, and Japanese toilets. By the author of Stolen Water. Reprint. 20,000 first printing.


Author : Andrew Daddo
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Fergus is trying to cut it on the ice, let his dad win at the backyard cricket, look cool in goggles and flippers, and impress Winona in the school play. But the rules keep changing! His life is like a reality TV show and any minute it'll be time to go. He's even got an epitaph ready for his tombstone: 'Here lies Fergus Kipper, who would have kicked the goal, if the big fella hadn't decided to come and take his soul'. People are playing games on and off the field and if Fergus doesn't score he'll be dead, dog meat, flushed! And you'll die laughing.

Flushed Out

Author : E Abel
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Flushed Out! is a cleverly written tale of international crime and intrigue that illustrates the notorious world of an illegal drug syndicate and its distribution operations. It will take you from Colombia, South America to the island of Curaçao to Tampa, Florida - and further to New York to follow the authorities as they hunt down the felons and attempt to stop the illicit deals. In this stupefying account of the illegal drug trade, Abel provides a descriptive and compelling insight into the hideous network of drug distribution. He introduces the readers to the Manhatan, N.Y., DEA Special Agent in Charge, Jack Finch, who devises an operation to get the Tampa, Florida-based drug transporter, Carlo Estevez, up to New York and to shut down his distribution network plaguing the Northeast Corridor of the United States: to flush him out. Finch's plan is simple in theory but complex in its execution—to intercept a shipment of drugs, make it look like a rip-off and setting up his old college classmate, Michael Boland, as a pigeon, and the man who planned it all. Timing is everything on this mission; everything needs to be in place.

Flushed Diamonds Lost

Author : Elias Sassoon
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The novel opens with the thoughts of our main character, one isolated American man. Sitting here, not so bad, the last white man in Flushing, not so bad. Being here, in this apartment, not so bad. Noise, yes, but can live with that, I think. Not so bad. But, probably, cause I keep saying, not so bad, you really think it is, bad that is. Maybe I should say something like it's tolerable. That's right, tolerable in Flushing, the last white male living, a foreigner in my own neighborhood, isolated from all. Flushing tolerable, historical, established in the seventeenth century by the Dutch Never know it if you looked at Flushing today with its Asian Pagodas and signs in Korean and Chinese - fascinating place, especially for me, a writer. Asians today, Dutch yesterday. Who tomorrow? Reminds me, Asians. Mysterious. Keep to themselves, quiet and shrewd. Can't relate. Why bother? At fifty, it's no big deal anymore. Closer to the grave than to life Just leave me alone. Here we have it

Separation of Manure Solids from Flushed Swine Waste

Author :
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We Flushed it Down the Potty

Author : Rebecca Shelley
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In the second Smartboys Club book, the Smartboys face off with a bully that flushes Vinny's heirloom ring down the toilet, but the Smartboys' creative solution to stop the bully lands them in big trouble.

Cost and Benefit Analysis of Flushing

Author : Yakir J. Hasit
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The benefits of flushing were found to closely parallel the objectives: Increased customer satisfaction, compliance with drinking water standards, avoidance of water quality fees and fines, maintenance of pipe infrastructure, and discovery of system problems. Four cost categories were studied (1) financial (tangible) costs to the utility, (2) financial (tangible) costs to the customers, (3) intangible costs to the utility, and (4) intangible costs to the customers. Utilizing one or more methods of flushing, several elements were need in order to be effective: preplanning, having a detailed approach, proper scheduling, and ample public notification. Details of all aspects are covered in this report.


Author : Sally Felt
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** Blush sensuality level: This is a sensual romance (may have explicit love scenes, but not erotic in frequency or type). Kissing her plumber in the middle of her dinner party is the very last way Isabelle expected to spend her night—after all, she’s sworn off dating. But when Kim Martin, plumber to the rescue, charms her guests and poses as her new guy to spare Isabelle the humiliation of an uninvited ex, she makes an impromptu exception—and gets carried away. At first, being Isabelle’s faux beau suits Kim Martin just fine. She’s hot, intriguing and won’t get in the way of his plans to blow town and build a business he’s passionate about. But Isabelle just isn’t cut out to be a goodtime girl. She gets under Kim’s skin and into his head—and he’s not entirely sure what to do about that. Kim should be everything Isabelle believes of men in general—confident, flirtatious and too attractive for his own good. Yet the more Isabelle tries to fit him into a box, the harder he fights his way out of it. He’d be maddening if he weren’t so intriguing. A Blush® contemporary romance from Ellora’s Cave* * * *

Flushed with Pride

Author : Wallace Reyburn
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Thomas Crapper was a Yorkshireman who, at the age of eleven walked from Thorne in Yorkshire to London to become a plumber. This illustrated biography describes how he became a sanitary engineer and invented the modern toilet.


Author : Joseph Mulak
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After living in the shadow of his older brother, Ivan Wells knows his place in life. Never one to take responsibility for his actions, he spends his days eking a living by playing poker at the local casino. Ivan is comfortable with his lot, until a long-forgotten woman from his past reappears. Hurtling into a heady relationship with the mysterious Sonya Lewis, Ivan's existence takes on new life. But then his ex-wife shows up, with news that makes it difficult to turn her away. Torn, Ivan finds himself faced with complicated decisions. Will he finally learn to take control of his own destiny? NOTE: This is the large print edition of Flushed, with a larger font / typeface for easier reading.