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For the Love of Chocolate

Author : Patrick Alexander
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Lost in a reality not-quite his own, Dayton must quickly come to grips as he battles for his life in this story of curses, powers, hope, and the age-old question ... what lengths would someone go for a chocolate bar?

For the Love of Chocolate and Company

Author : Roxanne Jade Regalado
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This book tells about the story of Chocolate, who was a kitten of a rescued cat but who is lucky to have found a very loving owner and lucky to eat her favorite food which is fish most of the time. Chocolate is accompanied by her kittens, sister Stampy and her kittens.

Official Gazette of the United States Patent and Trademark Office

Author :
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A Taste of Chocolate for the Soul

Author : Dr. Carol Kennedy
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Do you like chocolate? Do you find it sweet, delicious and satisfying? Gods Word can be the same. Once it becomes part of your daily diet, you will hunger for it. Like chocolate, Gods Word is sweet, satisfying and delicious. Dr. Carol claims chocolate as her modern parable, and shows the reader how the Word sweetens relationships and calms situations. Find God at work in over 100 stories. Smile and cry at Thanks for the Soldiers. Feel your heart strings tugged while reading The Granmum Bag.

The Love Almanac

Author : Katrina Fried
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Presents selections from novels, poems, letters, journals, and songs, along with trivia, recipes, advice, crafts, and information on great romances, covering all aspects of love, courtship, passion, and marriage.

Cocoa and Its Manufacture with Remarks on the Working of the Adulteration of Food Act 1872 A Paper Read Before the Society of Arts on March 11th 1874

Author : John Holm
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Congressional Record

Author : United States. Congress
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Texas Monthly

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Since 1973, TEXAS MONTHLY has chronicled life in contemporary Texas, reporting on vital issues such as politics, the environment, industry, and education. As a leisure guide, TEXAS MONTHLY continues to be the indispensable authority on the Texas scene, covering music, the arts, travel, restaurants, museums, and cultural events with its insightful recommendations.

Plants and Society

Author : Estelle Levetin
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This introductory text focuses on how humans interact with plants. The topics covered include: botanical principles; commercial products derived from plants; plants and human health; fungi; and plants and the environment.

I Say No Or The Love letter Answered

Author : Wilkie Collins
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In the Age of Love and Chocolate

Author : Gabrielle Zevin
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The first two books in this heart-stopping trilogy by Gabrielle Zevin, All These Things I've Done and Because It Is My Blood, introduced us to timeless heroine Anya Balanchine, a plucky sixteen-year-old having to deal with the problems and responsibilities of a grown woman. Losing her mafia-boss father, her mother and then her grandmother, and being responsible for her sister and brother - not to mention a prison stay for a crime she didn't commit - have taught Anya a lot about life. Now eighteen, Anya finds that against all odds the nightclub that she opened with her old nemesis, Charles Delacroix, is a huge success and she is on her way to shedding the constraints of her family's criminal past and finding a way to legalize the supplying of chocolate. But Anya has lost Win - the love of her life - as a result of her partnership with his father, Charles. In typical fashion Anya puts the loss of Win behind her, focusing instead on expanding her business. But soon a terrible misjudgement leaves her fighting for her life and for the first time Anya is forced to let people help her. In the Age of Love and Chocolate showcases the best of Gabrielle Zevin's writing. Full of all the heart of Elsewhere, this is the perfect end to a brilliant romantic dystopian trilogy.

Mrs Fields I Love Chocolate Cookbook

Author : Debbi Fields
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A new collection of delectable chocolate recipes from the author of Mrs. Fields Cookie Book features kitchen-tested recipes for chocolate cookies, cakes, pies, tarts, puddings and souffles, ice creams, candies, and desserts. Simultaneous. 500,000 first printing. Tour.

The Health Reformer

Author :
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The Healing Powers of Chocolate

Author : Cal Orey
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DISCOVER THE AMAZING POWERS OF CHOCOLATE! Did you know?. . . • Known as Mother Nature's "food of the gods," the medicinal benefits of chocolate were recognized as far back as 4000 years ago. • Eating chocolate can help boost the immune system, lower the risk of heart disease, cancer, diabetes—even obesity!—and increase lifespan. • A 1.5 ounce bar of quality chocolate has as much antioxidant power as a 5 ounce glass of wine—without the side effects of alcohol. • Chocolate is chock-full of mood-enhancing ingredients, including phenylethylamine (the "love drug") and serotonin. • Chocolate can relieve a host of ailments, including depression, fatigue, pain and PMS, as well as rev up your sex drive! Drawing on the latest scientific research as well as interviews with medical doctors and chocolatiers, this fascinating book reveals how to live longer and healthier while indulging in one of nature's most decadent and versatile foods. Explore real chocolate (infused with fruits, herbs, and spices), Mediterranean-style, heart-healthy recipes, plus home remedies that combat everything from acne to anxiety. You'll also discover rejuvenating beauty and anti-aging spa treatments—all made with antioxidant-rich chocolate! "Can dark chocolate boost brain power? This book shows you how regular intake of antioxidant-rich cacao foods is likely to do just that, and more." --Ray Sahelian, M.D., author of Mind Boosters

Good Health

Author : John Harvey Kellogg
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Candy and Snack Industry

Author :
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Straight Uphill

Author : Jess Wells
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In a hilltop Italian village, women chocolatiers work the improbable magic of love and chocolate… After tragedy strikes, brokenhearted Gretchen takes a holiday in a hilltop Italian village to seek peace and solitude. Through chance, she meets Bettina, an elderly woman estranged from her legacy as a chocolatier. Gretchen soon finds herself wrapped in the aromas of chocolate and caramel and butter and wine, as villagers past and present, question all aspects of love that send her on a journey of self-discovery and healing. But will Gretchen truly be able to leave the past behind and open her heart again to life and love, or will she be content to drown her sorrows in chocolate?

The Temptation of Chocolate

Author : Jacques Mercier
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l Outlines the social history of chocolate and the many applications of cacao Chocolate creator Neuhaus celebrates its 150th birthday with the ultimate book on chocolate. This sumptuous volume tells the story of Jean Neuhaus in Brussels, the birth of his chocolate pralines, the N of Napoleon - no story is left untold. The book outlines the history of the finest chocolate: from the discovery by Columbus and the conquistadores, to the chocolate route around the world. The Temptation of Chocolate profiles a variety of chocolate designs and stories, covering the different applications of cacao in medicines and cosmetics and the importance of chocolate in movies, literature and theatre. It also includes delicious recipes and illustrations. Also available: Chocolate Decorations ISBN 9789020968293 Chocolate Without Borders ISBN 9789020968194 Fine Chocolates ISBN 9789020959147 Fine Chocolates 2 ISBN 9789020975888 31b/w 256 colour

The American Chemist

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"American contributions to Chemistry. By Benjamin Silliman." v. 5, p. 70-114, 195-209.

For the Love of Food

Author : International Association of Culinary Professionals
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The IACP's vision is to be a worldwide forum for the lively development and exchange of information, knowledge, and inspiration within the professional culinary community. For the Love of Food is a reflection of this vision and includes recipes and stories from 34 internationally known chefs, with extensive photography prepared by food stylist and food photographer members of IACP. Gourmand World Cookbook Awards 2005 - Special Award of the Jury.