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On the Nervous Edge of an Impossible Paradise

Author : Kenneth Little
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There are beastly forces in Belize. Forces that are actively involved in making paradise impossible. On the Nervous Edge of an Impossible Paradise is a collection of seven stories about local lives in the fictional village of Wallaceville. They turn rogue in the face of runaway forces that take the form and figure of a Belize beast-time, which can appear as a comic mishap, social ruin, tragic excess, or wild guesses. Inciting the affective politics of life in the region, this fable of emergence evokes the unnerving uncertainties of life in the tourist state of Belize.

The Footprint and Other Stories

Author : Gouverneur Morris
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Gouverneur Morris (1876-1953) was an author of pulp novels and short stories during the early twentieth century. Several of his works were adapted into films, including the famous Lon Chaney, Sr. film "The Penalty."

Spaces and Places in Motion

Author : Nicole Schröder
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The Foot prints of Satan

Author : Hollis Read
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The Footprints of the Buddha

Author : Alexander Vovin
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This book deals with Chinese and Japanese inscriptions (8th century AD) about the footprints of Buddha. The language of the Japanese inscription reflects the contemporary dialect of Nara. Its writing system presents a special interest being practically monophonic.

Explaining the Genetic Footprints of Catholic and Protestant Colonizers

Author : S. Barter
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This book points out a novel pattern in colonial intimacy - that Catholic colonizers tended to leave behind significant mixed communities while Protestant colonizers were more likely to police relations with local women. The varied genetic footprints of Catholic and Protestant colonizers, while subject to some exceptions, holds across world regions and over time. Having demonstrated that this pattern exists, this book then seeks to explain it, looking to religious institutions, political capacity, and ideas of nation and race.

The Trace Fossil Record of Major Evolutionary Events

Author : M. Gabriela Mángano
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This volume addresses major evolutionary changes that took place during the Mesozoic and the Cenozoic. These include discussions on major evolutionary radiations and ecological innovations on land and at sea, such as the Mesozoic marine revolution, the Mesozoic radiation of vertebrates, the Mesozoic lacustrine revolution, the Cenozoic radiation of mammals, the evolution of paleosol biotas, and the evolution of hominins. The roles of mass extinctions at the end of the Triassic and at the end of the Cretaceous are assessed. This volume set provides innovative reviews of the major evolutionary events in the history of life from an ichnologic perspective. Because the long temporal range of trace fossils has been commonly emphasized, biogenic structures have been traditionally overlooked in macroevolution. However, comparisons of ichnofaunas through geologic time do reveal the changing ecology of organism-substrate interactions. The use of trace fossils in evolutionary paleoecology represents a new trend that is opening a window for our understanding of major evolutionary radiations and mass extinctions. Trace fossils provide crucial evidence for the recognition of spatial and temporal patterns and processes associated with paleoecologic breakthroughs.

Cenozoic Vertebrate Tracks and Traces

Author : Spencer G. Lucas
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Footprints in Stone

Author : Janet Bord
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Author : Hawaii. Division of Hydrography
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