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Designing for the Common Good

Author : Kees Dorst
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Twenty case studies from around the world that demonstrate how design approaches can be used for societal change.

Change Everything

Author : Christian Felber
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Is it possible for businesses to have a bottom line that is not profit and endless growth, but human dignity, justice, sustainability and democracy? Or an alternative economic model that is untainted by the greed and crises of current financial systems? Christian Felber says it is. Moreover, in Change Everything he shows us how. The Economy for the Common Good is not just an idea, but has already become a broad international movement with thousands of people, hundreds of companies, and dozens of communities and organizations participating, developing and implementing it. Published in English for the first time, this is a remarkable blueprint for change that will profoundly influence debates on reshaping our economy for the future.

Advancing the Common Good Strategies for Businesses Governments and Nonprofits

Author : Philip Kotler
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In Advancing the Common Good, stories of prominent reformers fighting for the Common Good will inspire concerned readers and voters and help them recognize which actions and proposals will substantially elevate the happiness and well-being of citizens. Describes how today's society is in a state of "durable disorder," with a rise in authoritarian leaders and a decline in the number of democracies around the world Highlights the role of the Common Good, and supplies readers with a guide to fortifying democratic values and supporting and creating organizations that pursue a better vision of the world Stresses how authoritarian leaders abandon the basic agreements of civil and human rights and the rule of law, breaking up long-standing agreements and values that provided a coherent philosophy and outlook for their nation Addresses the loss of common values and the meeting of community needs through goodwill organizations and movements, as well as legislation intended to protect and enhance common values Looks to past movements for inspiration, drawing upon how leaders such as Martin Luther King and U.S. presidents including Lyndon Johnson and Barack Obama fought racism and oppression with action and public policy

Marketing and the Common Good

Author : Patrick E. Murphy
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Marketing is among the most powerful cultural forces at work in the contemporary world, affecting not merely consumer behaviour, but almost every aspect of human behaviour. While the potential for marketing both to promote and threaten societal well-being has been a perennial focus of inquiry, the current global intellectual and political climate has lent this topic extra gravitas. Through original research and scholarship from the influential Mendoza School of Business, this book looks at marketing’s ramifications far beyond simple economic exchange. It addresses four major topic areas: societal aspects of marketing and consumption; the social and ethical thought; sustainability; and public policy issues, in order to explore the wider relationship of marketing within the ethical and moral economy and its implications for the common good. By bringing together the wide-ranging and interdisciplinary contributions, it provides a uniquely comprehensive and challenging exploration of some of the most pressing themes for business and society today.

For the Common Good and Their Own Well being

Author : Alison Karen Smith
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"This book shows how the imperial Russian system of social estates (sosloviia), which derived from the government's need to categorize and rank its subjects, held power over individual identities and life choices in Russia throughout the eighteenth and nineteenth centuries. Though in part modeled on the orders of old regime Europe, also called estates, the Russian system had its own peculiarities, two of which include the imprecision in the (oft changing) laws of its rules and procedures, allowing for endless interpretations and realignments, and its stamina, not being swept away until the Bolshevik Revolution of 1917. For the imperial state, estates were a means of making the population productive; for individuals, they were a source not only of individual identity, but of community, in ways at times demanding and at times supportive"--Provided by publisher.

From Commodification to the Common Good

Author : Hans Radder
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The commodification of science—often identified with commercialization, or the selling of expertise and research results and the “capitalization of knowledge” in academia and beyond—has been investigated as a threat to the autonomy of science and academic culture and criticized for undermining the social responsibility of modern science. In From Commodification to the Common Good, Hans Radder revisits the commodification of the sciences from a philosophical perspective to focus instead on a potential alternative, the notion of public-interest science. Scientific knowledge, he argues, constitutes a common good only if it serves those affected by the issues at stake, irrespective of commercial gain. Scrutinizing the theory and practices of scientific and technological patenting, Radder challenges the legitimacy of commercial monopolies and the private appropriation and exploitation of research results. His book invites us to reevaluate established laws and to question doctrines and practices that may impede or even prohibit scientific research and social progress so that we might achieve real and significant transformations in service of the common good.

Visions of Vocation

Author : Steven Garber
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Foreword Review's 17th Annual INDIEFAB Book of the Year Finalist (Religion) 12th Annual Outreach Resource of the Year (Culture) 2015 Christianity Today Award of Merit (Christian Living) 2014 Leadership Journal Best Books for Church Leaders (The Leader's Outer Life) 2014 Book of the Year from Byron Borger, Hearts and Minds Bookstore Is it possible to know the world and still love the world? Of all the questions we ask about our calling, this is the most difficult. From marriages to international relations, the more we know, the harder it is to love. We become cynics or stoics, protecting our hearts from the implications of what we know. But what if the vision of vocation can be recovered—allowing us to step into the wounds of the world and for love s sake take up our responsibility for the way the world turns out? For decades Steve Garber has come alongside a wide range of people as they seek to make sense of the world and their lives. With him we meet leaders from the Tiananmen Square protest who want a good reason to still care about China. We also meet with many ordinary people in ordinary places who long for their lives to matter: Jonathan who learned he would rather build houses than study history Todd and Maria who adopted creative schedules so they could parent better and practice medicine D.J. who helped Congress move into the Internet Age Robin who spends her life on behalf of urban justice Hans who makes hamburgers the way they are meant to be made Susan who built a home business of hand-printing stationary using a letterpress Santiago who works with majority-world nations in need of capital George who has given years to teaching students to learn things that matter most Claudius and Deirdre whose openhearted home has always been a place for people Dan who loves Wyoming, the place, its people and its cows Vocation is when we come to know the world in all its joy and pain and still love it. Vocation is following our calling to seek the welfare of the world we live in. And in helping the world to flourish, strangely, mysteriously, we find that we flourish too. Garber offers a book for everyone everywhere—for students, for parents, for those in the arts, in the academy, in public service, in the trades and in commerce—for all who want to discover the virtue of vocation.

Personalised Medicine Individual Choice and the Common Good

Author : Britta van Beers
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Asks whether personalised medicine is superior to 'one-size-fits-all' treatment. Does it elevate individual choice above the common good?

A Christian Justice for the Common Good

Author : Tex Sample
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Do Christians bring a unique, scriptural understanding of social justice to bear on the ills of society? Would such an understanding reshape the way Christians engage and partner with others working to create a more just world? Much of the modern conversation around creating justice focuses on ideas that too often reduce justice to human rights, procedural justice, and even the consumerism of the contemporary culture/economy. While the priorities of human rights and due process are necessary for fashioning a just world, the Christian understanding of the common good is much richer and calls the church beyond fairness to forms of liberation, compassion, mercy, and peace that are even more radical than the best notions of justice that characterize the nation-state at the beginning of the 21st century. A Christian Justice for the Common Good describes a Christian justice for the common good and what it looks like on the ground in real world settings. Calling Christians (individuals, as well as communities of faith) to a concrete version of social well-being befitting faithful life in Jesus and God's vision of justice for the world, Tex Sample drills deeper and identifies the skills that must be cultivated to do justice work with others--work that will create a lasting impact while extending a Christian vision for the common good. The conclusion? The freedom God offers in Christ finds its place in concrete Christian efforts and the graced wherewithal of people who work generously with one another for a new and just life together. Contents include: 1. The Reduction of Justice to Human Rights 2. A Christian Justice 3. The Formation of a Just Church 4. Skills of Justice 5. Doing Justice with Others 6. A Justice of the Common Good

The Community the Individual and the Common Good

Author : Kei Eun Chang
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This book investigates Paul's effort to combat factionalism by his use of the Greco-Roman rhetoric of 'the common advantage' to overcome socio-ethical problems caused by the improper exercise of 'private advantage' in Corinth. Chang examines 'the common advantage', first, as a fundamental principle that defined human and societal relationships in the Greco-Roman world. He explores how the neglect and misunderstanding of this principle lay at the root of relational and societal breakdowns. The book further examines Paul's use of the term and demonstrates that, when properly understood and appropriated, the principle of 'the common advantage' is pivotal to keeping societies and relationships dynamic and healthy. Conversely,when common advantage is not functioning and, concomitantly, private advantage is wrongly emphasized at its expense, relational, societal and ecclesiastical breakdowns occur. The book culminates in demonstrating that, for Paul, 'the common advantage' carries missional and salvific implications that override and subvert socio-ethnic boundaries. In this way, otherwise hostile social groups will realize a healthy symbiosis.

For the Common Good

Author : Matthew W. Finkin
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This book offers a concise explanation of the history and meaning of American academic freedom, and it attempts to intervene in contemporary debates by clarifying the fundamental functions and purposes of academic freedom in America.--From publisher description.

Business Globalization and the Common Good

Author : Henri Claude de Bettignies
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Globalization and information technology are driving the world into a new era. Is it the responsibility of business to pursue the common good - and more precisely, to participate in the construction of the global common good? This book brings together contributions from various disciplines, written by scholars who are at the forefront of this debate. It provides multiple insights into a tripartite relationship: business, globalization and the common good. It helps explain why the business sphere will probably not be in a position to ignore the common good much longer, and why this latter concept, widely ignored in today's management realm, is likely to become part of tomorrow's corporate policies and practices in the global context. Finally, this work opens up a plethora of avenues for future research, calling for the development of transdisciplinary approaches and for the elaboration of a research program embracing theoretical, empirical and spiritual perspectives to tackle this complex issue.

A Grammar of the Common Good

Author : Patrick Riordan
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Patrick Riordan&’s timely study analyzes the concept of the common good in light of recent heightened interest in globalization.>

What Kind of Citizen

Author : Joel Westheimer
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Nothing provided

Leadership for the Common Good Fieldbook

Author : Barbara C. Crosby
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Leadership inspires and mobilizes others to undertake collective action in pursuit of the common good. Leading others to act for the common good makes democracy work the way our founders imagined and the way modern society demands. For over twenty years, the Humphrey Institute of Public Affairs and the University of Minnesota Extension Service have provided forums of instruction for leaders in Minnesota, the U.S. and the globe. The Leadership for the Common Good CD Rom is a collection of tools for that instruction -- now available to classrooms, teachers, leaders and community organizations. The tools include: * Introductory materials that describe the leadership for the Common Good framework * Readings and exercises that focus the learner on eight essential elements for democratic leadership including leadership in context, personal leadership, team leadership, organizational leadership, visionary leadership, political leadership, ethical leadership and putting it all together * Power Point presentations and handout masters that help educators prepare for course and workshop instruction * Articles that frame the important work of leadership education, written by the founders of the Humphrey Institute's leadership programs.

The Tyranny of Merit

Author : Michael J. Sandel
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A Times Literary Supplement’s Book of the Year 2020 A New Statesman's Best Book of 2020 A Bloomberg's Best Book of 2020 A Guardian Best Book About Ideas of 2020 The world-renowned philosopher and author of the bestselling Justice explores the central question of our time: What has become of the common good? These are dangerous times for democracy. We live in an age of winners and losers, where the odds are stacked in favor of the already fortunate. Stalled social mobility and entrenched inequality give the lie to the American credo that "you can make it if you try". The consequence is a brew of anger and frustration that has fueled populist protest and extreme polarization, and led to deep distrust of both government and our fellow citizens--leaving us morally unprepared to face the profound challenges of our time. World-renowned philosopher Michael J. Sandel argues that to overcome the crises that are upending our world, we must rethink the attitudes toward success and failure that have accompanied globalization and rising inequality. Sandel shows the hubris a meritocracy generates among the winners and the harsh judgement it imposes on those left behind, and traces the dire consequences across a wide swath of American life. He offers an alternative way of thinking about success--more attentive to the role of luck in human affairs, more conducive to an ethic of humility and solidarity, and more affirming of the dignity of work. The Tyranny of Merit points us toward a hopeful vision of a new politics of the common good.

Reconstructing the Common Good

Author : Gary J. Dorrien
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This landmark study in the history and theory of modern Christian socialism examines the work of such major figures as Rauschenbusch, Tillich, Moltmann, GutiŽrrez, and M'guez Bonino. Dorrien argues that these theologians provide a singular context for addressing questions of freedom and totalitarianism, sacralization and democratization, individual autonomy and the common good. He focuses on the differing conceptions of the common good that these major theorists have propounded, and explicates as well their theological arguments on the relationship between the Kingdom of God and projects of historical praxis. With a new Preface addressing the tumultuous events in Eastern Europe, Reconstructing the Common Good develops and sustains a forceful argument for the continuing relevance of a decentralized, pluralistic, democratic form of socialism.

The Common Good Chinese and American Perspectives

Author : David Solomon
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This book addresses the Confucian philosophy of common good and deals with the comparative philosophy on eastern and western understandings of common good. The common good is an essentially contested concept in contemporary moral and political discussions. Although the notion of the common good has a slightly antique air, especially in the North Atlantic discussion, it has figured prominently in both the sophisticated theoretical accounts of moral and political theory in recent years and also in the popular arguments brought for particular political policies and for more general orientations toward policy. It has been at home both in the political arsenal of the left and the right and has had special significance in ethical and political debates in modern and modernizing cultures. This text will be of interest to philosophers interested in Chinese philosophy and issues related to individualism and communitarianism, ethicists and political philosophers, comparative philosophers, and those in religious studies working on Chinese religion. ​

The Politics of the Common Good

Author : Jane R. Goodall
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‘The Earth is a Common Treasury’, proclaimed the English Revolutionaries in the 1640s. Does the principle of the commons offer us ways to respond now to the increasingly destructive effects of neoliberalism? With insight, passion and an eye on history, Jane Goodall argues that as the ravages of neo-liberalism tear ever more deeply into the social fabric, the principle of the commons should be restored to the heart of our politics. She looks in particular at land and public institutions in Australia and elsewhere. Many ordinary citizens seem prepared to support governments that increase national debt while selling off publicly owned assets and cutting back on services. In developed countries, extreme poverty is becoming widespread yet we are told we have never been so prosperous. This important book calls for a radically different kind of economy, one that will truly serve the common good. ‘This bold, utterly timely book goes to the key issues determining how we will live together into the future: thriving or further fracturing. The depth of thinking is magnificent. As is the clarity and accessibility of Goodall’s writing. We are more than ciphers in an economic game. The Politics of the Common Good counters that myth with unwavering integrity.’ — Stephanie Dowrick, PhD, writer and social commentator

Social Innovation

Author : Sarah Lai-Yin Cheah
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In the world of creating new ventures with the single goal of achieving financial profitability, it is well known that nine of ten startups are likely to fail. For new social ventures that have the twin goals of financial profitability and social inclusiveness, the chances of failures are even higher. This book provides insight into the common struggles of social activists and the strategic responses necessary to not only overcome their organizational issues but also address the world's pressing social challenges. The book not only traces the journey of the social activists in growing their social ventures to flesh out real-life issues but also introduces the latest management thinking on social innovation in daily business decision. This book makes a useful contribution in furthering the concepts of social innovation and entrepreneurship and inspiring more change agents to create and implement effective, scalable and sustainable solutions to address social issues and meet the needs of the disadvantaged groups in the society.