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Football and the English

Author : Dave Russell
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Association football has been a central feat ure of English life since late in the last century. This boo k combines a survey of the rapidly growing literature on the game''s history with new research, & analyses major changes which have taken place. '

Football English

Author : Tom Challenger
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Who is this book for? For learners of English who want to talk about football (soccer) in English. Written for football (soccer) players, football fans and football officials (referees, managers, coaches, administrators etc.) It is suitable for anyone who has at least an intermediate level of English (i.e. above B1 in reading) What topics does it cover? Football English contains exercises to help you improve your vocabulary in these areas: Kicking & Moving the Ball Positions Describing a Game Attacking Defending Tactics The Rules & The Referee The Score & Results Scoring Goals Shooting Skills & Abilities Management & Signings Chances Form Statistics Team Selection The World Cup The League Football Grounds & The Pitch Mistakes Training Calls Injuries Fans The Goal Fixtures Goalkeeping Heading Timing Who is the Author? Tom Challenger is a teacher of English as a Foreign Language. He has 10 years of experience helping people with the vocabulary and skills they need to do their particular jobs. Tom holds professional qualifications in teaching English and is a certified teacher trainer. He is also a football fan "

The History of the English Football League

Author : Michael J. Slade
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Part 1 of this edition consists of the creation of the English football league in 1888. It includes every football league result and the final league tables to the first England International matches in the British Home International Championship results. It also provides the tables and their statistics with the first games against overseas opposition, containing all the players and their teams. Read about the oldest cup competition in the world, the Football Association Challenge Cup (FA Cup), from its humble beginning in 1872 and every result from the first round until the final. The book also incorporates the First World War mini-tournaments to the first FA Cup Final and England Internationals played at the World famous British Empire Stadium, simply known as Wembley Stadium. Part 1 finishes with the 1929-1930 football league season. Amaze your friends with the facts! For history buffs and true sportsmen, The History of the English Football League - Part 1: 1888-1930 is a must read.

Who Killed English Football

Author : Kpc Exall
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"Who Killed English Football?" is the product of personal research born out of a mixture of curiosity and frustration. This book was prompted by the inexorable decline of English football performance at European and World Cup events. Analysing the causes of such deterioration, simple but worrying truths are unearthed and laid bare. Club vs Country rivalry, a surfeit of money, a chimaera-like governance, "embedded" media and a foreign player invasion are all contributors to the slow death of the "beautiful game". There might be a glimmer of hope ... provided reality is acknowledged and palliative remedies introduced.

Supporter Ownership in English Football

Author : Chris Porter
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This book presents a fresh perspective on football fandom in England, going beyond existing debates surrounding the structural transformations English football has seen in recent decades, to consider the contested cultural ground upon which football fandom exists. Supporter Ownership in English Football connects cultural conflict experienced across society associated with negotiating structural changes such as globalisation, commodification and social exclusion, with supporter ownership in football – which is in itself an expression and reflection of broader social and political shifts in class-consciousness. Discourses of identity, authenticity, loyalty, ownership and above all, the possibilities and limitations for ordinary people to influence change, play a decisive role in how fans come to decide whether they could, or should, have a meaningful say in the future of their club and the game itself. While celebrating the achievements, progress and potential of the supporter ownership movement, the book is also careful to take account of the various setbacks, contradictions and limiting tendencies that continue to shape its developmental trajectory. Porter’s relation of football supporter ownership to the political and social class dynamics of contemporary society will be of interest to scholars of sport studies, sociology, cultural studies and politics, and those interested in social movements, consumerism, identity, authenticity and community.

Racism and English Football

Author : Daniel Burdsey
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Racism and English Football: For Club and Country analyses the contemporary manifestations, outcomes and implications of the fractious relationship between English professional football and race. Racism, we were told, had disappeared from English football. It was relegated to a distant past, and displaced onto other European countries. When its appearance could not be denied, it was said to have reappeared. This book reveals that this was not true. Racism did not go away and did not return. It was here all along. The book argues that racism is firmly embedded and historically rooted in the game’s structures, cultures and institutions, and operates as a form of systemic discrimination. It addresses the ways that racism has tainted English football, and the manner in which football has, in turn, influenced racial meanings and formations in wider society. Equally, it explores how football has facilitated forms of occupational multiculture, black player activism and progressive fan politics that resist divisive social phenomena and offer a degree of hope for an alternative future. Focusing on a diverse range of topics, in men’s and women’s football, at club and international level, Racism and English Football extends and expands our knowledge of how racism occurs and, critically, how it can be challenged. This is an essential read for scholars and students working on race, ethnicity, sport and popular culture, together with those interested in the social and organisational dynamics of English professional football more generally.

English National Identity and Football Fan Culture

Author : Tom Gibbons
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In recent years, scholars have understood the increasing use of the St George’s Cross by football fans to be evidence of a rise in a specifically ’English’ identity. This has emerged as part of a wider ’national’ response to broader political processes such as devolution and European integration which have fragmented identities within the UK. Using the controversial figurational sociological approach advocated by the twentieth-century theorist Norbert Elias, this book challenges such a view, drawing on ethnographic research amongst fans to explore the precise nature of the relationship between contemporary English national identity and football fan culture. Examining football fans’ expressions of Englishness in public houses and online spaces, the author discusses the effects of globalization, European integration and UK devolution on English society, revealing that the use of the St George’s Cross does not signal the emergence of a specifically ’English’ national consciousness, but in fact masks a more complex, multi-layered process of national identity construction. A detailed and grounded study of identity, nationalism and globalization amongst football fans, English National Identity and Football Fan Culture will appeal to scholars and students of politics, sociology and anthropology with interests in ethnography, the sociology of sport, fan cultures, globalization and contemporary national identities.

Encyclopedia of British Football

Author : Richard William Cox
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This reference work aims to provide sports enthusiasts, journalists, librarians, students and scholars with an authorative source of information on a comprehensive range of subjects covering the history and organization of football in Britain. Over 250 entries focus on key organisations or individuals, famous clubs, major competitions, events, venues and incidents, institutions and organisations as well as key issues such as gender, racism, commercialization, professionalism and drugs, alcohol and football.

English Football and Society 1910 1950

Author : Nicholas Fishwick
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Football hooliganism

Author : Clifford Stott
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The problem of hooliganism among English football supporters abroad has been a major cause for concern for over 30 years. Has the 'war on hooliganism' been won? Can it ever be won? Whose war is it anyway? These and many other questions are tackled in this book.

Association Football and English Society 1863 1915

Author : Anthony Walter Mason
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Fussballsport, England, Sportsoziologie.

End of the Terraces

Author : Anthony King
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This book analyzes the transformation of English football in the 1990s. In so doing, it provides a comprehensive account of football culture in contemporary Britain that not only contributes to the study of the sport but also sheds wider light on recent transformations in British society.Although the author draws on past writings on football, the scope and analytic focus of the book are original. Starting with a theoretical and historical framework, Anthony King goes on to examine the organic political and economic developments of the last thirty years which put the big city clubs in a position to effect a division from the rest of the league. By the mid-1980s football faced both economic and crowd control crises which began to affect the consumption of the game. The End of the Terraces looks at those who implemented the changes, the new business class, and those who have been most affected—the fans.

The English Illustrated Magazine

Author :
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History of English Football

Author : Jesse Russell
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High Quality Content by WIKIPEDIA articles! The History of English football is a long and detailed one, as it is not only the national sport but England was where the game was developed and codified. The modern global game of Football was first codified in 1863 in London. The impetus for this was to unify English public school and university football games. There is evidence for refereed, team football games being played in English schools since at least 1581. An account of an exclusively kicking football game from Nottinghamshire in the 15th century bears similarity to football. England can boast the earliest ever documented use of the English word "football" (1409) and the earliest reference to the sport in French (1314). The modern passing game is believed to have been innovated in London and England is home to the oldest football clubs in the world (dating from at least 1857), the world's oldest competition (the FA cup founded in 1871) and the first ever football league (1888). For these reasons England is considered the home of the game of football.

Express Series English for Football

Author : Alan Redmond
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Please note that the Print Replica PDF digital version does not contain the audio. English for Football is for anyone who plays football, coaches players, or manages a team. It focuses on vocabulary and expressions used in this global sport. Training, tactics, and skills are covered along with topics such as nutrition, fitness, and treatment. Includes a foreword by Sir Alex Ferguson, the Manchester United Manager.

The Leaguers

Author : Matthew Taylor
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"The Leaguers offers the first ever examination of the politics of the early football world, from struggles over the finances of the game and the treatment of players to campaigns to popularise football on a national and international basis. The basic features of professional football as we knew it for most of the twentieth century were established in the period between the death of Queen Victoria and the beginning of the Second World War. This book looks at the individuals, groups and social forces which contributed to the making of modern football by focusing on the game's most important organisation - the Football League."--BOOK JACKET.

Pictorial History of English Football

Author : Robert Jeffery
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The Athletic world and journal of English sports

Author :
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Football Club Ownership in England and Germany

Author : Max Kindler
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Master's Thesis from the year 2008 in the subject Sport - Sport History, grade: distinction, The University of Liverpool, 87 entries in the bibliography, language: English, abstract: This piece of work analyses the legal and statutory environment for investments in football clubs in Germany, as opposed to the situation in England. Whereas German regulations limit the acquisition of shares of football clubs, the legal framework is much more liberal in England. The paper looks at the potential conflicts of interest involved with club ownership issues as well as at the arguments for and against the German "50 plus 1" rule and how this rule may cause a shortfall in competitiveness as compared to English football. Finally, the dissertation looks at doubts over the lawfulness of the rule in relation to European antitrust legislation and doubts over its effectiveness concerning legal loopholes provided by German corporation law. The paper relied predominantly on the analysis of literature concerning the regulation of club ownership in England and Germany, whereas a significant amount of German literature was used. Essentially, the research found that there is reason for severe scepticism about both the lawfulness and the effectiveness of the "50 plus 1" rule. It would probably not bear up against a test before the European Court of Justice. There are several opportunities in German corporate law to circumvent the rule. Finally, the paper urges the German Football Association (DFB) to consider a softening of the regulations currently in place, and effective modifications of the underlying licensing system, respectively, as well as the introduction of supporters' trusts and fit and proper person tests. Finally, the paper claims that competitive balance on a European club level can only be restored if club ownership issues are resolved on a European level.

Made in Africa

Author : Ed Aarons
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The signing of Naby Keïta for almost £53m in August 2017 was the third time in the space of 14 months that Liverpool broke the transfer record for an African player. But while Senegal’s Sadio Mané and Mohamed Salah of Egypt helped Jürgen Klopp’s side reach the Champions League final in 2018, Guinea midfielder Keïta took time to adapt to his new surroundings. Tracking his first season in English football and featuring interviews with Klopp and those closest to Liverpool’s three biggest African stars, Ed Aarons tells the story of the thrilling 2018/19 campaign that ended with the club’s sixth European crown after just missing out to Manchester City in the thrilling Premier League title race. Yet the historic season which saw Mané and Salah share the Premier League’s Golden Boot with Arsenal’s Gabon striker Pierre-Emerick Aubameyang would not have been possible had it not been for those who blazed the trail before them. From Arthur Wharton - the first player born in Africa to appear in the Football League - to Steve Mokone, Albert Johanneson, Brian and Mark Stein, Peter Ndlovu, Christopher Wreh, Lucas Radebe, Jay Jay Okocha, Didier Drogba, Yaya Touré and Riyad Mahrez, Made in Africa tells the story of the pioneers who changed the face of English football forever.